Friday, November 25, 2011


and also, Garbage Day!

35 degrees and dry at 6:15

WKTV's Weather Forecast: "If you're heading out early this morning watch out for fog. We've been getting several reports of locally dense fog in areas like Rome. Fog will lift this morning followed by low thick clouds. Clouds will break up later this morning and early this afternoon. Sunshine will help bring temperatures into the lower 50s. Clear early tonight with fog developing late. Lows in the lower 30s.

Warm and sunny weather continues for Saturday with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs near 60 degrees! Most of Sunday remains dry with our next chance of rain arriving later Sunday and Monday.

Colder weather arrives during the middle of next week with snow showers in the forecast."



From Stephanie Tabolt:

"This adorable and friendly dog followed my husband into our house Thursday morning. He was very wet and cold. We contacted the Sheriff's Dept and Dog Warden and have not heard anything as of yet. We did not want to let him out to wander after that because we thought he probably has a family looking for him. We live in the Village of Waterville and are hoping he is able to be returned home. If you could please post his picture in hopes his owner's see it it would be great. He is a pleasant male dog, but he must miss his own home.
We can be reached at (315) 841-3175 or"


I ALSO RECEIVED nice "Happy Thanksgiving" note from Gerda Mortelette in which she said,
"I am having a one day Christmas Market at my home on Madison Street and I was wondering if you would be interested in posting a flyer with information regarding times and place. I will be installing a sign on the front porch tomorrow along with a few last minute touches. I will be open on December 10th from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. I would welcome a visit if you are so inclined."

I always enjoyed - and admired - creations that she displayed at the Annual Arts & Crafts Show that we (Arts in Waterville) had at the old Public Library, back in the 80s, but I wrote to Gerda explaining that 'way back when the blog was new I had to make a rule that I would only promote private enterprises if they in some way benefited a well-known not-for-profit. Otherwise I'd be barraged with notices of garage sales and home-based instructional gatherings! I hope she understands!



"Jack" is Famous!

Local canine struts stuff at National Dog Show
from the Utica Observer-Dispatch



tonight at 6:30

Follow the parade to the Fire House to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus
and hear John Savage, live!



An addition was constructed and now new siding is being installed!

The first of the travelers have arrived at the "stable" next to St. Bernard's Catholic Church.

An alpaca-loving blog reader wrote to ask me what had happened to the alpacas at "Rancho Cerritos," north of the village. Signs are gone; the pastures and residence look empty.

Alas: it's true! Last Winter's weather - at least the winter winds that tear across the plateau south of Paris Green - convinced the owners, Robert and Judy Reyes, that enough was enough. The entire herd has been relocated to "The Secret Meadow" in Troupsburg, NY, and the Reyes are wintering in Houston, Texas. We'll miss them!



I print the History of the Parade of Lights every year, so you may have read it more than once, but ........... for newcomers .......... here it is, again.

"If you lived in Waterville in 1988, you cannot have forgotten the first Parade of Lights! (And if you've come to the village since then, you should know the story of this celebration because it is something very special, here: it's a celebration not just of the season but a Celebration of Community - Our Community!)

It was earlier that year that both Rusty Manion and his wife Kitty passed away. Their daughter Darcy and three sons - Sandy, Jeffrey and Michael - were bereft with the loss of both parents and, at the same time, completely overwhelmed with the kindnesses shown them by everyone in the community. One day, Darcy was having coffee with her friends Linda Nichols and Patsy Hill and she said, "I wish there was something we could do to say 'Thank You!' to everyone!" "Thank You notes," she said, "seemed just too inadequate." It occurred to them that perhaps they could do something that hadn't been done in several years - a fun surprise for the village: they could arrange to have lights put on the Big Tree at the point of Monument Park and have it lit! And there would be a parade - fire engines and floats and children all carrying flashlights! - that would lead the way to the tree when the lights were finally to be turned on! And each of the girls told one or two people who told one or two more and in six weeks' time - in an unanticipated avalanche of generosity and cooperation, $5,000 was raised; the Clinton Fire Department's ladder truck came to string the lights, the power company donated equipment and time, the Municipality chipped in, fire companies in all the neighboring communities sent units to be in the parade and ........... well........ the rest is history. The floats became more imaginative and brighter. When it was deemed impossible to have the highschool band march and play (sometimes it's been so cold and stormy that just the thought of putting a flute or trumpet mouthpiece to one's lips caused pain!) the floats were actually wired for sound!

I've never had very good luck taking pictures of moving lights at night, but these - taken in 2006 - came out fairly well.

The Waterville Fire Department

The DPW's Street Sweeper

You'll enjoy the parade a lot more if you come and watch it for yourself!


A reminder: the Waterville Public Library is Closed, today.



Have a good weekend, everyone!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks Giving

My list starts with Allison, Rick and Iain and my scores of other relatives - cousins and in-laws, men and women, little boys and girls - in many locations, and all of whom I really like!

I'm thankful that my home is warm - especially the kitchen, where an overabundance of favorite foods are cooking.

