Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's time to start a new edition of "At Home in the Huddle."

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Recyclables Day

(Tomorrow is Garbage!)

It's 16 degrees, white and sparkly at 7:00 a.m.

About 2" of "puff."

WKTV's Weather Forecast: "Quiet weather (Thursday) with sunshine followed by clouds. High temperatures in the upper 20s. A series of weak but fast moving storms will give us several chances for light snow heading closer to 2012. Light snow and rain possible Friday, Sunday, and Monday."

You can see what the weather's like in other locations by checking Area Webcams.

For instance, there is Snomobiling in Old Forge!

Skiiers and 'Boarders check I SKI NY for trail conditions at centers like Wood's Valley.



From The Waterville Garden Club Newsletter,
a partial list of winners of the Christmas Lighting contest.

"Best of the Best overall - 1st. (tie) Mr. and Mrs. Rob Verdon , Mr. and Mrs. John Pumilia
"Best of the Best" doorway; 1st. Ms. Bonnie and Joanna Bechy,
"Overall" category; 1st. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harding,
"Doorway" 1st. Mrs. Elaine Barth,
"Most Creative" ; Mr. and Mrs. Rick Peglow,
"Businesses"; 1st. Uptown hair salon.

For more results, please see next week's issue of The Waterville Times.


From the Waterville Rotary Club Newsletter

Meetings for tonight (the 29th) and January 12th are cancelled.

On the 22nd,
Members, friends and family, enthusiastically led by Santa’s helper, Kirk, caroled at Harding Nursing home to an appreciative audience.

Waterville Rotarians will meet with Oriskany Falls Rotary on
January 11 at the Copper Turret in Morrisville.
Members will tour the Sheila Johnson Design Center at Morrisville College following the meal and a short program.


From Clinton/Kirkland Historian Dick Williams, an E-letter about a book he had just read and which organist Alex Meszler had discovered, as well, about a year ago. Dick urged me to read it, saying that it had a great deal of interesting information about 19th century Waterville in it.

Alvinza Andrews was an early Sangerfield settler. In 1804 he married the daughter of Col. David Norton, who kept a tavern in the building that now houses Michael's Fine Food & Spirits. In 1834 Andrews founded a business in Waterville for manufacturing Pipe and Parlor Organs. His home was on the corner of (now) E. Main Street and Barton Avenue and his work shop was in the next two buildings - a home that was taken down to make room for the Fire House and the former Waterville Public Library / now Historical Society. His son, George Norton Andrews, 1832 -1904, grew up in the business and in 1852 father and son moved the factory to Utica. By 1860 the Andrews factory had gained a reputation far beyond its home territory and had installed as many as 300 organs in cities as far away as Pau Pau, Michigan, and Washington, D.C.

One such instrument - called the "Ely Organ" is in the Methodist Church in Deansboro and, as of a year ago, was still used every Sunday!

Oddly - and unfortunately! - it doesn't appear that there are any copies of this book available at either the Waterville Public Library or the Waterville Historical Society. (They - and you - can learn how to acquire copies HERE!)


Just as Alvinza Andrews added to the growth and prosperity of Waterville, so did John A. Berrill, who operated a foundry here in the 1830's - 40's. According to the 1896 obituary of his successor, inventor Backus Beardsley, the foundry was located "where the Park is now." (I think that that's an error and that the foundry was actually next to Big Creek on land now occupied by Stewart's.)

Berrill invention seen on Ebay ........

The description reads: "ANTIQUE WALLPAPER GLUE BLENDER or SMOOTHER with HAND CRANK GEAR DRIVE! Embossed on hopper edges is 'BERRILL No.2, WATERVILLE, NY', To the best of my knowledge, it was made over 80 years ago. It measures 17 inches high, hopper is 8 1/8 inches diameter, it weighs 17.2kg. Pictures show condition well, as GOOD, with heaps of appeal!"

There's just one little problem: the item is located in Australia and, although the current bid is something like $49.00, shipping is estimated to be $366.o0! To read more, click the image!



At the Library

Also this evening at 6:00




Hamilton Indoor Farmers Market
Saturday, December 31st, 8am - 1pm,

At Parry's, 100 Utica Street, Hamilton
Over 20 Vendors, including produce, meat, honey, maple, crafts & more.




Have a good weekend, everyone.

See you next year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


28 degrees and light snow at 10:30.

