Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Garbage Day

A brisk 51 degrees at 6:30!

The WKTV forecast: "High pressure builds in from the north, bringing lots of sunshine to the area for Thursday and Friday. The humidity will stay low through about Saturday. A cold front arrives early tomorrow, bringing real relief to the area. Highs fall back into the 70s with mainly cloudy skies. The chance of a few showers are possible, especially in the higher elevations. A generally nice weekend is expected. Hot, humid weather returns for Saturday and Sunday with highs in the upper 80s. The chance of thunderstorms by Monday and Tuesday, with highs approaching 90."

Looking Good for Field Days!

Kiddie Parade 6:30 p.m.

MUSIC by "All Tuned Up" from 8:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.


Softball tournament starts at 8:00 a.m.
PARADE at 6:30 p.m.

"Redneck Rodeo Cowboys" 5:30 - 9:00
"Stage Road" 9:00 - 1:00

courtesy of NY Pizzeria

Softball Tournament at 8:00

Chicken BBQ at noon


"The Good Ole Boy" 12:00 - 4:00

Fun's Coming!



"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"

The Old timers' Story Swap, where the past few gatherings focused on local businesses and the enterprising - and memorable - people who ran them back in the late 1930's, the 40s and 50s. Long lists have been compiled of grocery stores, car dealerships, gasoline stations & garages, taverns/ saloons as well as doctors, electricians and plumbers, barbers and milk deliverymen.

Tomorrow: lodging at inns or "cabins," and more!

Feel free to join us!
Share your memories or just listen and enjoy the stories!


Friday at 10:15 at the Waterville Public Library.

at 1:00 - Kids' Movie Matinee.

"Neverending Story"



"The Help," by Kathryn Stockett, is the book of the month for the
Waterville Book Discussion Group.

(Click the image to read a synopsis of the book.)

If you have read the book, Wednesday, July 27th is the day to meet in the meeting room at the Waterville Public Library at 12 noon to share your comments and thoughts.
Bring your lunch, refreshments are served.



From WKTV:
"Suspect in Deputy shooting death out of hospital and in jail"


Joan Clair

1941 - 2011

Gerald J. Cutway

1954 - 2011


Miscellaneous smile-makers

Hemerocalllis at Grace Church.

In country woods and flowerbeds, too, Beebalm blooms. Sometimes called Bergomot (because it smells somewhat like a Bergomot Orange) or "Oswego Tea," early colonists, taking a cue from Native Americans, drank a hot beverage made from the leaves of this plant in protest to the British tax on tea!

Lobelia Cardinalis - Cardinal Flower - just starting to peek through cattails along Loomis Road.

Black-eyed Susans in sunny spots

Butterfly Weed, blooming in the same place it's been for nearly forty years!


More pix from time to time.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

63 degrees and sunny at 6:30.

The WKTV Weather Forecast: "Cooler, less humid weather returns today along with unsettled weather. A disturbance dropping in from the north will generate showers and thunderstorms this afternoon along with a mix of sunshine and clouds. The cloudiest, wettest, coolest weather is expected to be along the higher elevations today.

Clearing out for all tonight, with overnight lows dipping down into the low 50s. High pressure builds in from the north, bringing lots of sunshine to the area for Thursday and Friday. The humidity will stay low through about Saturday.

A cold front arrives early tomorrow, bringing real relief to the area. Highs fall back into the 70s with mainly cloudy skies. The chance of a few showers are possible, especially in the higher elevations.

A generally nice weekend is expected. Hot, humid weather returns for Saturday and Sunday with highs in the upper 80s. The chance of thunderstorms by Monday and Tuesday, with highs approaching 90."



11:00 - 7:00

followed by


with John Savage!



From WKTV: "Bullet Enters Home of Marshall Couple."


From Meagan Timlake, who rescued a Kestrel chick from a hungry cat a few days ago and sought advice from well-known rehabilitator, Judy Cusworth, in Clayville. "She says it is not too late to take him back and to put him under the hedgerow or on a low lying branch. The parents will feed him wherever he is." And Meagan added, "If I ever come across a situation like this again, I'll know to leave it alone, and take the cat instead!"

(Thanks for the update, Meagan!)


From Library Director Jeff Reynolds, this photo of Kyle Siedsma caught using WPL's reading room "the way it was intended to be!"

(photo used with mom, Kellie's permission.)



In the Lally Community Garden behind the Waterville Public Library.



(and enjoying the blogcar's air conditioning!)

Summer sky over Hanover.

An Amish farmer's hayrick in Augusta.

Daylilies in Knoxboro.

"Bouncing Bet" or "Soapwort" in Deansboro.

