Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Garbage Day again!

It's 12.4 degrees and cloudy, at 6:45, but...

it's getting light out!


The WKTV forecast: "Lake effect snow warning in effect for Oneida and Lewis County for today.

A band of lake effect snow continues to march south into Oneida county this morning. The heaviest bands will stay closer to the lake shore in Oswego and Western Oneida County. Still, briefly heavy snow showers and squalls are possible across Central Oneida County. A quick couple of inches are possible in these areas. Outside of the lake band, some clouds and a few peaks of sunshine. The lake band moves back to the north late this morning bringing the snow to an end.

Partly cloudy skies tonight with temperatures falling below zero in many areas. Another cold afternoon on Friday with a mix of sunshine and clouds.

A series of fast moving weak clipper systems will bring an opportunity for snow on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. An inch or two of snow are possible each of these days.

Mild weather expected by late next week, with temperatures climbing above freezing."


But there's good news!

From the Christian Science Monitor: About this winter weather!
"Snow storm routine getting old? No worries, the groundhog got it right. The weather pattern that sent snow storm after snow storm across the US is breaking down, leading to forecasts of one of the biggest snow meltdowns 'we have ever seen.' " (Read further. It'll make you smile!)


The question was: "Where did the sign go?"

According to Village Clerk-Treasurer Brenda Knoeller, "the DPW found it lying on the ground and have brought it back to the Village barn. They'll put it back in place when the snow's all gone."


It was fairly cold, yesterday, and the street of Waterville were pretty bare. One person who can always be found working SOMEwhere is Kevin Kelley, and he was shoveling snow off the porch of the Burback residence on Sanger Avenue.

The Sangerfield Highway Department had pushed back snowbanks all along
Brothertown Road South.

I wonder if LOOKING at pictures of snow is as tiresome as taking them is?

I went to Alcotts for a change of scenery!


African Violets!


Westmoreland 76, Waterville 61
Waterville 12 12 18 19 — 61
Westmoreland 12 25 17 22 — 76
Waterville (5-4, 9-6): Derek Schmidt 11, Jacob Murray 5, Jared Henderson 30, Jordan Henderson 8, Pat Zenon 2, Greg Elliott 5. Totals: 20-12-61.
Westmoreland (8-1, 9-6): Dan Smith 8, Marvin Sherman 29, Ryan Mathis 4, Ted Flint 5, Jason Colburn 28, Tyler Witter 2. Totals: 27-15-76.
3-point goals: Waterville 9 (Schmidt 2, Ja. Henderson 6, Jo. Henderson); Westmoreland 7 (Sherman 5, Colburn 2).

"NY gas drilling draft rules expected in June" by the Associated Press via WKTV.



Yes: Dr. Chabot & Co. are moving - but NOT out of Waterville!

The Barton Medical Building on West Main Street belongs to the Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, and they have other plans for Dr. Chabot’s current office space.

There is no exact time frame for the move, but one thing is quite certain; it won't be very far!


Village Elections will take place on March 15.

Mayor James Younes WILL run for another term. He is running unopposed, as are incumbent Trustee candidates Thomas McNamara and Bruce Treen.




Thursday, Friday and Saturday Games on Digital Sports.


at the Deansboro Fire House!


All-you-can-eat Omelet Station, too!


The Waterville Methodist Church Youth
Valentine Treat Sale at Food King
beginning at 10:00 A.M.



Saturday is Abraham Lincoln's Birthday



Sunday, 11:00 - 4:00



Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At 6:00 a.m. it's 8.6 degrees and falling!

You could read the forecast in the sky, yesterday afternoon:

"clearing and colder!"

Snow devils danced in corn fields ........

........... and snow banks grew taller and broader.

Plows and sanders kept roads cleared ............

.................. but buried sidewalks south of CVS.

Please watch for pedestrians:
they have no choice but to walk in the road!

Heaps of snow have made the gazebo at the Harding Nursing Home look like a miniature structure, and - with other sorts of buildings in mind -


The WKTV forecast:

"A much needed break from the wind and snow today. Blowing and drifting snow overnight may make for a few slick spots on area roadways, especially in open areas. Winds today will not be as strong as yesterday, but still strong enough to blow a bit of snow around occasionally. Most of the area stays dry, with heavy lake effect snow across the Tug Hill. Staying cold again, with highs only in the upper teens to near 20.

