Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Wrap-up



Although I drove around quite a good deal, this morning, the only sign of "flooding" that I saw was at the Route 12 underpass. Even that was pretty tame, compared to last April's long-lasting "lake" effect.

At around noontime signs and barriers were still in place diverting traffic from Route 315 south of Forge Hollow and I could glimpse some orange and yellow trucks just south of the bridge over Big Creek.

Apparently there had been water running across Hanover Road near the Cornish residence, but the pavement was completely dry by noon.

Just because traveling in Waterville is back to normal doesn't mean that that's the case elsewhere. Remember to check with earlier news and travel links before you leave town!

The WKTV Weather forecast: "A shower is possible late tonight with lows in the low 60s. The chance of a shower or storm on Friday with highs in the mid 70s. Dry weather returns on Saturday. The chance for a shower or storm on Sunday.

Seasonable weather arrives for early next week. No heavy rains are expected in the next 6 days.



Special 9/11 Events

The Waterville Baptist Church
will be showing a 15 minute film entitled “In My Seat”
– an account of two pilots, one who died and one who should have died on that fateful day -
as part of the Sunday 11 AM service and solemn remembrance of 9/11.

Everyone is invited to a potluck dinner to follow.
A time of song, Scripture and possible testimonies will take place from 1:00 -1:45.


The Living Waters Parish
will sponsor a 9/11 service at Douglas Park in Oriskany Falls at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 11. Four pastors will be officiating. Six parishes will be represented.





The WCS Alumni & Community Dinner

previously scheduled for September 17

has been canceled

due to lack of adequate response.





Have a good weekend, everyone!

Early Thursday weather update




"A word to the wise is enough. The old proverb is, forewarned, forearmed."

Captain Francis Hooke - 1685.


Still raining.

Click image for update.

Click the image for updated view.

The click on small red "closed" icon for additional information.

NOTE: At 5:30, the DOT lists Route 315 as closed between Waterville and Route 12B in Deansboro.

Big Creek was just starting to run across 315 in front of the Peterson house at 6:00, last evening. Apparently it's taken over the road, now.



"Numerous Roadways Flood Over in Oneida County" from WKTV.

"Rain Prompts evacuations, road closings."
the Observer-Dispatch.

More when it gets light.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Afternoon Add-on

Not surprsingly, WCS Soccer games previously scheduled for this afternoon have been postponed until Friday.


Lost Cat

Madison Street

Carol Aldridge’s cat was last seen on Sept 2nd. Carol had construction at her home and thinks the backhoe spooked him away.

Carol lives at 161 Madison Street. If neighbors could check in their garages or sheds for a hiding or stuck and lost kitty.

Ticker is a big, short-haired, orange & white tiger. No collar. 12 yrs old.


WCS CLASS of 1991

The Waterville Class of 1991 will be having their 20th Reunion on
Friday, September 16th at the Masonic Lodge.

The Reunion will take place from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

For information please contact Don Brown at 315-525-9986


Waterville Book Group
September 28

This month's read for the Waterville Book Group is Sharon McCrumb's

She Walks These Hills.

This is one of a series of Ballad Novels, in which McCrumb celebrates her ancestors and the land of the mountain South, crafting a story rich with
tradition and spirit of that breathtaking region.

Reserve a copy at the Waterville Library, 841 4651.
The group will meet on Wednesday, Sept 28th in the meeting room at the Library at 12 noon. Bring your lunch, dessert, coffee, tea, and good conversation are provided.


More when something happens!

School's Open!


Times have Changed!
When the first brick schoolhouse was built, at the corner of White Street and Barton Avenue, traffic - such as it was - moved at a slower pace and most students simply walked to school.

Replacing the earlier brick schoolhouse, this was built in 1872. Students who attended school here saw the arrival of the first motorcars and schoolbuses.

The Stafford Avenue School was built in 1930-31; Memorial Park School in 1960 and the Jr. Sr. High School opened in 1974.


A brief excerpt from
"Schools in the Village of Waterville"
by Norman R. Cowen, Sangerfield Historian, 1949

