Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Friday, and there's a three-day weekend coming up, for many!

15 degrees and overcast;

very little new snow.

(Sorry I'm late - I have a habit of starting to do "just a quick bit" of historical research and coming back to reality two hours later!)


From WKTV: "A typical January day here in Central New York. Snow showers in a few spots this morning will give way to mostly cloudy skies. Some peaks of sunshine are possible in spots, but temperatures will still be chilly. Highs generally in the upper teens. Snow showers end this afternoon.

The next opportunity for light snow arrives on Saturday and Sunday as a clipper system dives in from the west. A general 1-3" is possible, with higher amounts closer to the lakes. Lake effect snow will develop Saturday night and continues through Sunday.

Cold weather on Monday, followed by the potential of a snow/sleet mix on Tuesday."



Sauquoit Valley 40, Waterville 36
Waterville 4 8 12 12 — 36
Sauquoit Valley 3 11 17 9 — 40
Waterville (3-2, 5-4): Derek Schmidt 6, Jake Murray 3, Jared Henderson 11, Jordan Henderson 6, Pat Zenon 1, Greg Elliott 2, Jake Perrin 3, Nick Zielinski 2. Totals: 12-2-36.
Sauquoit Valley: Trevor Furner 8, Mike Lallier 9, Aaron Lopiccolo 6, Mark Martin 8, David Evans 9. Totals: 11-2-40.
3-point field goals: Waterville 2 (Jared Henderson, Schmidt); Sauquoit Valley 2 (Lallier).



Louie Langone sent these pictures t me, yesterday. At the time that the Candee Block burned, he had been a member of the Fire Department for eight years.

"Bob Winfield was the fire chief and Brian Gibbons and I were the deputy chiefs. I was the lucky officer who got to stay all night with the skeleton crew wetting down and securing the scene. The ice froze on Clinton's aerial ladder truck so bad when it was time for them to leave they could not get the ladder down. We had to get a portable heater from Eastern Rock (Now Hanson) to blow on the truck's hydraulic cylinder so they could lower the ladder and leave. I was glad I was not the driver of the Clinton Ladder truck that night because the truck was a open cab (no roof) firetruck and it was very cold that night and it must of been very cold coming and going. At the that time it was the biggest fire I was involved in, but the Titan Homes Fire outdid that block fire."

I asked when that took place and he said, "January 19, 1999." and offered to send pictures of that blaze, too!

Thank you, Louie --- that would be great!!!

(Also, next Fall, how about photos and memories of the fire that all but totally destroyed Foodking in 1994?)


Email from a blog-reader questions the municipality's wisdom in allowing the Candee building to be replaced by one built of stucco. (I'm not sure that that is the case, is it?)


Jennifer Neff adds to the "study" of traditional, supposed snow-day-producing rituals in upstate New York:

"Backward pajamas, spoon under the pillow AND flush an ice cube down the toilet. Those are the rituals my kids do - along with my niece and nephew who go to Clinton - but they have not had many results so far this year!"


Well - youngsters of all ages will have a three-day weekend to enjoy the snow!

No school on Monday; the banks and Post Office will be closed and there will be

until Tuesday!


Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday morning brief

It's Garbage Day.

17 degrees and (it looks like) several inches of new snow.

So far - at 5:30 - there are NO SCHOOL CLOSINGS.



from the O-D: "Broedel Fundraiser Benefits American Cancer Society"

from WIBX "Snowmobile Trail Guide now Available...."


- from the Midyork Weekly : Local Soccer All-stars.

WKTV's forecast as of Wednesday evening: "A localized band of lake enhanced snow has overspread portions of CNY this evening. The most persistent snows have materialized over the hillier terrain just south of the Valley. A quick accumulation of snow may occur in this area this evening before the precipitation tapers back to lighter snow showers and flurries. Colder weather will arrive overnight with some local blowing snow, particularly in the high terrain and open areas.

Lake effect light snow showers and flurries on Thursday, followed by a return to drier weather on Friday. More light snow showers as we head into the weekend."

Today at the Library Blankets & Books Story Hour *

6:30pm | Ages 3-6 | Drop In

Wear your pajamas, bring a special blanket or stuffed animal
and get ready to snuggle in and listen to some great books before bedtime.