Please use caution walking on pavement: it's VERY SLIPPERY!

Yesterday Ione Barney sent me an E-note saying that she and Dave had an unusual trip to see their daughter in Ohio: " Waterville was the only village that had a WHITE Christmas in our travels this week...we were in Ohio with Lynn and family for Christmas. We were in Ohio for 10 days and no snow all that time. We came back Monday and NO snow in Ohio, Pa, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Clinton , or Deansboro......never a drop on the ground or in the air until we got to Waterville !!!! It's the first time in the 28 years that Lynn has been in Ohio that we have traveled to and from there without any snow."

However ................

this could be the day that Winter comes!

From WKTV: "Wind advisory in effect for Hamilton, Herkimer, Fulton, Montgomery, and Otsego County from 10AM this morning until midnight tonight.

A cold front will deliver big changes to our weather today bringing wind, cold, and lake effect snow showers. The front crosses through this morning bringing a round of rain and snow. Winds pick up and temperatures fall below freezing late this morning. A flash freeze on the roadways will take place late this morning and early this afternoon. Watch out for icy spots on untreated surfaces. Gusty winds along with lake effect snow this afternoon.

Skies clear out tonight and temperatures fall into the single digits! Dry and much less windy for Thursday with highs in the upper 20s. A light snowfall is possible again on Friday, perhaps mixing in with some raindrops. Highs in the upper 30s.

The weekend looks seasonably chilly with temperatures in the 30s. Another chance for snow showers late Saturday and early Sunday."


"Lake effect advisory for Madison, southern Oneida counties" from the Utica O-D.


From the Utica Observer-Dispatch

"Waterville students collect more than 6,000 items for charity."


New Sign in the Park



In answer to a blog reader's query:

No - I don't know when the Garden Club's Lighting Contest / Judging
took place or, even, if it did at all.

Perhaps someone has a better answer?


Photo taken around 10:00 a.m.
The white stuff on the pavement? It is NOT soft snow!


More when it happens!

Have a great day, everyone.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I had the best Christmas that I've had in several years, at least since my husband died in 2007, and am enormously grateful to my daughter, Allison, and her family and the many cousins and old friends who wrote and phoned (and sent chocolate and invitations to their own family gatherings!) but to all of the Blog Readers who sent Email cards and letters, to the "children" who I watched grow up and who sent pictures of their children and, especially, to my friend of forty- three years, Jean Davis! I couldn't ask for more!

But now I think I need a week of R. & R. & R. & R. ----- rest, recuperation, reorganization and time to write and send replies!

Here's just a brief start to the week.

It's Garbage Day

30 degrees and cloudy at 7:30

The Weather Forecast from YNN: "Variably Cloudy Overnight. Rain to Snow Tuesday Night.

Tonight will be pretty uneventful across the region. After seeing skies clear for a time, look for increasing clouds towards daybreak.

Tuesday will be a breezy, relatively mild day across the region. Rain will move in from southwest to northeast by the mid afternoon. Rain will mix with snow for a time Tuesday night and then flip over to wet snow by Wednesday morning. Lake enhanced snow showers will also develop Wednesday morning which could lead to some slick travel.

Other than a few flurries Thursday will be a less breezy, seasonable day. Another storm will move in from the west of Friday with some area wide light snow."



Along with all of your Email Greetings ............ this picture and note from Susan Lee Ryerson:

"We had a White Christmas here in Amarillo, Texas --- just like I remember growing up in Waterville! Best to All!" (Thanks loads, Susan!)




Exhibition * Tuesday, December 20th - Saturday, January 14th

Artist's Reception, Thursday, December 29th, 6-8pm


Family Movie Night * Thursday, December 29th

6pm | Movie: Mr. Poppers Penguins | Free Movie. Free Popcorn.



Hamilton Indoor Farmers Market
Saturday, December 31st, 8am - 1pm,

At Parry's, 100 Utica Street, Hamilton

Over 20 Vendors, including produce, meat, honey, maple, crafts & more.



A scant two inches of snow has fallen in the past several days - barely enough to hide blades of grass on my lawn or for Waterville to qualify as having had a "White Christmas"!


Enjoy your vacation, everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

It Snowed!

Just a tiny frosting, but .........

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

and I wish all of you the most joyful of holidays

and a healthy and happy

New Year!

PsBrown - blogger

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today is the first day of Winter.

