Saturday, September 24, 2011


Leon R. Trudeau

1948 - 2011


64 degrees at 7:30

and the overnight rain seems to have ended.



"1,000 Gallons of Liquid Asphalt Spills in Madison Co. Crash."
from the Observer-Dispatch.





11:00 a.m.

Kids Movie Matinee

"Mars Needs Moms"



10:00 - 1:00

Deansboro Congregational United Church of Christ.




Waterville Central School
@ Little Falls High School
Monroe St. Soccer Fields


Little Falls High School
@ Waterville Central School


Little Falls High School
@ Waterville Central School


Waterville Central School
@ West Canada Valley Central High School



Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, Sept 24th

Gas Truck Pull (9am)
Garden Tractor Pull (10am)
Antique Tractor, Antique Race Car, Antique Snowmobile Display (10am)
Chicken BBQ benefiting Donna French School of Dance (12pm)
Donna French School of Dance Exhibition (1pm)
Blue Valley Boys band (2pm)

King's Smash'em Crash'em Demolition Derby & Rollover Contest
(6pm) $6.00 admission

FIREWORKS after the Demolition Derby!

Sunday, Sept 25th

Tractor Pull (8am) $5.00 admission
Just Cruise-In Car/Truck/Cycle Show (10am-4pm)
Chicken BBQ benefiting Brookfield Youth Baseball (12pm)
Brookfield Senior Class Auction (1pm)
Matt Chase and the Thunder Canyon Band (2:30pm)
Wheel Day 50/50 Raffle & Door Prizes (4pm)


Friday, September 23, 2011

The Blog is Back to Normal!

Thank You, Google and!


Now you can "click" to see the really big (no more "lightbox") splash of color on the swamp maples near the old "Mayflower" motel on Route 20 West of Sangerfield.

Then click the "back" arrow/ button to return to the blog.


It's 54 degrees and dry at 6:00 a.m.

The YNN Forecast:
"Today will remain warm with clouds mixing in with some sunshine. Highs will be in the 70s. While it won't be raining everywhere all the time, the threat for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms will be with for the afternoon into the evening.

This is thanks to an upper level low that will continue to spin moisture in our direction and keep our weather a bit unsettled through the first half of next week. While the weekend will be a bit unsettled at times with the threat for a few scattered showers both days, the majority of the time it should be dry with some sun. Temperatures will also remain mild through the weekend with highs in the 70s.

Showers may become steadier and more widespread during the first half of next week. Stay tuned!"



Leslie Olivera - VanWormer sent me these two great pictures of her daughter, singer/actress Tracy Lynn Olivera, photographed first with Dame Julie Andrews at a reception following the Ford's Theatre Gala at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and ..........

......... with her husband, Evan Casey, and actor Richard Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss had performed with Tracy at the Gala.

(Thank you, Leslie!)


From my Camera

Yesterday was an on-again, off-again rainy day and I just took one quick ride around the community. Parking spots along Main Street were all full, but I didn't see any unusual activity*.

This field of Soy on Fuess-Cleary Road is, like all others, turning a lovely shade of gold.

Tall clumps of Wild Sunflowers are blooming along roadsides and in cornfields.

Woodbine decorates an old shed on Sally Road.

* I did see something very unusual on Buell Avenue, but will have to go back, today, to take pictures. Huge chunks of "rip-rap" (rocks) were sitting in the Wesslings' side yard waiting to be placed along the bank of Big Creek where sizable washouts occurred last April and then, again, two weeks ago.

The Wessling yard, April 28th.


Re: other storm / flood damage, I met my daughter Allison and her family - her husband Rick and their son, Iain - for a lunch visit in Herkimer on Sunday and she later sent this description of their drive back to their home in Ballston Lake which, if you haven't tried to get from here to there in the past two weeks, you might find interesting:
"We took Rte 5 home, but had to take a detour north as the main drag was closed at Palatine Bridge. We came back down out of the hills in Mohawk, where the other road-closed sign was. The damage between Amsterdam and Scotia was out-of-this-world! The river had completely carved out new routes around bridge abutments and complete locks. The Guy Park house in Amsterdam is half missing, sadly, with a lot of historical stuff (I think it was their historical society building). Then the tornado damage to the east of Amsterdam was equally astounding – trees sheared off and twisted at the 30-foot mark."