The Legion is having January fish frys
every Friday.
The time is 4:30 to 7:30.
$9:50 for for the fish dinner
$5 for the mac and cheese dinner.


7:30 - 10:30


January 15 = 29 years since
the Candee Block Burned!

I just remember how terribly cold it was, that night and early morning, but how many people there were, crowding the sidewalk across the street. Icicles hung from Clinton's ladder truck; Morgan's opened up so that firefighters could come in and get warm, and Jim was just giving away dry gloves to the firemen, too. Rick Gaiser came in, shaking with the cold, but only stayed a minute or two, saying that he needed to get back with "the crew.'" (He told me later that that was the first night that his very young son had slept the whole night through.)

Outdoors, Attorney Don Whelley stood in the crowd with a cigar in the corner of his mouth, and watched his office go up in flames, wondering if he'd really closed and locked his safe before he left for the day, or would the contents - half the village's wills and other important papers - be burned. (It took a day or two to find the safe, but --- it was as he'd hoped: closed and locked and everything in it was safe!)

Two who weren't there were the Pumilias. Frankie and Rosa had just opened their brand new pizzaria a few weeks before and no one knew or could find their Utica telephone number to call and tell them what was happening.

No School on Monday, January 17

Martin Luther King Day

(Banks and the Post Office will be closed, too!)

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Take your time and please drive carefully!!


Time to think "Flower Shows?"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday afternoon!

Last night's snowstorm missed us,
but we've made up for it today!

Here's WKTV's evening forecast:

"A localized band of lake enhanced snow has overspread portions of CNY this evening. The most persistent snows have materialized over the hillier terrain just south of the Valley. A quick accumulation of snow may occur in this area this evening before the precipitation tapers back to lighter snow showers and flurries. Colder weather will arrive overnight with some local blowing snow, particularly in the high terrain and open areas.

Lake effect light snow showers and flurries on Thursday, followed by a return to drier weather on Friday. More light snow showers as we head into the weekend."



A momentary whiteout on Osborn Avenue.

The "Bobcat" plowing the Stafford Avenue sidewalk.

Andy Sabol's driveway never looks this steep in the summer!

A fairly new resident of Sanger Hill Road appears to have enjoyed using his snowblower in his driveway so much that he's clearing the main road, too!

Shovels in hand, neighboring shopkeepers Jackie Connolly and Dawn Eisenhut take a break from clearing the W. Main Street sidewalk to smile for the blogger. (Thank you!)

And while other folks plowed or drove snowblowers or shoveled, these fellows opted to hit the trails and have some fun!



Quite a long list on WKTV

including the Oral Health Seminar
originally scheduled
for this evening at 121 W. Main St , Waterville


The monthly meeting of the
Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society
has NOT been canceled and
will take place as planned
at 7:30pm at the Town of Kirkland Senior Center
located on Mill St. in the village of Clark Mills.

Program: “Members' Show 'n Tell”

If you go, you'll learn something special about Waterville!

Visitors are always welcome!



"The Waterville Jr. Sr. High School Jr. Optimist and Octagon clubs will be hosting their annual coat drive between January 11th and January 21st. Coats may be dropped off at the WCS high school or elementary school office, or in Mr. Bogan’s classroom. All donations are appreciated. These coats will be included in the community clothing give away the last weekend in January in the basement of St. Bernard’s church."

Jessica Scoones, President, Octagon Club

Allie Murray, President, Jr. Optimist Club



AYSO is looking for committed Volunteers
for the following positions…

  • Regional Commissioner
  • Ref Administrator
  • Coach Administrator
  • Child and Volunteer Protection Advocates (CVPA):
  • Field Stripers:

If interested contact: Joan Stedman @ 404-1732
Respond by: January 31st, 2011

Training and certification is provided free of charge.
Please sign up so we can keep the program running in our Area.


For a complete schedule of
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
see Digital Sports,

and you can see the
month-long schedule of events by clicking HERE!


"Snow Days" become official when various highway superintendents and BOCES administrators and, perhaps, representatives of individual school systems declare that "School is Closed" and the welcome word goes out on the airwaves and through the internet and via all manner of electronic devices.

Major factors influencing such important decisions are, of course, whether or not roads are visible or blocked by drifts and impassable and judged to be unsafe.

