Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Friday, and there's a three-day weekend coming up, for many!

15 degrees and overcast;

very little new snow.

(Sorry I'm late - I have a habit of starting to do "just a quick bit" of historical research and coming back to reality two hours later!)


From WKTV: "A typical January day here in Central New York. Snow showers in a few spots this morning will give way to mostly cloudy skies. Some peaks of sunshine are possible in spots, but temperatures will still be chilly. Highs generally in the upper teens. Snow showers end this afternoon.

The next opportunity for light snow arrives on Saturday and Sunday as a clipper system dives in from the west. A general 1-3" is possible, with higher amounts closer to the lakes. Lake effect snow will develop Saturday night and continues through Sunday.

Cold weather on Monday, followed by the potential of a snow/sleet mix on Tuesday."



Sauquoit Valley 40, Waterville 36
Waterville 4 8 12 12 — 36
Sauquoit Valley 3 11 17 9 — 40
Waterville (3-2, 5-4): Derek Schmidt 6, Jake Murray 3, Jared Henderson 11, Jordan Henderson 6, Pat Zenon 1, Greg Elliott 2, Jake Perrin 3, Nick Zielinski 2. Totals: 12-2-36.
Sauquoit Valley: Trevor Furner 8, Mike Lallier 9, Aaron Lopiccolo 6, Mark Martin 8, David Evans 9. Totals: 11-2-40.
3-point field goals: Waterville 2 (Jared Henderson, Schmidt); Sauquoit Valley 2 (Lallier).



Louie Langone sent these pictures t me, yesterday. At the time that the Candee Block burned, he had been a member of the Fire Department for eight years.

"Bob Winfield was the fire chief and Brian Gibbons and I were the deputy chiefs. I was the lucky officer who got to stay all night with the skeleton crew wetting down and securing the scene. The ice froze on Clinton's aerial ladder truck so bad when it was time for them to leave they could not get the ladder down. We had to get a portable heater from Eastern Rock (Now Hanson) to blow on the truck's hydraulic cylinder so they could lower the ladder and leave. I was glad I was not the driver of the Clinton Ladder truck that night because the truck was a open cab (no roof) firetruck and it was very cold that night and it must of been very cold coming and going. At the that time it was the biggest fire I was involved in, but the Titan Homes Fire outdid that block fire."

I asked when that took place and he said, "January 19, 1999." and offered to send pictures of that blaze, too!

Thank you, Louie --- that would be great!!!

(Also, next Fall, how about photos and memories of the fire that all but totally destroyed Foodking in 1994?)


Email from a blog-reader questions the municipality's wisdom in allowing the Candee building to be replaced by one built of stucco. (I'm not sure that that is the case, is it?)


Jennifer Neff adds to the "study" of traditional, supposed snow-day-producing rituals in upstate New York:

"Backward pajamas, spoon under the pillow AND flush an ice cube down the toilet. Those are the rituals my kids do - along with my niece and nephew who go to Clinton - but they have not had many results so far this year!"


Well - youngsters of all ages will have a three-day weekend to enjoy the snow!

No school on Monday; the banks and Post Office will be closed and there will be

until Tuesday!


Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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