"Some time between 1787 and 1789, the first school was built in the (Huddle), christened Waterville in the fall of 1808. My source of information states that the first school was across from the Hotel. Other schools later were, The Old Academy on White Street, A school on Madison Street and many other buildings were used for classes.
At a meeting held in conformity to an act of the legislature, Isaac Terry Jr. was chosen moderator, Josiah Bacon, clerk, Ruben Tower and John Williams, trustees. At a second meeting, October 21 1813, with William Osborne as chairman, it was voted to build a school house. The wood to be furnished by levying a tax upon the taxable inhabitants of this district, and that a tax of seventy-five be levied to furnish wood and a stove. November 22, it was voted to look up a "scite" for the new school house. January 7, 1814, it was voted that the "scite" for the new school house be on the southeast part of the (triangle) green or common near the house of Jacob Bunce. That the house be built after a model exhibited at this meeting by Jothan Tower viz: length 51 ft, width 26 ft, with convenient porch, that the school house be built of brick and stone with a cupaloe for a bell.
The year of 1819 was a year of agreements and disagreements. October 8 it was voted to allow all denominations the use of the school house for religious service. October 25 it was voted to allow no denominations to hold meetings. In 1820 it was wisely decided to let the trustees manage the school as they thought proper. In 1821, Amos Osborne was moderator and Aaron Stafford, clerk. April 10, 1835, there was a broadening of opinion which repealed a former vote and give all religious denominations a right to hold meetings in the school house. Henry Tower, moderator, Elihu Newberry,clerk
In 1849 the use of well water was $3, in 1858 $5, in 1866 $10, the water bill for 1913 was $120.
On May 15, 1871, it was unanimously voted to raise by tax $17,000 to build on the site of the old school a new building after the plan of the new school house on Corn Hill, Utica."




It's 58 degrees and raining at 6 o'clock.

From WKTV: "*A flood watch is in effect for all of Central New York through Thursday evening*

The remnants of Lee will bring a heavy rainfall to Central New York today & tonight. For today, rain will fall heavy at times with highs in the low 60s. Rain continues tonight, with overnight lows in the upper 50s. Rainfall totals will range from 2-4" regionwide, with the highest totals most likely to occur between Utica and Syracuse. We'll continue to monitor area streams, creeks, and rivers, as some flooding is possible later today.

Steady rain continues for Thursday morning before becoming more scattered during the afternoon. Perhaps a thunderstorm on Friday. Drier, seasonable weather returns for the weekend."



(Yes - some of our vendors always come, rain or shine!)


On Today's WCS DigitalSports Site:


Brookfield Central High School
@ Waterville Central School Brothertown Stadium


Brookfield Central High School

@ Waterville Central School
Brothertown Stadium



- from the Oneida County Courier:

"(Oriskany Falls, NY – Sept. 2011) Living Waters Parish will sponsor a 9/11 service at Douglas Park at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 11. Four pastors will be officiating. Six parishes will be represented.


Yesterday's views

There will be new shrubbery in front of the newly reconstructed porch at the St. Bernard's rectory!


The Village DPW made use of a bit of a "dry spell" to mow the lawn in the Park, readying the site for today's Farmers Market.


Down on Main Street

Excavation and apparent removal of an old gasoline tank at Stewart's minimart.
Watch for traffic snarls.


In the countryside, I don't know when I've seen fields so filled with goldenrod ....

............... or ditches packed with purple loosestrife.

Here and there, the first of the purple asters - or Michaelmas Daisies - are starting to bloom .....

..........and hops look as if they're ready to harvest.........

as soon as the rain stops!


More when it happens!

Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's 57 degrees at 6:30

- and the rain that filled field ponds and creeks, yesterday, has finally stopped!

M0nday afternoon - Osborn Avenue

This morning.

At the bridge on Loomis Road, yesterday .....

...... and today. Up several inches.


It's Garbage Day, today


WKTV'S FORECAST: "*A flood watch is in effect for Oneida, Otsego, Chenango, and Madison County through Thursday*

Rain will move out of Central New York today. Mostly cloudy skies give way to a bit more sunshine this afternoon. Highs only in the 60s. Clouds return tonight with more rain developing late. Lows in the 50s.

The remnants of Lee will bring another round of rainfall in Central New York tomorrow. The potential for another 1-2" of rainfall is possible. Minor flooding is possible, as our are is under a flood watch.

A few scatted showers on Thursday. Perhaps a thunderstorm on Friday. Drier, seasonable weather returns for the weekend."


Arthur F. "Artie" Eastman

1932 - 2011



Bob's family had a big party for him on Sunday at his home on Upper White Street.

One of the major attractions was this very tall totem pole that Bob carved, himself.

Please click to enlarge!

It's a beauty!



Special to Members of the

from Sue Abbe Crosier

"We are having an informal gathering at the Legion on Friday night September 16 from 7 PM - 10 PM. This has been put together at the last hour to try and get as many of us together as possible , so we encourage everyone who knows anyone from our class to spread the word. Many of us will also be attending the Saturday night dinner under the Tent, so classmates if you are out there PLEASE try to come. We had a great class and it will be wonderful to see everyone that can come.
......Thanks...........Sue Abbe Crosier"


Knit2gether * Every Tuesday @ 7pm

For all of the want to be knitters, beginners, advanced or anywhere in between.
This is a weekly meeting where you can come relax, chat and knit with fellow knitters.



On Next Sunday, 9 / 11


Starting September 14

Please print out this form, fill it in as required, and bring it with you to the first class.


"Fracking up Close and Personal isn't a Pretty Sight."

from the September 1 Observer-Dispatch
brought to our attention by George Reynolds.

(Thank you, George!)



Check "Digital Sports"


Have a good day, everyone!