Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Garbage Day

60 degrees at 5:15

FOUND: the real owner of yesterday's Lost Money!


WKTV's weather forecast: "Increasing levels of heat and humidity later this week along with the chance of thunderstorms Thursday and Friday.

A warm, humid start to the weekend with the chance of a thunderstorm on Sunday. Staying seasonably warm through Tuesday."


I took a ride through Franklin Springs yesterday afternoon and although there are spots where all of the lovely old trees have been terribly damaged or all completely destroyed, I didn't see as much destruction as there had been here, in Waterville, when microbursts hit back in 1996 and 1998.

Microburst - May 10, 1996

from the Waterville Times

The roof of the Hotel curled right up! Even more startling was the fact that the entire roof of the Buell Block (laundromat building) was lying on the sidewalk! I couldn't find a good photograph of that, but I remember what a shock it was to see the building "topless." Grounds around the Harding Nursing Home were covered with broken trees. Probably nearly dozen tall pines were lost.

Jim Brackett's home on Elmwood had a considerable amount of damage and, as I recall, his garage was actually moved several feet.

At the top of Sanger Hill, the house where Larry and Betsey Youngs lived seemed to have been hit from all directions.

Several outbuildings at the Pryputniewicz Farm were flattened.

Two Years Later ..........

Labor Day, 1998

Labor Day, 1998


If you would like to look up something (like "microburst," the day you were born, or any other historic event) in the Waterville Times, you can do just that on the "history iMac" at the Waterville Public Library!




Linda Green
1954 - 2011

Catherine Furner
1934 - 2011


Too many Veggies all at once?

Corn, squash, peppers, tomatoes ---- suddenly they are all ripening at the same time and even after you've given "extras" to your neighbors you still have more,

don't let them go to waste!

Patrick Hughes, who raises vegetables to sell at his new farm stand just south of Deansboro on Route 12B, has learned that the Rescue Mission in Utica will welcome and can easily use all such donations!

If you have a surplus, just put them in a bag or box labeled "Rescue Mission" and drop them off at Patrick's farm stand or in the driveway at his father's home (that's Dick Hughes at 7316 Sanger Hill Road) and they will make sure that they are delivered to the Rescue Mission right away!


Tonight is

"Family Movie Night"
at the Waterville Public Library

6:00 p.m.




the Old Timers' Story Swap
at the Waterville Public Library at 10:15.

Ongoing project: compiling an ever-growing list of all the "little people" - those lacking high profile names - but whose inventiveness and industry had a direct effect on the development of the community and, in particular, the young lives of the Story Swap participants.

At the last gathering, regular attendee and star story-teller Jack Youngs read stories about his years with - or AS - the Village's DPW, telling of the many mishaps and/or amazements that he encountered during his career. (When he was appointed Water Commissoner he was given a pair of boots, a shovel and a wheelbarrow. He asked the Village Fathers what he should do and they said, "Jack - all we can tell you is that water runs downhill: just do your best.") Receiving loudly enthusiastic applause for the reading, this chapter is but one part of a collection of reminiscences that he has put together for his family.

Tomorrow: a look at a 1912 book of street maps, courtesy Lou Langone.



Bright orange-blossomed Trumpet Vines .................

......... and "Rose of Sharon" bushes covered with hibiscus-like flowers in all shades of white-to-pink-to-lavender-to deep purple and magenta are in bloom.

Kathy Sommers sent me this super shot of a bee at work!

I spent quite a while looking for a kid-friendly video about Pollination and found THIS SITE, which offers several short films. I liked the one called "Pollination, Plants & Insects" the best.


Boneset in wet ditches.

Although previously used medicinally for several purposes,'s listing says nothing at all about healing broken bones!


Now at Glimmerglass Opera,

"Medea," "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Carmen."


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tornado video add-on

Video by Bob Verdon and Ryan Decker from WKTV: "Tornado Touching Down......"


"National Weather Service Investigating Possible Tornado" from WKTV.

"Viewer says he saw Funnel Cloud Touch Down...." from WKTV.

"Storm slams Oneida County; tornado possibly hits in Clinton area" from the O-D.

