Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh, NOooooooooooo!


and WIND!

It's WINTER, again!


"Thousands without Power...."


(These need no explanation.)




The Good News Is..............


"Fernando Guerrero Defends NABF Title."


Watch for another familiar name in

"The Conspirator"

directed by Robert Redford

produced by


In theaters on April 15th.



A sign has gone up over the doorway of the new establishment in the old 1830 Bank Building on E. Main Street. The name of the emporium, which had been located on Main Street in New Hartford for many years, is "Sticks and Stones" and the proprietor is my neighbor, Mr. John Lincoln-Lovely. I've heard that a March first opening is planned. Welcome!


It's morning's like this that make me think that hibernation might not be such a bad idea!

There are tales of that sort of thing happening in Old New England!


Drive safely; have a nice weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

43 degrees at 7:30 a.m. - with ADD-on


I received really fun E-letters from John Peterson and Gil Condon reminiscing about "Mayer's Woods" and "the old Swimning Hole." Good stories!

I bet there are more, so send them along and I'll put them together in a collection.

(I'll omit your name, if you want me to!)



WKTV's forecast: "A taste of spring today, with temperatures climbing over 50 degrees! All areas in Central New York will see another snow melt, so be prepared for ponding on the roadways. Clouds and a few sprinkles will decorate the sky this morning, with increasing sunshine later today. A cold front will arrive between 11am-2pm, bringing with it wind and cooler afternoon temperatures. Temperatures continue to drop into the 20s tonight, with lake effect snow showers and squalls developing towards daybreak. Strong westerly winds are possible Saturday afternoon. Winds are expected to become sustained between 15-30mph with gusts over 45mph. Lake effect snow showers with a few embedded squalls are possible as well. A fluffy accumulation is likely across many areas. Quiet weather on Sunday with a return to sunshine. A wintry mix is possible Monday, followed by colder temperatures on Tuesday.

Oh, I just hope that this morning's shot of warmth melts the ice that coated my long, slanted sidewalk and driveway, yesterday! It was so slick that I opted not to go anywhere at all!!


Yesterday's Girls' Basketball

Sherburne-Earlville 59, |Waterville 45

Sherburne-Earlville 13 17 19 10 — 59
Waterville 13 7 12 13 — 45
Sherburne-Earlville (11-1, 15-3): Sierra Morris 9, Jordan Van Althuis 5, Caitlynn Adams 16, Bridget Irwin 13, Cassie Beaver 16. Totals: 25-7-59.
Waterville (9-3, 12-5): Jenna Fallon 12, Katie Buell 7, Dylanne Hodge 6, Siobhan Fitzgerald 8, Kristen Kochanowski 2, Jessica Zogby 3, Kayla Batson 2, Hannah Scarlett 5. Totals: 17-8-45.
3-point field goals: Sherburne-Earlville 2 (Van Althuis, Adams); Waterville 3 (Buell 2, Fallon).


New York State School Report Cards for




I spent quite some time going over these, last evening, and hope that others will, too.


Next Week is "Presidents' Week" Vacation


Here's a quick quiz for grown-ups:

"Who are the presidents on Mt. Rushmore?'"

"Where is Mt. Rushmore?"

and "Who carved the mountain?"


What are YOU going to do on your vacation?
(No! Don't tell me NOW: send pictures after you get home!)

I'm going to do some "vacationing," too, by NOT racing to hit the keyboard and mouse before it's even light! I really hope that I can spend lots of time with pencils or paintbrushes in hand, finishing some of the several projects that I've started or reading some books that aren't about "history."

Therefore, there will probably be lots of lapses between blog posts, but if there's something important / interesting that I find in the news or see around town or that you want me to post, I certainly will!


Don't forget to watch Hal Chernoff's boxer, Fernando Guerrero, tonight at 9:00 on ESPN2.

Tomorrow at the Library: Point & Shoot Photography 10:30am Snowfest from 12 - 2:00

Click HERE for next week's activities!



1. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
2. In the Black Hills region of S. Dakota.
3. Gutzon Borglum

Mount Rushmore is named after a New York City Attorney. Charles E. Rushmore was sent out to this area in 1884 to check legal titles on properties. On his way back to Pine Camp he asked Bill Challis the name of this mountain. Bill replied, "Never had a name but from now on we'll call it Rushmore."

Learn more about Mt. Rushmore HERE.


Just found on Google Books: "Back Home in Oneida." Civil War letters of Waterville boy Hermon Clarke. Originally published by S.U. Press in 1966. Called a Google "preview," but most of the book is there and gives a good idea of what life was like in Waterville in the 1860s!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

34 degrees at 7:30 a.m.! Yay!!!!