The shortest day and longest night


It's Garbage Day.

41 degrees and dry at 5:30 a.m.
The Weather Forecast from YNN: "Outside of some patchy drizzle early, Thursday looks fairly quiet with temperatures still running above average for this time of year. Highs will be in the low to mid 40s.

A weak system may try to throw a few wet flurries or snow showers in our direction later Thursday night into Friday. Temperatures will begin to cool towards the end of the week with highs on Friday in the mid 30s.

The holiday weekend is looking fairly quiet with nothing more than a few flurries or spotty light snow showers Saturday. Saturday will be seasonably chilly with highs in the low to mid 30s. Above average temperatures will return for Christmas with highs there in the upper 30s to around 40.


Charles R. Slocum

1926 - 2011


Donald E. Shantal, Sr.

1936 - 2011



Front Page Headlines from this week's edition of

The Waterville Times



This very interesting E-note from Jody Hildreth:

"Saturday was the annual Christmas Bird Count. I took Caleb King and my daughter Tessa out with me. We had a great time even though finding birds was very difficult that day. Slowest day I can ever remember.

The highlight of the day was seeing over 600 Snow Geese. While scanning through the flock for any unusual geese, I found one that had a neck collar on it. It was yellow and read TT44. I reported it and was sent back the following certificate. It used to take months to receive a paper copy via snail mail, but this only took a couple of days. I am always amazed when these come back.

This goose was banded way up north - west of Greenland in the small Canadian Province.of Nunavut. I put the coordinates in Google Earth and and am sending you a map as well as a copy of the certificate. This goose has already flown just over 2,000 miles and still has not finished its journey. Amazing."

Amazing is right! Thanks loads for that information, Jody!



Tonight at The Library

T'was the Night Before Christmas

Thursday, December 22nd
6pm | Ages 2 & up | Sign Up

Join us for the classic story, make snowman soup and reindeer food and enjoy a warm snack all in the comfort of your pj's!



Here and There

Yesterday was mostly dark and drizzly - "Feels like a Spring Rain," some said. Up in the park a dozen Christmas trees were still waiting, "Just lookin' for a home."

Out in the countryside, there were only a few tiny pockets of snow left. The rest of the ground was bare and pastureland still green.

I keep discovering lighting displays that I haven't seen, before. This is at the Landis Farm on Shanley Road.

Peeking through the picket fence in front of the Landis' house I spotted both a sled and ice skates by the front door. Actually, quite a few homes have incorporated Winter sports equipment in artful decorations - there doesn't seem to be any other use for skates or sleds in the immediate future!

Here are some on Babbott Avenue ..........

............. at Gerda Mortelette's home on Madison Street ............

................. Mrs. Staring's on White Street ................

............ at Connie Coleman and Jim Brackett's home on Elmwood Avenue ............

........... and at Roger and Terry Tanner's place on Route 20.

Confident that Winter will come sometime, Tom's sidewalk showroom is ready!



Note the green grass!


While I was searching Google Images for a Solstice Greeting Card I found an unusual website - a long series of kaliedescopic Mandalas that held my attention for quite a while. You might enjoy it, too.

Click the image and relax!


Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's 30 degrees and dry at 7:00 a.m.


Sorry: no new NEW or VIEWS today, because .......

not only is it only four days until Christmas, but
someone told me about a history mystery they were working on.

I can't resist that sort of thing, you know, and once I begin digging for clues nothing else gets done. Nothing at all!

Maybe tomorrow!

Have a good day!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday for Monday


a belated

to Roger "Pa" Nichols!


Saturday morning was COLD!

It was 4.4 degrees in "the Hollow" and
1.2 degrees just south of the village,
1.5 in Hanover,
1.0 in Forge Hollow,
0 degrees on Mt. Hunger and -2 on Barton Avenue in the village!


But it's warmer Monday morning: 27 degrees and dry at 5:30.

The weather forecast from YNN: "As a warm front lifts to the north, skies will become partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures actually climbing into the 30s overnight. It should be a dry start to the day Monday but around midday and through the afternoon we’ll increase our chances for a few rain and snow showers. Temperatures will be milder but it will be breezy with highs in the low 40s.

The passage of a cold front will temporarily allow for a drier, more seasonable air mass Tuesday. Aside from a few lingering clouds Tuesday morning, expect more in the way of sunshine with temperatures topping out in the mid 30s.