And what makes that sort of bad weather happen?

Well: whereas some adults subscribe to the idea that cold wind passing over the open waters of the Great Lakes results in .... etc., etc....


Waterville youngsters rely heavily on the traditional method of influencing the wind and weather by turning their pajamas either wrong-side-out or wearing them backwards the night before such event is apt to occur. Since their efforts were unsuccessful last night / this morning, perhaps they might also want to employ a method that was used successfully by students in Clifton Park, last night, who went to bed with spoons under their pillows and woke to find that School was Closed this morning!

It's 18 degrees and snowing at 5 o'clock.

Tomorrow is Garbage Day!

Jody's studies of the ice at the Caves in Forge Hollow reminded me of the stories I've read in old newspapers in which various theories were put forward about What? or Who? was in the caves, or were they really the entrances to tunnels, and where did they lead?

How about THIS for a challenge:

let's ask the local "Photoshoppers" to show us what
THEY think is in the caves!

(Example: Loomis Gang hideout!)

You can use my shot from Tuesday's post if you want to.

The storm missed us!

It's 20 degrees and overcast.

Recyclables day.

The snow began at around 10:00 last night, I think, but when I woke up a little after 4:00, this morning, I realized that it was quiet - too quiet --- and that I had NOT heard any snowplows on the hill. I don't know how long the 'storm' lasted, but it left us only a couple of inches of new snow and has resulted in NO Oneida County school or road closings.

East of here, however, it's another story!


A note from Jody Hildreth, who accepted my "challenge" to photograph the icicles at the entrances to "the caves" in Forge Hollow. Here are the results!

Thanks, Jody!



Apparently I'm too early for the WKTV forecast and I can't find any sports scores to pass along to you.

I'll check later!


Kids Club

Join us every Wednesday at 3pm for crafts, snacks, games,
adventures, friends and more!

Kindergarten - 6th grade
Kids in 2nd - 6th grade can be dropped off


Have a good day, everybody!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday evening

What a beautiful sight!

It was another of those days when everything was coated with "frosting"!

Mary Jane Toussaint had just driven over Paris Hill and told me to go and see it all!

I took a short easterly drive on Route 20, and then headed north.

She was right!

Here and there little trails teased ..........

............ and weeds were prettier than they were in Summertime!

Even a little twist of grape vine was interesting!


I left more background in today's "For the Record" photo of gas prices so that you can admire the shimmer on Craig Foot Hill while you shudder at the cost of fuel.


"Tonight - Light Snow - Low 20°

We certainly have some snow on the way, but we continue to think it will not be a major snowfall as we will not get direct effects from the storm working up the coast. The set up is this. We have a weakening primary storm system heading towards us from the Midwest that will bring us some light snow into Wednesday. Meanwhile, the intensifying coastal storm will move to a position some 100 miles east of NYC come Wednesday morning with 6-12" of snow for the Big Apple and likely Albany and much of the Hudson Valley, with some of those eastern NY locations getting more than a foot! As the storm moves away to the Gulf of Maine Wednesday afternoon and night, conditions ease, and we in CNY ease back to leftover lake effect snowshowers and flurries. So my forecast for tonight...flurries developing to start, evolving into a steady light snow. Accumulations by 7am should range from a coating to 1" or so across northern sections, to 1-2" across much of central New York, to as much as 3" across the southern tier. Wind: NE 5-10 MPH.
from Mary Beth Plourde: There is going to be a planning meeting on 1/15 at 10:00 am at the School House Apartments with members of the Food Pantry, St. Bernard's Social Action Committee and the Senior Citizens. I will forward you the pertinent info after the meeting. But I can tell you it will be 1/28 and 1/29.



I had no more than hit "publish,' this morning, when Mary Beth Plourde sent me an Email that said, in part: " .... members of the Food Pantry, St. Bernard's Social Action Committee and the Senior Citizens" will meet soon to finalize plans for the
Annual Clothing Give-Away.

"I will forward you the pertinent info after the meeting.
But I can tell you it will be
1/28 and 1/29.

Time to start hoeing out!


Have a good evening, everyone!

Tomorrow is Recyclables Day!


It's 12 degrees and overcast.