WKTV's forecast: "Above normal temperatures over the next two days before colder weather returns for the weekend. For today, temperatures will warm into the lower to mid 40s across the area. Mostly cloudy with the chance of a brief sprinkle this afternoon.

Cloudy tonight with a rain shower possible. Temperatures hover a few degrees above freezing.

Very mild on Friday, with highs approaching 50. Rain showers, followed by breezy conditions in the afternoon. All areas in Central New York will see another snow melt over the next few days, so be prepared for ponding on the roadways especially on Friday.

Cold weather does return for the weekend, with highs settling back into the 30s. Windy with a spray of lake effect A few snow showers are possible on Saturday and also later in the day on Sunday."


Full Moon!

From the Farmer's Almanac:
"Full Snow Moon – February Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult."


Sandy Martin sent me an update on the recent activities of "The Colorful Bonnets," who met for their Christmas party at the Village Hall.

"A potluck luncheon was enjoyed and Secret Pal Christmas gifts were exchanged. The arrangements were made by Sandy, Nancy and Lurena.In January they again met at the Village Hall. This time a soup and chili lunch prepared by Gail and Carolyn was the menu of the day.
After lunch new secret pal names were drawn for the year and boardgames and friendly card games were enjoyed. February's meeting is to be held at the Huddle on the Main and is being
planned by Laurena and Elaine. It sounds like a wonderful experience awaits!!"




Waterville Central School @ Morrisville - Eaton High School High School Gym

6:00 PM
Sherburne Earlville High School @ Waterville Central School Waterville H S Gym

7:30 PM
Sherburne Earlville High School @ Waterville Central School Waterville H S Gym

(This is a biggie! Be there!)





Story Hour at the Waterville Public Library

Ages 2-5*

Bring your child to the library for reading, crafts, snacks, fun and friends! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

*Younger children are welcome to join us for the story & snack.
After they are free to play with the other younger children or they can color.



Point and Shoot Photography 10:30 AM Contact:

If you're interested in learning more about your point and shoot camera
to take better pictures, use effects, and more
this is the workshop for you.

Taught by Judith Kemp-Barnes of Petite Progressions Photography.

Space is limited. Stop in, call, or email to Sign Up.

Jill Getman 315-841-4651 -



Join us in your snow gear for snow sculpting, obstacle courses, snow coloring and more! *You can also bring your own snow building supplies.


Yesterday's Photos

More "housekeeping" by the Village DPW!


There were plenty of snomobilers out and a dozen or more were taking a break at "Michael's" in Sangerfield.

It was so warm and Springlike that I went on a search for Pussy Willows! (I KNOW that it's really too early, but I just drove and drove and looked and looked and FINALLY: there they were! Just a few, and (predictably) on the far side of a very deep ditch fulled with very cold water! But at least there's hope!!

My travels took me from Hanover down to Dicksville on Shanley Road, where I stopped to see if there was any activity in the far-off heronry: nope. (I know, it's too early for that, too!)

It's too early to tap maples trees, too, but this little Camp Road sugar house is always pretty.

There were two swans at Birdland. I wonder if they are Adam and Eve, from Taylor Pond at Colgate?

New additions to the Birdland menagerie: curly-horned sheep? or goats?

And on the other side of Camp Road, more sheep or goats including a couple of babies!


Somewhere in this picture - in the dark area - is a really huge bird.

Either an immature or a Golden Eagle that was feeding on carrion next to Water Street, he flew off before I could get full control of my camera and - instinctively, I'm sure! - made for the first area of camouflage he could find! Fifty feet away: freshly-spread manure!


About Amos Parker, the very tall soldier
whose grave is west of Oriskany Falls.

In the past few days, I've received several very informative letters about Amos Parker from Mark Barnes, Stella Cieslak and Judy Engle. Judy wrote: "Amos needs to have proper attention paid - he should be known for much more than his height. 'The Colonel's Hat,' a Town of Augusta historical text from 1977 contains more information about him." She is sending me copies of several pages and also writes that: "A new printing of 'The Colonel's Hat' has just been done and the books are available from Limestone Ridge Historical Society members. "

I intend to follow through on THAT and will also read more from a source that Mark Barnes sent me: an account of Gen. Lafayette's visit to Utica on June 10, 1825:

"Lafayette Visits Utica"

"Many old soldiers of the Revolutionary army, some of whom had been with the General at the siege of Yorktown, had gathered from all over the county. Towering head and shoulders over the crowd was Amos Parker of Augusta—the tallest man in the continental troops, so history records. It was this lean giant of a man who saved Lafayette’s life at Yorktown by disobeying an order, when he saw the General was in imminent danger of being shot by the enemy. Tried by court-martial but acquitted, Parker had come home without honors to resume life as a farmer, and his meeting with Lafayette in Baggs Tavern was, perhaps, the most affecting scene among the heart-tugging events of the day. After the private interviews and the public reception, the troops passed in review before the General who received their salute standing, head bared, on the steps of the Tavern."