A Legend (from the internet): In our country's early formative years the West was being claimed by the "Easterners" and the trail from East to West Coast could take many a month and sometimes years to complete.
The winter months were especially harsh as one approached the mountainous areas so most groups would settle in and make a permanent camp to spend the winter or actually couple of years. This break became a time to plant crops, resupply and get ready for the next
leg of the journey.
One of the customs was to leave behind something useful for the next wagon train of pioneers coming after you. You might call it a useful welcoming gift.
Well one of the early pioneers started a trend and her name was Betty. She knew the ladies had to find a way to clean the clothes etc. so she would take some cuttings from her Soapwort plant and plant several soapworts for the next group coming after her.
Soapwort was used as a laundry powder/cleaner in pioneer days. Itactually creates a cleansing soap and when the ladies were washing the clothes they would go break a branch of soapwort to use to clean the clothing.
Everywhere Betty camped she left an abundance of new soapwort plants. Over time the plant became known as the "Bouncing Betty" plant in her honor for planting everywhere she camped before bouncing to a new location.


Queen Anne's Lace (Wild Carrot.)

Queen Anne’s Lace is said to have been named after Queen Anne of England (1665-1714) an expert lace maker. When she pricked her finger with a needle, a single drop of blood fell into the lace, thus the dark purple floret in the center of the flower.

Wild Parsnip is heaped along roadsides and in sunny fields.

The blossoms bear a great resemblance to those of Queen Anne's Lace,


the plant also bears a "DO NOT TOUCH" reputation:
it can cause fiercely painful rashes and burn-like blisters!



Five years ago today!


Have a great day, everyone!

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You Know Who!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Summer Day Ahead


It's already 72 degrees and muggy at 6:30.

WKTV's forecast: "Another mild and muggy day across Central New York, but some relief is in sight. A weak cold front brings a slight chance of a shower or storm early today. The majority of this afternoon and evening is expected to be dry and partly sunny. Breezy, humid, with highs still in the mid to upper 80s.

A stronger cold front arrives early tomorrow, bringing real relief to the area. Highs fall back into the 70s with mainly cloudy skies. The chance of a few showers are possible, especially in the higher elevations.

Mostly sunny weather for the end of week, with highs in the 80s. More sunshine and summertime temperatures are expected for the weekend."



He'd been spotted on the roof of the house just east of "Michael's," in Sangerfield on Sunday afternoon, but had left by the time I went looking for him early yesterday.


Summer on Main Street

Even in the shade, this thermometer - mounted on a tree on Sally Road - hit the 90-degree mark.

Bill Vetter & Co. (Matt Kane and Jim Bogan, who was out of camera view,) have finished painting the Episcopal Rectory on E. Main Street and moved to Ms. Gurdo's home on Osborne Avenue. (Don't worry: the pinkish paint is just the primer!)

Another painting project is under way at the Petrie residence on White Street.

While painters all looked for shady spots in which to work, plants in Pat's gardens on
S. Babbott Avenue seem to be thriving in the hot sun.

A peek through the garden gate.

The heat, sunshine and even highway dust have done nothing to dull Duke's window boxes at "Michael's Fine Food and Spirits" in Sangerfield.



(Click the image for a gallery of photographs of all of the winners.)


Syracuse Post-Standard's gallery: Madison County Fair in Brookfield.



Tonight at the Library

"Slumdog Millionaire"
Free - 6:00


Email Basics - 6:30
Knit 2gether - 7:00


Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I've just inadvertently and irrevocably erased a photo that I took of the Car Wash Sign on Saturday, but I remember what it said:




Today is Garbage Day.

It's 63 degrees at 5:20 a.m. and going to be a steamy one!

But the thirteen THOUSAND runners who ran the Utica Boilermaker
had a great day for the run, yesterday!

Forty-seven of them were from Waterville!

Here they are in order of finish.

I took the times from one of two lists - I apologize to all of you if I've used the wrong column!