MINUTES BEFORE ..............

At just a bit after 12:30, yesterday, I spotted three enormous "bean- pickers" creeping along rows in a field just south of Hannaford's in Clinton / Franklin Springs.

I was on my way to Savicki's (for corn) and then decided to wind my way through Hanover to see if similar harvests were taking place there. As soon as I turned onto Lewis Road from Rt. 12 I saw this, and came to a complete stop! I really did live in Kansas for several years and have great respect for big black clouds! This one, however, didn't seem to be moving at all, so I kept going.

From Lewis I continued on to Sally Road (no bean pickers, yet) and turned right onto Hanover Road. As I crested the hill at the cemetery I met a great "white wall" coming across the fields, and within a few seconds rain was falling so hard that I couldn't see anything at all, so ......... I pulled 'way off the road and just sat!

The "blog car" rocked and swayed a little, in the wind, but no trees or anything else flew by and a minute or two later it ended and the sun came out!

View from Shanley near Gridley-Paige Road.

It wasn't until much later that I checked the news and realized that there really HAD been a "twister!"


This photograph (courtesy of Patty Harding Ford) of the funnel cloud itself was taken by Isaiah Spooner.

According to Patty, "The boys were out on a bike ride when it hit!"



From WKTV: "Sunny weather returns Wednesday. Increasing levels of heat and humidity later this week along with the chance of thunderstorms Thursday through Saturday. Staying seasonably warm through Sunday and Monday."




11:00 - 7:00

followed by

Karl Davis and "All Tuned Up"


If you missed yesterday's brief blog post:

Very Important NOTICE

An amount of money (paper currency) was found Tuesday morning in the parking lot between the Fire House and Municipal Hall in Waterville.

To identify and claim, please Click Here! to Email the blogger with a description / amount of money lost and the denominations of the bills. Be sure to include your name and telephone number.



AYSO Soccer Fall Registration
Tuesday, August 2nd
Waterville Public Library

This is the last registration for the fall.
Contact Registrar Kristine Prindle 430-0253
or Coach Administrator Gwenn Werner at with any questions.



Western Boundary of Civilization.

Does that mean that we're living on "The Far Side"?

I like it!


Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Very Important NOTICE: Tuesday noon

An amount of money (paper currency) was found this morning in the parking lot between the Fire House and Municipal Hall in Waterville.

To identify and claim, please Click Here! to Email the blogger with a description / amount of money lost and the denominations of the bills and be sure to include your name and telephone number.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally .... it's cool!


It's Garbage Day

and just 60 degrees at 6 0'clock!

The WKTV Weather Forecast: "After yet another gorgeous weekend we'll be getting some much needed rain. Clouds and thunderstorms are in the forecast today, with the potential for gusty winds and locally heavy rainfall. High temperatures today a bit cooler, close to 80 degrees. Thunderstorms end this evening, with mostly cloudy skies tonight. Overnight lows in the 60s.

A chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. Highs again near 80. Dry weather returns Wednesday followed by a warmup Thursday and Friday. The weekend looks ok right now with generally dry and seasonable weather."


The heat "dome" that settled over Waterville on Thursday hung in place day after day.
Daytime temperatures pushed - or even exceeded - the 100 degree mark and, at night, seemed never to go much below 85. The humidity slowed nearly everyone down and, on Saturday afternoon, nothing at all was moving on Main Street.

In the shade, residents of the Schoolhouse Apartments sat chatting .......

..... and on Madison Street a painter finished giving a new look to the shady side of Debbie Lucas' pretty home.

On Elmwood Avenue, Jim Brackett braved heat and sunshine to shingle the roof of his house, saying, "There are just some things that have to be done!"

That must have been what Jack Brouillette, in Hanover, was thinking:

"Make hay while the sun shines!"

In the park, the 1906 Watering Trough seemed to bubble over with petunias.



"Diner a Gathering Place in Small Deansboro" from the Utica O-D.





at the Waterville Public Library


"Into the Wild"

(Click the image for preview.)



in the park

11:00 - 7:00

followed by

"All Tuned Up"

in the bandstand at 7:00



Have a great day, everyone!