So much to read; never enough time!!

When I get more information put together, I'll add it to "Heaps of History."


Have a great weekend, everybody!

(and a great Vacation, too!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

20 degrees at 6:30 .........

Just a few clouds
and it's starting to get light!

From the Weatherchannel

WKTV's new forecast: "Yesterday's biting cold weather will be coming to an end starting this afternoon. Temperatures starting out in the teens and single digits, but will climb into the low 30s for many areas this afternoon. An east wind and some thickening clouds will make it feel a bit chilly.

Increasing clouds tonight with overnight lows very mild in the low 30s.

Temperatures over the next few days will significantly increase. Highs on Thursday will be in the mid 40s, and 50 degrees or warmer is in the cards for Friday. All areas in Central New York will see another snow melt over the next few days, so be prepared for ponding on the roadways later in the week.

Cold weather does return for the weekend, with highs settling back into the 30s. A few light snow showers are possible on Saturday, with some peaks of sunshine on Sunday. The next weather system arrives early next week, potentially bringing a wintry mix."


Local Athlete 12-year-old Ian Schaaf Profiled in this morning's O-D.


A blog reader wants to know where "Mayer's Woods" is located.

The area I referred to yesterday, suggesting that it was a good spot for some cross-country skiing, is the large wooded area directly south of the Post Office and/or east of the Car Wash. That property was owned, first, by BenjaminWhite, but sold to Amos Osborn c. 1800 and eventually became part of artist Osborn Mayer's land and, therefore, came to be called "Mayer's Woods."



Today's Games


Waterville Central School
@ Sherburne Earlville High School

Sherburne Earlville High School
@ Waterville Central School
Memorial Park Elem. School


Waterville Central School
@ Sherburne Earlville High School

7:30 PM
Waterville Central School
@ Sherburne Earlville High School



"Kids' Club" at 3:15

Join us every Wednesday at 3pm for crafts, snacks, games,

adventures, friends and more!

Kindergarten - 6th grade
Kids in 2nd - 6th grade can be dropped off

For more information and other children's programs,




March 16, 2010

Aconite in "Dicksville" and Root Glen


March 25 & 26 at WCS

Click the image for Casting!


44 days until Trout Season!

51 Days until the

Yankees meet the Redsox

at Fenway Park


Blooming April 16, 2010


Norway Maple blossoms


Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

for Wednesday

Just a reminder that Wednesday is


It's 19 degrees at 5:45 p.m.

Tomorrow's forecast from YNN: Updated: 02/15/2011 04:03 PM

Milder Temps Return

More Clouds For Wednesday

"Patchy clouds will roll in tonight with lows in the single digits and lower teens. Temperatures will slowly increase toward daybreak.

"A push of milder temperatures will arrive tomorrow with more in the way of clouds and possibly a sprinkle or flurry, especially north of the Thruway. Temperatures will be getting milder with highs in the upper 30s to near 40.

Milder temperatures will continue to build in through the second half of the week with highs in the mid to upper 40s Thursday and around 50 Friday. Both days will bring the threat for a few scattered rain showers especially later Friday."


from the Little Falls Times.
Please click the image for story by Stephanie Sorrell-White for GateHouse News Service)

Click HERE

to see a fine collection of photographs on the O-D's website!


While some of us may be doing a little moaning over the weather,

there are those who love it: this site is for them!

Copyright Gore Mountain Ski Area

Cross-country skiers can find beautiful
scenery like this as close as Tassell Hill or even in
"Mayer's Woods" or by following trails behind
the high school and around "Dead Pond."

Adirondack Ski Guide

Actually - although I used to love all of the above activities -

I'm ready for something like this!

The 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show
“Springtime in Paris”

Sunday, March 6 through Sunday, March 13
Pennsylvania Convention Center
12th & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2299


It's time to ................

........ plant nasturtium seeds!


More tomorrow.

Have a good evening, everyone.

Crispy clear

12.9 degrees and starry at 6:00 a.m.

From WKTV: "Cold weather arrived last night and has caused a flash freeze across the area. Watch out for some slippery sidewalks, driveways, and side streets. Sunshine returns today with temperatures climbing only into the teens.

By the middle and end of the week the mild weather returns. Temperatures will likely make a run into the mid to upper 40s."