I am grateful every day for the many gestures of friendship - whether they be a quick wave, a shouted "Hello! How are you?" a spontaneous conversation in a store or parking lot and the phone calls and Emails from blog readers and others whom I've never even met - that make me feel ever so fortunate to live in this village;

............. for its quaint tidiness and for all the beautiful countryside: the rolling hills with cropland, pastures or forests.

Today is a day to be thankful for memories, too, and at my age they are many.

In many ways, "Thanksgiving" has changed: my family is more spread out and the humungeous dinner of years past will not be followed by a ten-mile hike in the woods, but the change is not really for the worse, because every year my list of things, even computers, digital cameras and "Kindles," and the people I'm thankful for gets longer - not necessarily because I have more, but perhaps because I have more appreciation for them!

This year my list is really, really long because all of you are on it!

Thank You!

Monday, November 21, 2011


It's Garbage Day

33 degrees and overcast at 7:00 a.m.

The forecast from WKTV: "High pressure settles in from the north today, as does much colder weather. Clouds give way to sunshine before noon. Temperatures will be about 20 degrees cooler than Sunday, with highs in the low 40s.

The next chance of rain is late Tuesday into Wednesday. Rain will become steady during the morning on Wednesday, making for some wet travel. Weather looks to quiet down just in time for Thanksgiving."



The Utica Observer-Dispatch notes the Deaths of:

Jean N. Forward, 83, of Madison, and

Charlotte Louise Singer Kupris, 73, of South Brookfield



A Special Announcement from
Mr. Elacqua at the High School

Morning Announcement – Friday, November 18, 2011

"Congratulations to the ten students who competed last night in three different categories in the 137th Annual Prize Speaking Contest in our school’s auditorium. .

In the category of Literature and Poetry, Mary Lourdes Erlichman won third prize for her presentation of the poems “Famous” by Naomi Shihab Nye and “Eagle Poem” by Joy Harjo., Katie Brown earned second prize for an excerpt from Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne. Skye Payne-Penias won first prize for her performance of “Ain’t I a Woman” by sojourner Truth and “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou.

In the category of Humorous Monologues, fourth prizes went to Kenna Williams who performed an excerpt from Mark Twain’s “Diary of Eve”. Third prize went to AnnaRae Martin who performed a spoof on The Wizard of Oz by R.D. Fahey. Second prize was won by Chloe Keating for her rendition of “The Rules of Improvisation” by Tina Fey.” First prize was won by Anthony Rice who performed a comedic sketch by Dane Cook called “The Sneeze.”

In the category of dramatic monologues, third prize went to Zach Brown. He performed an excerpt from “The Pit and the Pendulum” by Edgar Allan Poe. Bernadette Erlichman who performed Friedrich Schiller’s “Mary Stuart Pleads” won second prize. First prize went to Cassie Perrin for her rendition of a piece called “Little Match Girl.” written by Hans Christian Anderson.

Musical selections performed by guitarist, Jared Wentrick, pianist, Eddie Brennan and flautist, Eli Olmstead were appreciated by all.

Waterville’s student Council provided refreshments and many students helped with filming, ushering , and prompting. Prize monies for student performers have been graciously sponsored by the local Rotary since 1964, and they continued that kind tradition again this year.

Debbie White, a former school librarian returned to help as a judge joining Keith Eisenhut and Judith Harding-Staelens who have been returning judges for several years. Don Brown was recognized for his many years of service to the school and to Prize Speakers in particular, and June Richmond was remembered as a faithful fan of prize speaking and a great lady who will be missed by the entire community.

All in all it was a great evening of entertainment and a tribute to ten very hard working students who, each in their own way, was a definite crowd-pleaser."


For several days there has been a great deal of activity at the junction of Routes 12 and 20.

I haven't spoken with anyone "official," but I believe that this must be the digging of the "tunnel" that will carry a water line beneath Route 20 to provide for planned development on the plot of land owned by Bill Lachmann just to the south of "Michael's" restaurant.


Warmish weather has allowed the "lighting technicians" to work at Morgan's Hardware on W. Main Street and ..............

............. at the Neffs' on Berrill Avenue.

Marilyn has once again performed her decorating magic out at Dan Maine's Woodshop on Madison Street.



Whenever I drive over Grant Hill I admire the beautifully curved stone walls that Dave Sullivan has built at the entrance of his driveway.

Now there is a new wall a bit to the north, especially shaped to accommodate a lucky tree.





The Waterville Public Library will be


Thursday, Friday & Saturday

but that gives you three days to stock up on Holiday Reading!

Have you seen the new display of recent additions now shown on the Library Website?

Click the image to enjoy!



Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!


The "Parade of Lights,"

which will take place at 6:30 on Friday evening,
will form on Madison Street at 6:00 p.m.


On Saturday


8am - 1pm Parry's, 100 Utica Street, Hamilton

20+ Vendors

- including Jakes Cheese from Deansboro,
Heirloom Meadows Farm from N. Brookfield and
Longview Produce Farm from Deansboro!




I remember that this is usually a very slow news week, so ......... blog posts for this week will appear on a "when something happens" schedule so that I can catch up with Summer and Autumn projects and try to get a head start on everything that comes next.

Enjoy the week, everyone!