Another storm system will work through the region midweek with scattered rain/wet snow showers as temperatures are forecast to climb well into the 40s."



to photographer Jody Hildreth

four of whose photographs have been chosen for the

Environmental Defense Fund's 2012 Calendar!

(Click the link to see all of the pictures and order your calendar, now!)


Here & There

This was Saturday. By Sunday afternoon there were only about twenty trees left.

On Doolittle - at the top of "Livingson Hill."

Two views of the yard at Dave and Rose Edick's home on Brothertown Road.

Saturday afternoon on Gridley-Paige Road.

Sunday view from Lewis Road.




"We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out and supported the Parade of Lights this year. This year's parade and attendance, both on the street and at the
firehouse, was larger than normal. Thank you to the Waterville Fire Department,
Village of Waterville Board and the Oneida County Sheriff's Department. Also,
thanks go out to John Savage for filling the air at the firehouse with his
awesome live holiday music, and to Santa and Mrs. Claus for making the long trip
from the North Pole so they could hear the Christmas wishes from a long line of
kids. We know how busy this time of year is for you. We would also like to send
a special thank you to Patty Louise and The Waterville Times for the generous
donation from the cake sales during the Cruisin', this was greatly appreciated.

The Parade of Lights pizza party winners are the Village of Oriskany Falls, Waterville Baptist Church and Tom & T.O.M. The $25 gift card to Nice and Easy business winner was Red Lion Pub.

We would like to remind everyone The Parade of Lights has an open account at
Nickelback Redemption Center. Anyone wishing to donate their bottles and cans
can simply drop them off at Nickelback and ask for the proceeds to be added to
our account.

Again, thank you to everyone for making this year's Parade of Lights extra
special. Until next year, Happy Holidays!"

(And Thanks right back to the Committee for all that they do!)


The following E-letter from Deansboro native Charles Thompson, photographer / web designer / videographer / and now, TV Producer:

New TV Show called "CNY Flavor" to feature Michael Latreille of "Michael's Fine Food & Spirits" on Tuesday at 1:30 on Time-Warner Ch. 11 (Ch. 3 on DirecTV.)

Charles wrote: "I don't know if you're interested, but I'm filming a cooking show all about Central New York. It's called CNY Flavor and it's on Tuesdays at 1:30 on Time Warner channel 11, which is The CW11. DirecTV customers can also catch the show on channel 3 if they have the local package with Utica channels.

The show consists of the host Scott Tranter showing the audience how to make a delicious, low-cost meal followed by an interview with a local restaurant owner or food producer. You can view all of the past episodes at

Our 5th episode will air this Tuesday, the 20th and the featured interview is Michael Latreille of Michael's Fine Food and Spirits. I thought that the readers of your blog might like to see one of our wonderful local restaurants get some screen-time." (Sounds great! Thank you, Charles!)





Opening at the Library!


"Festival of Lights" begins.

Please click the image for the history.



Have a good day, everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


It's Garbage Day.

40.6 degrees and rainy at 5:45

The Weather Forecast from YNN: "Breezy & Mild With Occasional Showers Tonight/Thursday

Seasonably Chilly Heading Into the Weekend

A warm front will arrive (Wednesday) with the breeze picking up and occasional showers. It will be fairly mild overnight with lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. This warm front will lift to our northeast on Thursday resulting in a windy and unseasonably mild day with scattered showers. Highs will be in the upper 40s and lower 50s.

A cold front will arrive Thursday evening with more chances for rain showers. This will be followed by colder temperatures draining in by Friday. Rain showers may end as a few snow showers Friday morning with some limited lake effect as well. Daytime highs on Friday will be seasonably chilly with temperatures in the 30s.

Outside of a few flurries, the weekend is looking generally quiet with seasonably chilly temperatures expected on Saturday with highs in the low to mid 30s. Temperatures expected to be a touch milder on Sunday with highs in the upper 30s."



Yesterday: Sunny!

At the Nasypanys' home on White Street.

The Landis Farm Stand on Shanley Road.

I always look to see if the Pumilias' clydesdales are out - not yesterday, but the fence is just as eye-catching as the horses!



This evening at 6:00 at the Library.



If you haven't already gotten your perfect Christmas Tree at the Sanger Lodge Tree Sale in the Park, you'll have to hurry! They're going, going .................... and soon will be gone!


Have a great weekend, everyone!