Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today is the first day of Winter.

The shortest day and longest night


It's Garbage Day.

41 degrees and dry at 5:30 a.m.
The Weather Forecast from YNN: "Outside of some patchy drizzle early, Thursday looks fairly quiet with temperatures still running above average for this time of year. Highs will be in the low to mid 40s.

A weak system may try to throw a few wet flurries or snow showers in our direction later Thursday night into Friday. Temperatures will begin to cool towards the end of the week with highs on Friday in the mid 30s.

The holiday weekend is looking fairly quiet with nothing more than a few flurries or spotty light snow showers Saturday. Saturday will be seasonably chilly with highs in the low to mid 30s. Above average temperatures will return for Christmas with highs there in the upper 30s to around 40.


Charles R. Slocum

1926 - 2011


Donald E. Shantal, Sr.

1936 - 2011



Front Page Headlines from this week's edition of

The Waterville Times



This very interesting E-note from Jody Hildreth:

"Saturday was the annual Christmas Bird Count. I took Caleb King and my daughter Tessa out with me. We had a great time even though finding birds was very difficult that day. Slowest day I can ever remember.

The highlight of the day was seeing over 600 Snow Geese. While scanning through the flock for any unusual geese, I found one that had a neck collar on it. It was yellow and read TT44. I reported it and was sent back the following certificate. It used to take months to receive a paper copy via snail mail, but this only took a couple of days. I am always amazed when these come back.

This goose was banded way up north - west of Greenland in the small Canadian Province.of Nunavut. I put the coordinates in Google Earth and and am sending you a map as well as a copy of the certificate. This goose has already flown just over 2,000 miles and still has not finished its journey. Amazing."

Amazing is right! Thanks loads for that information, Jody!



Tonight at The Library

T'was the Night Before Christmas

Thursday, December 22nd
6pm | Ages 2 & up | Sign Up

Join us for the classic story, make snowman soup and reindeer food and enjoy a warm snack all in the comfort of your pj's!



Here and There

Yesterday was mostly dark and drizzly - "Feels like a Spring Rain," some said. Up in the park a dozen Christmas trees were still waiting, "Just lookin' for a home."

Out in the countryside, there were only a few tiny pockets of snow left. The rest of the ground was bare and pastureland still green.

I keep discovering lighting displays that I haven't seen, before. This is at the Landis Farm on Shanley Road.

Peeking through the picket fence in front of the Landis' house I spotted both a sled and ice skates by the front door. Actually, quite a few homes have incorporated Winter sports equipment in artful decorations - there doesn't seem to be any other use for skates or sleds in the immediate future!

Here are some on Babbott Avenue ..........

............. at Gerda Mortelette's home on Madison Street ............

................. Mrs. Staring's on White Street ................

............ at Connie Coleman and Jim Brackett's home on Elmwood Avenue ............

........... and at Roger and Terry Tanner's place on Route 20.

Confident that Winter will come sometime, Tom's sidewalk showroom is ready!



Note the green grass!


While I was searching Google Images for a Solstice Greeting Card I found an unusual website - a long series of kaliedescopic Mandalas that held my attention for quite a while. You might enjoy it, too.

Click the image and relax!


Have a good day, everyone!

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