WKTV predicts: "A cold start to the day, with many areas dropping into the single digits. Some peaks of sunshine this morning will be followed by clouds this afternoon as the next storm system approaches. Highs today in the 20s.

Two storms will combine forces and produce a large snowstorm along the Atlantic Coast. The heaviest snow is expected to fall east of our viewing area. Light snow breaks out near midnight tonight. 1"-3" of accumulation is possible by daybreak. Additional snowfall is expected on Wednesday.

Lake effect snow showers on Thursday, followed by a return to drier weather on Friday. More light snow showers as we head into the weekend."

Giovanna Crowe, who was standing outside the Memorial Park School yesterday afternoon, on "Bus Duty," was all bundled up and smilingly warm!



Mary Fanning wrote to confirm:

"Sanger lodge is sponsoring another of their fantastic breakfasts this Saturday, January 15th.

Just to keep the building busy: Bell Tower chapter #188, O.E.S. will hold their January meeting at 2:00 P.M. on 1/15/11.
This is for members so if you are a member, remember that our Januarry, February and March meetings are at 2:00 P.M/ on the third Saturday of each of these months."


From Elaine Mushtare, who "found" the big dog dubbed "Spot."

"Kathy Murphy, the dog warden, picked up 'Spot' this evening. She plans to keep him at her home for a couple of days while she looks for the owner. If that fails, she will take him to the Stevens Swan Humane Society. He really is a sweet dog. Even knows how to sit and shake on command. Perhaps the original owner doesn't want him back? Or maybe he is not a local dog? We wish the best for him. Elaine"

Margaret Stricker wrote from Virginia Beach suggesting that "Spot" resembled "Rock, who had appeared in the Rome Humane Society's ad last week. That was Close, but the spot was not quite the same!




Boys' Basketball

from the Oneida Dispatch:

Waterville 15 15 8 11 - 49

Canastota 13 13 17 12 - 55

Waterville: D. Schmitt 5, J. Murray 2, Ja. Henderson 5, Jo. Henderson 13, P. Zenon 4, M. Scarlett 9, G. Elliott 4, N. Zielinski 7.

Canastota (2-3, 2-7): Brad Olden 11, Jeff Merrell 22, Richard Mitchell 2, Ron Vaccaro 14, James Mason 5, Elijah Motley 1.

from thr O-D:

Boys' Bowling
Waterville 5, Sauquoit Valley 0
Waterville (2-0, 3-5): Logan Belfield 203-521.
Sauquoit Valley (0-6, 0-10): Keith Marble 188-522.
JV: Waterville 5-0.

Girls' Bowling
Waterville 5, Sauquoit Valley 0
Waterville (7-0): Shawna VonMatt 189-565.
Sauquoit Valley (0-5, 1-8): Krista Murphy 154-428.
JV: Sauquoit Valley 4-1.

Girls' Volleyball
Sherburne-Earlville 3, Waterville 2
Sherburne-Earlville (2-5): Dana Stapleton 2 aces, 11 digs, 10 kills, 3 assists; Brooke Wright 11 digs, 3 kills, 5 assists; Ashley Rundell 1 ace, 3 digs, 1 kill, 7 assists; Haley Paul 6 aces.
Waterville (0-10): Phebe Lamont 1 ace, 6 digs, 6 kills, 3 blocks; Alexis Stetson 2 aces, 5 digs, 6 kills; Brooke Staelens 3 aces, 3 digs, 4 assists; Brianna Paddock 4 aces, 1 dig, 2 kills.
JV: Waterville 2-1.



Waterville Central School
@ Westmoreland High School


Waterville Central School
@ Westmoreland High School




Emergency Preparedness Tuesday, January 11th

Get information on what you should do in an emergency.
Learn how to make a kit and a plan for your family.

7:00 p.m.

Knit 2gether

ome eFor all the want to be knitters, beginners, advanced or
anywhere in between. This is a weekly meeting where you
can come relax, chat and knit with fellow knitters.

Please bring your own supplies. Knitting books will be
available for you to checkout or just to look through while you're here.

This is a drop in program,you do not need to come every week.


Yesterday's "Ride-around!"

Stopping at the "Caves" in Forge Hollow.

(I'd like to see what Jody Hildreth would do with these icicles!)


On Sally Road, a man and his dog, just enjoying a walk in the field.