Girls' Basketball Waterville 61, Westmoreland 28
Westmoreland 6 8 4 10 — 28
Waterville 11 20 13 17 — 61
Westmoreland: Skyler Zawko 5, CoriLynn Armstrong 3, Brittany Bonanza 2, Molly Peckham 12, Kendra McGregor 4, Marie Dardano 2. Totals: 11-5-28.
Waterville (9-2, 12-4): Jenna Fallon 3, Katrina Jones 2, Dylanne Hodge 13, Siobhan Fitzgerald 10, Kristen Kochanowski 1, Jessica Zogby 13, Kayla Batson 6, Justice Sansone 13. Totals: 25-7-61.
3-point goals: Westmoreland 1 (Armstrong); Waterville 4 (Hodge 4, Fallon).



to the Girls Varsity Bowling

on their tournament wins over the weekend.

On Friday the girls won the Center State Conference Tournament Championship and yesterday they won the Section III Class C Championship. Once again this year Shawna VonMatt was named a member of the team that will represent Section III in the State Tournament in Syracuse. Members of the Varsity Team are:

Alicia Snow, Sabrina Kalland, Ashley Peck, Megan Eastman, Trisha Kellogg, and Shawna VonMatt.




Herkimer High School
@ Waterville Central School
Oriskany Falls Bowling Center


Herkimer High School
@ Waterville Central School
More Details


Waterville Central School
@ Westmoreland High School
Westmoreland Middle School



Today at 7:00 P.M.

"Knit 2gether"



"Point & Shoot Photography"

Learn how to get the best possible photos from your basic point and shoot digital camera.

Saturday, February 19th

10:30am | Sign Up @ 315.841.4651


Saturday, February 19th | 12-2pm

Join us in your snow gear for snow sculpting, obstacle courses, snow coloring and more!
*You can also bring your own snow building supplies.


Members of the Waterville Women's Club will make their

Annual Valentine Visit at 2:00!



If you're a fan of Boxing, you are no doubt familiar with the name Fernando Guerrero - an undefeated middleweight who will fight Derrick Findley at the Wicomico Civic Center, Salisbury, Maryland, on Friday the 18th.

And even if you're not a boxing fan but grew up around Waterville, you probably know the name of Guerrero's manager / co-trainer - Hal Chernoff.

Hal Chernoff and Fernando Guerrero

Photo used with permission of Joe Abero of SBYNEWS.

Chernoff, a 1973 graduate of WCS, was one of the three 1990 founders of the Main Street Gym, "a non-profit organization whose primary aim is to promote, develop and foster Amateur Boxing among the underprivileged and at-risk youths of our community. An at-risk youth is defined as a youth who may be experiencing behavioral problems in school, home or community. Main Street Gym is also open to both males and females from eight years of age to adult."

I found this apparently unsolicited comment on a boxing blog: "Hal Chernoff has trained this kid and done an awesome job. These fights are eight rounders for a reason he is bringing him along very methodically. on that note hats off to the Chernoff family for bringing boxing to Salisbury. The Chernoff's have done it with great respectibily. There have been others that where no more than criminals trying to hide their dirty money. Thanks Hal and Nancy* for being the classy people you are. I know if i had a child that wanted to pursue this sport I could think of no one better than Hal Chernoff to bring him along."

*Daughter of Phil and Vera Barnes.

The fight will be telecast on ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights" from 9:00 - 11:00 p.m. on Time-Warner Digital Cable channel 25.


Here and There Pictures

Yesterday, at 1:00 p.m.

Babbott Avenue and Putnam Street were filled with wonderfully Springy puddles and mud!

I didn't hear any complaints!

It felt like Spring, and you could just abut watch the mountain of snow in front of Dollar General grow smaller and smaller.

The DPW wasn't waiting for the warmer weather to melt snowbanks along Main Street.

I wonder how many truckloads of snow have gone to the old dump?


The busiest place in the village yesterday morning had to have been Merri-Rose Florist, where Jackie Roys took order after order on the 'phone; owner Diane Cornish and assistant Val Schenk assembled arrangements (all different!) and Diane's daughter Allison and daughter-in-law Aimee (above) kept making deliveries. They had already done over a hundred arrangements and there didn't seem to be any sign of a "slow down!"

An article in this morning's O-D tells you how to
make those beautiful flowers last!


By mid-afternoon, rain had begun to fall, but a "Bobcat" was on its return trip from Sangerfield and - Yes! - the sidewalk is plowed!

By 4 o'clock the rain had turned to snow, but I'd already taken my "good news" picture of the day:

...... coming down the Sally Road hill from Hanover to Forge Hollow I spotted a clump of willow trees - suddenly shining, even in the gloom, with bright Spring gold!


Have a Good day, everyone!