All-in-all, we were lucky!

I certainly am!

This is Iain.


Special Event Details


at the Fairgrounds in Brookfield.

"Due to the overwhelming popularity of the 4WD truck pull organizers have decided to split the truck pull into two separate events. At 7pm Friday, Sept. 23rd, the wheels will start spinning with the 4WD diesel engine truck pull. Then at 9am Saturday, Sept. 24th, the 4WD gas engines trucks will get their chance to compete.

Another change for the 2011 Wheel Days is the sale of grandstand tickets for the ever popular King’s Smash’em Crash’em Demolition Derby and Rollover Contest. In an attempt to alleviate the last minute rush and lines, tickets will go on sale at 4pm and continue until all 1,500 seats are sold out for the 6pm show.

In tribute to Wheel Days 40th year the Demolition Derby will be paying out a special bonus the overall winner of the 6/8 cylinder division will receive $1,500 (requires a 40 car minimum) and the overall winner in the 4 cylinder division will take home $400 (requires 25 car minimum).
There are several special events and surprises planned throughout the weekend to commemorate 40 years of exciting wheel turning action. Saturday will feature the Garden Tractor Pull and a display of antique tractors, race cars, and snowmobiles, along with a special fireworks display following the Demolition Derby. The wheel excitement continues Sunday with the stock and modified tractor competition in front of the grandstand, while “Just Cruise-In” welcomes the polished wheels on all Classic, Custom, Antique, and Muscle vehicles to the fairgrounds."


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Partial Post!

64 degrees and raining at 7:00.

From YNN: "A weak cool front will slowly work through the region today with limited sun and scattered showers. Temperatures will still be on the mild side with highs in the low to mid 70s. Outside of a spotty shower early, tonight will be partly cloudy and cooler with lows in the 50s. Tomorrow will start out dry with some sun, however clouds will be thickening with scattered showers developing later in the day. This is thanks to an upper level low that will continue to spin moisture in our direction and keep us unsettled through the first half of next week. Although remaining unsettled with the threat for a few scattered showers for both weekend days, the majority of the time it will be dry with some sun. Temperatures will also remain mild with highs in the 70s. Showers may become steadier and more widespread during the first half of next week."


Betty Kniffin

1928 - 2011


Virginia H. Lowery

1920 - 2011



From WKTV: "Waterville Woman Charged ........."

Blogger Update: After hundreds of bloggers complained, the following note has appeared in the forum: " ....... after some discussion (we) have decided to roll back and make improvements to the lightbox feature. We will update the Buzz blog as soon as the feature relaunches."


Until that happens, if you click on an image "lightbox" appears. To get back to the blog, do NOT hit the "back" arrow / button; click the tiny white "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the black screen.


Weekend Events Reminder


Click Here.


Saturday, September 24, 11:00 a.m.

Kids Movie Matinee

"Mars Needs Moms"

Also on Saturday
APPLE FEST 10:00 - 1:00 Deansboro Congregational United Church of Christ



Stargazing Event on October 1

The Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society (MVAS) invites the public to an evening of stargazing. Members will share their telescopes at Sherrill Brook Park Park on Rt 12 S in New Hartford on Sat Oct 1st starting around 7:30 PM.


Sunday, October 2, 3:00 pm

St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church
199 Stafford Avenue (Route 12), Waterville

Photo by Alex Meszler

A program on the restoration of the historic 1898 Morey tracker organ
by Kerner & Merchant Organ Builders of Syracuse.

Central New York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
is sponsoring a very special meeting led by

Alex Meszler, CNYAGO member, 2009 graduate of Waterville Central School,
and an organ performance major at Syracuse University.

FROM STEVE BEST: "Alex is an organist because of this instrument. Had it not been there,
and had the church's pastor not been looking for someone to play it, Alex would never have "found" his love for the organ. In addition to being a student at Syracuse, Alex is also an intern with Kerner & Merchant, and he was deeply involved (hands on) with the restoration of
the organ."