I seem to spend a lot of time taking and posting pictures of various styles of residential architecture and the "Victorian" trimmings so prevalent in the village. Out in the countryside, however, other "styles" of architecture prevail --- not residential, but definitely not mercantile and solely "agricultural" in function.

Barns with silos ..........

............. one, two, three, four or more -------- there's no limit!


Another unusual agritectural shape that I find fascinating: the FEED MILL.

Louis J. Gale & Son, founded in 1950 in the old "Haxton canning factory" just to the northeast of the Village of Waterville.

The former "Richer" but now "Blue Seal" mill and ............

.......... the Agway mill built in 1969 and now owned by Sangerfield Grain, are both located next to the railway tracks on opposite sides of Route 20 in Sangerfield.

The one things about all of these silos and feed mills that makes me shiver ---- there are always ladders reaching to the highest point!
(How nice that there are protective "cages" around any ladder climbers!)


It was just a split-second glimpse, but I had to go back for a second look: Yes! there were three ducks enjoying an afternoon swim in Big Creek right near the bridge in Forge Hollow.

But that white "duck" ----------------- is that Val's "Lucy-Goosey?"


Have a good day, everyone!

(Tomorrow is recyclables day!)

(And isn't it time to start thinking about the annual "Clothing Give-Away" that takes place at St. Bernard's in late January?)

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Garbage Day!

It's 19 degrees.

Another light snowfall yesterday afternoon and overnight.

The WKTV forecast: "High pressure begins to move into the region today, putting an end to lake effect snow by the afternoon. Some breaks of sunshine later today, with less wind than yesterday. Skies clear out tonight, allowing for temperatures to fall into the single digits for most areas.

Drier and quieter weather for Tuesday before a coastal storm impacts the Northeast. As of now, the heaviest snow will be out of our viewing area but we will see some light snow on Wednesday."




.............. on Sanger Avenue ........

............... and Babbott Avenue.

A little more snow.........

........... to plow, shovel or blow........

.................. but it set Sue Price's dogs a'prancing!

More snow in the forecast?
"Bring it on!"



Today at the Library

3:00 - 6:00 p.m.


All Ages

Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult,
children 5 & up may be dropped off.
At the end of each month we will have a building competition.



Mark R. Slavin D.D.S
Brian J. Jackson D.D.S
Charles E. Burns D.D.S
Oral Health Prevention Night
6-8 pm - Wednesday January 12, 2011
Speaker: Erin Weigand NYS Registered Dental Hygienist
FREE oral cancer screening using Vizilite technology to all attendees
Please call ahead as seating is limited.

121 W. Main Street
Waterville, NY 13480
(315) 202-4072


The Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society
will meet

Wed. Jan 12 7:30pm at the Town of Kirkland Senior Center
located on Mill St. in the village of Clark Mills.

Program: “Members' Show 'n Tell” plus Holiday Treats

New members welcome.





"Digital Sports"


If you didn't check the blog over the weekend you missed this:


Probably a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he is
being sheltered temporarily by the Mushtares who
found him on Osborne Avenue.

He's wearing a collar, but there are no tags and he's apparently broken his tether. If you know who the owners are or you can take care of the dog 'til the owners can be located, please phone 841-4648.


And, if you didn't read this letter from
Oneida County Legislator Patrick H. Brennan
in The Waterville Times, here it is:

"When I ran last year to represent you in the Oneida County Legislature, I was asked several times, “what does a county legislator do?” Having little experience with county government at the time, I answered: “we are the governing body that decides a portion of how much sales tax you pay when making a purchase and we are the same governing body that decides a portion of how much property tax you pay in January.”

I realize that some of you saw that as a simplistic view, given the number of conversations I’ve had with constituents regarding increased cell phone fees, 911 emergency call center consolidation and shared-service arrangements between the County and several of our Towns.

But, after serving in the County Legislature for one year, I am convinced my “simplistic view” of a county legislator’s role is actually correct!

The countless meetings and conversations over the year prepare legislators for their most important action: accepting, amending and approving the next year’s budget. I take this responsibility very serious. When our County Executive proposed his budget for fiscal year 2011, I was more than concerned, since it contained just less than a 5 percent property tax increase.