Jacob D.Murray 1:03:40
Taylor McKenna 1:07:22

Randy Ireland 1:13:20
John Sigmund 1:13:32

Zach Abbe 1:14:16
Daniel S. Kemp 1:12:59

Toby Lindfield 1:18:31

Jill Getman 1:19:01

John E. Ford 1:19:36

Paul M. Holic 1:18:43

Jody Hildreth 1:20:53

Joseph Miller 1:22:20

Kate Morgan 1:22:35
Rollin Bateman 1:24:26

Dawn Eisenhut 1:25:
Morgan 1:25:28
Molly Roberts 1:26:11

Emily Plourde 1:28:07

Douglas Plourde 1:28:07

Michael A. Wratten 1:31:02

Heather Davis 1:32:16

Mark Perrin 1:32:57
David Collins 1:33:47

Mary Beth Erlichmann 1:33:55

Jennifer Swanberg 1:34:46

Karen Alberding 1:34:48

Brittany Bogan 1:36:23
Lindsey Kelly 1:36:49

David Bocko 1:37:17
Michelle Waufle 1:37:51
Courtney Dziuban 1:38:00

Mark Ruane 1:40:41
Nancy Salm 1:40:44

Gretchen Erlichmann 1:41:44

Valarie Kane 1:41:55

Sarah Clayton 1:42:33

Jamieson Brady 1:43:22

Avonlea S. Frye 1:43:47

Melissa L. Zike 1:44:10

Bernadette Erlichmann 1:46:25
Sheena L. Moshetti 1:50:17

Alyssa G. Loudon 1:52:54

Kim Smith 1:56:57

Jessica L. Tinker 1:58:04

Constance L. Bocko 2:07:18

Christina Mooney 2:15:08
Lindsay A. Clark 2:32:07

There were also 19 runners from Deansboro and thirteen from Oriskany Falls.

Oriskany Falls' most famous runner,
Michael A. Trendell,
finished at #54 with a time of 51:57

Both the Observer-Dispatch and WKTV have HUGE galleries of photographs taken throughout the Boilermaker Event! You can also search for competitors' names / times in all races by clicking HERE.



From WKTV:
"For Monday temperatures start to warm up. We could see highs reach 90 degrees! The dew point will also be on the rise as we see it climb into the 60’s. Tomorrow (Monday) will feel hazy hot and humid. There is a chance for a few pop up showers or thunderstorms late afternoon. You will want to have a fan going or the air conditioner on tonight and tomorrow as it will start to feel more uncomfortable outside. These conditions will be staying with us into Tuesday. Relief will be on the way by Wednesday."



Meagan Timlake and Craig Tilbe were out taking a ride in the country when they spotted a baby Hawk in the middle of the road with a "miserable looking orange farm cat" stalking it. Meagan wrote:

"I'm a sucker for critters, so I grabbed some gloves, picked it up, looked to see if I could locate the nest or it's parent. What to do, what to do? Couldn't let it get run over or eaten by the cat, so we took it home. Ugh. Not sure if I'm breaking federal law here, but my conscience got the better of me. So, several phone calls and messages placed, we'll see if any agency will be willing to pick this fella up, raise him a bit, and release him back into the wild. He sure likes mealworms (which I raise for our chickens and wild birds in the winter)...but that will only last so long. In the meantime...we have him set up quite well and with purpose in mind, have finally made an earnest effort to trap the mice in our wood pile."

"Clutches" having breakfast!

Meagan sent photos to Jody Hildreth who identified the little fellow as a male American Kestrel, the most common falcon in North America.



where it's always a cool place to be!

Travel Movie

"Slumdog Millionaire"

Free - 6:00


Email Basics - 6:30

Knit 2gether - 7:00



Farmers Market in the Park

11:00 - 7:00 followed by

Music at the Bandstand


John Savage.



Signs of Firemen's Field Days.

Coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

(Event list to follow.)


Small Observation

The Linden Trees on East Main Street and throughout the community and countryside
are in all flower, attracting honey bees by the hundreds whose enthusiastic buzzing seems to make the trees "sing."

A sixteenth-century woodcut of the Linden Tree Dance.

You can read about the linden tree's centuries-old place in mythology and folklore
by clicking



Oriskany Falls native Mike Trendell has made quite a name for himself as a runner.

Here's another famous athlete who called "the Falls" home.

Karl Spooner

Karl Benjamin Spooner (June 23, 1931, in Oriskany Falls, New York – April 10, 1984, in Vero Beach, Florida) was a Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher. Signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers as an amateur free agent in 1951, Spooner would make his Major League Baseball debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on September 22, 1954 and appeared in his final game on October 3, 1955 when he started game 6 of the 1955 World Series. Spooner was considered by many in Major League Baseball to be the next superstar after his stellar rookie year of 1954. Although he only started two games on the mound for the Dodgers, Spooner, compiled two complete game shutouts, throwing all 18 innings, giving up 7 total hits and no runs. Spooner struck out 15 batters in his very first game, setting a Major League record. J. R. Richard would tie the record in 1971. However, during spring training prior to the 1955 season, Spooner entered a game without warming up properly. A severe arm injury was the result, and Spooner would only appear in 29 more games in his career. Prior to the injury, Spooner yielded a fastball that ranged in the mid to high 90s.


Have a good day, everyone -

and keep cool!

March 9.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"The Boilermaker!"


At 6:30 a.m., the temperature is 56 degrees and it's clear / sunny.

TV coverage on WKTV Newschannel 2 begins at 7:00.
Online coverage from 7:00 at WKTV.


Mike Trendell, from Oriskany Falls, top local runner in the 2010 Boilermaker,
was featured in an article in the Observer-Dispatch.