More, maybe .........


Have a Good Weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogger's Dismay!

Judging from the number of "help" letters to Google and, I'm not the only blogger who was up half the night trying to figure out how to dismantle Google's "free" gift to the Blogger World: the "Lightbox" photo display (which no one likes or wants!)

Apparently there IS a way to get around it, but it takes a great deal of time and patience, and right now I've run out of those!

So ------------ for the time-being, at least, I can't promise anything more than news-type announcements now and then.

You can always use the links posted on the blog to find the WCS SPORTS schedule, Library Events, The Waterville Times Headlines and links to Municipal, Church and Historical Society websites. (The Village of Waterville and the Historical Society need to do some updating!)

There ARE other blog services: I'll investigate, so please check back.

Thank you for your interest!


Monday, September 19, 2011

monday evening

It was another beauiful day, Monday, and
the temperature at 5:00 p.m. was 65 degrees.

From WKTV: "A cloudy, wet start to Tuesday. Rain showers come to an end by the afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 60s. Dry weather returns on Wednseday with some sunshine. Highs in the 70s.

Unsettled weather returns by Thursday and looks to last into the first half of the weekend. Scattered showers with highs in the upper 60s to 70."



Three very unusual photographic views of Waterville, taken last Saturday
by Jody Barnes!

Thanks loads, Jody!


Several not-so-unusual photographic views taken on Monday by the blogger.

*Note: Blogspot has developed a new method of displaying blogged photographs.
When you "click" on an image to enlarge it, a "slide show" display and dark background appears.
I don't like it, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it!

It's still Summertime in Pat's gardens on Babbott Avenue South.........

....................... but .....................

........ the first hints of Fall can be seen in swampy spots ........

....... and then on Madison Street ............

.............. Tower Street ............

............. and Sanger Avenue.

Pumpkins and "mums" have appeared at Pat Hughes' and the Landis family's farm stands.



Mystery solved: Thanks for the beautiful chrysanthemum, Jeff!



The largest of the barns at the original Barton Family Homestead on Fuess-Cleary Road - probably built around 1800 if not a bit before - has fallen or been taken down.

I'll miss it!


More tomorrow, perhaps, or .... whenever!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday evening

Such Sad News


Lynn D. Browne

1940 - 2011


Fred J. Moon

1926 - 2011


From the Blogger:

A very special Thank You

When I came home from a short get-away I found an enormous potted chrysanthemum on my back porch! It must have at least a hundred pinky-rose-colored buds on it, but there's no clue at all as to how it got there. Can someone PLEASE give me a hint?

Whoever you are: I know it's going to be lovely, and I'm going to enjoy it ever so much. Thank you for the beautiful gift!


Another "Thank You" - to Pat and Dave McNamara of Stockwell who had a sudden surplus of "Puffballs" and brought two of the extras to me in Whiskey Hollow. (Delicious!)


Signs of the Season

Marilyn is always one jump ahead, and Dan's woodshop on Madison Street glows with Fall decorations.

Harvesting corn on Grant Hill.

The Moshers are just starting to put their pumpkins out!

New colors for ALL seasons - at the Legacys' on Sanger Avenue.


I wasn't in town for Cruise-in, but I'm sure lots and lots of photos will find their way to the official website in a day or so.

Lorie Moynihan-Broedel sent me this picture of

Silver Fox Softball Team,

winners of the Cruise-in Tourney for the third year in a row!


Jody Hildreth turned his lens to some of the antique and classic cars:

(See the "E" for Edsel?)



From the WKTV Sunday forecast: "Partly sunny on Monday with highs close to 70. The next slow moving storm system brings another round of rain showers and clouds during the middle of next week.



For a Complete Schedule





Saturday, September 24, 11:00 a.m.

Kids Movie Matinee

"Mars Needs Moms"


Saturday, September 24

10:00 - 1:00

Deansboro Congregational United Church of Christ


Wednesday, September 28

More when it happens!