After receiving the proposed budget, there were three public hearings on the proposed budget and countless Way and Means Committee meetings, where each county department told the Legislature how they were going to provide public services within the budget parameters provided,.

During this process, department personnel were challenged by the Legislature to identify additional savings or innovative delivery, while meeting public service demands. To say I was impressed by all of the testimony presented would be untruthful, although a few department personnel were able to identify innovative ways to perform their jobs that provided additional cost savings.

In explaining my actions during the budget process, I would ask you to consider who we are as a community. We live in a community that is largely dependent on a vibrant agricultural industry. Simply put, when our area farms are profitable, the businesses providing farm services are successful as well. Over the last two years, our farmers have faced adversity and uncertainty and this has had an effect to on our entire local economy.

I was determined throughout the budget process to identify further cuts, creating a final budget that would not increase property taxes. My determination was based purely on the economic reality facing our families and businesses in my community, Oneida County and beyond.

I worked closely with our County Budget Director to analyze the proposed $358 million budget. The majority of this funding is “mandated costs,” directed by either the state or federal government. Only $38 million is considered discretionary, or the part of the budget that the Legislators control. When you remove cost-centers that have a state or federal match provided, this discretionary account is further reduced to $34 million, less than 10 percent of the total budget.

Realizing the proposed property tax increase represented $2.7 million, I proposed two amendments that would have reduced the proposed property tax increase to zero. My first amendment proposed reducing discretionary funding by an additional 11 percent, while the second amendment called for an additional $2.7 million reduction in our county fund balance (or savings account).

Although I received some support on these amendments, both failed, and I voted “nay” on the entire budget. Following my vote I was asked by a reporter from WKTV “if I was disappointed that my amendments were defeated?” I responded by stating, “I was disappointed we just approved a budget for next year that included employee lay-offs and a significant property tax increase. I applaud the County Executive for proposing a conservative budget, but I did not see the same level of sacrifice in this budget that my constituents had made, when I had farmers approach me describing they had dropped their families health insurance so they could pay their utility bill and buy groceries for their families”. To me, there was no cause for anyone to celebrate the passage of this budget!

Many consider the employee lay-offs mandated in the budget a “sacrifice. I don’t see it that way. Our County Executive offered a salary freeze for 2011 to our county employees, which would have prevented these lay-offs. It is my belief that the union-leadership representing these employees failed their members. I’m certain a great many private-sector employees, if given the option to accept a salary freeze in 2011 and keep their jobs and their pay checks, would have gladly elected to keep their jobs.

Unfortunately, having this year’s budget behind us in no way assures us the economy is going to rebound strongly enough or quickly enough to preclude a similar scenario for fiscal year 2012. Just last week the state legislature and Governor failed to mitigate the current year budget deficit. Some believe the deficit is $315 million, others believe the actual deficit is closer to $1 billion. Additionally, much discussion recently has centered around the report by Pres. Obama’s Bipartisan Deficit Reduction Commission, which believes by 2025 that nearly all of federal revenue will be consumed by our nations debt service and our mandatory obligations to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security expenditures. If this is an accurate prediction, all resources for defense spending and economic development, including research and development, would have to come from bonding or additional borrowed dollars.

From a county perspective the financial picture is as sobering. Just this year, salaries have increased over $1 million dollars. Next year is difficult to predict because all of our labor contracts expire on December 31,and currently no agreements settled on. In addition to the salary increase, the county pension costs will increase by 54 percent in 2011 and county health care costs for 2012 could increase nearly 20 percent.

In an attempt to somewhat minimize this increase, I will be submitting a resolution next month, eliminating the healthcare benefit for all County Legislators, beginning Jan 1, 2012.

Moving forward, there is great anticipation about proposed reforms in Governor-elect Cuomo’s Executive Budget, due out by Feb 1. During his campaign, he talked extensively about a more efficient delivery system for many social service programs. If he is successful in passing these reforms, we could see less pressure on our county budgets. If the status quo remains in Albany and Washington D.C., however, we should expect much of the same budget pressures that were experienced this past year.

While the times have been difficult, it has been an honor to represent you in the County Legislature this past year. I wish you and your families a safe and joyous Christmas and Holiday Season!"


is on "Heaps of History" and can be viewed or downloaded!

Have a Great Day, Everyone!!!