A lake effect band will drop south tonight into Northern Oneida County. Several inches of snow are possible. The southern most extent of the band may dip as far south as the Thruway for a brief period of time.

The lake band lifts north again Thursday afternoon. A break on Friday, before the next series of clippers arrive for the weekend bringing us light snow. These mini storms will ensure the warmer weather building to the south stays away from Central New York for a few more days."

I THINK that this is one of the Masons' Pancake Breakfast Signs!

At least it's the right color and it's on a snowbank in front of the Masonic Temple.

(I'll take a better picture of the sign, today, if it hasn't been buried!)


Winter in Bouckville



From Mary Fanning: "The Waterville Methodist Church Youth are sponsoring a sale at Food King beginning at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday, February 12th until all is sold.

They will be selling fresh carnations,
chocolate roses and pretzel rods dipped in chocolate
and mini heart sprinkles.

Proceed will be used for scholarships to our church camps: Camp Aldersgate at Brantingham Lake and Camp Casowasco in the Finger Lake area."


Spring - on Madison Street!

Suzette's New Wreath



Today's Games

Waterville Central School @
Cooperstown Middle-High School Clark Sports Center

Waterville Central School @
Cooperstown Middle-High School Clark Sports Center

Waterville Central School @ Clinton Central High School
HS GYM Directions

Waterville Central School @ Westmoreland High School
Oriskany High School

Waterville Central School @ Clinton Central High School

Waterville Central School @ Westmoreland High School
Oriskany High School

Check Digital Sports for more information.


Kids Club

3:15 PM

Join us every Wednesday for crafts, snacks, games, adventures, friends and more!
Kindergarten - 6th grade

Kids in 2nd - 6th grade can be dropped off


Amanda Briggs 841-4651


Tomorrow is GARBAGE DAY! **********

Have a good day: keep warm!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Still "Springy!"

30 degrees and a little bit foggy and drippy,

but that won't last long!

From WKTV: "A heavy wet snowfall fell overnight, creating slick conditions for the morning commute. The steadiest snow will continue through 9AM, before tapering off to snow showers. Snow showers will continue through the majority of the day as some weak lake effect begins to develop. A few inches are possible in spots closer to the lake. See the snowfall map for details.

Cold weather arrives today, with temperatures plummeting into the teens by this afternoon. Winds will pick up from the west on the back end of a cold front, gusting over 30mph at times this afternoon. Wind chills will be in the single digits to below zero. With the morning slush followed by plummeting temperatures, a flash freeze is in the cards. Icy spots will likely develop on untreated surfaces.

Cold weather continues this week, with heavy lake effect along the Tug hill Wednesday through Friday. Snow showers continue into the weekend, with a bit of a warmup. No major storms in the horizon."


Yesterday was delightful!

The temperature was in the mid-thirties, and a real "Spring thaw" began.

A beautiful Valentine door appeared on the Babbott Avenue hame of Bonnie Bechy and her daughter!

Mud and Puddles everywhere.
Wayne Stanbro of the Waterville DPW - working in shirt sleeves! - was clearing a drain on West Bacon Street.

Down on Route 12, the State was pushing back or removing snowbanks along the west side of the highway between CVS and the underpass.

The mailbox is still there!


Connie wrote to say that there had been a hen pheasant at the Bocko birdfeeder and........

............ for the first time, a flock of Redpolls!


Early in the day there were a great many Mallard Ducks in the little pond at the foot of Grant Hill.

Later on, I went over to Oriskany Falls to check on ducks in the canal: yes! there were many mallards there, as well!


Directly across Madison Street from the canal, a "painted lady" was wearing icicle trim.

For fear that too great an amount of snow and ice had accumulated on the roof of the market, a major shoveling-off was taking place.


I was REALLY looking for groups of youngsters making use of the warm weather and perfectly packable snow to build snowmen (or ladies) and construct old-fashioned forts.

None; anywhere.

That was disappointing!



Three Years Ago, we had almost no snow, but a spectacular ice storm!

(One of my all-time favorite photos.)

On Paris Hill.

On Sally Road.


From the O-D: "Proposed School Aid for 2011-12"

"A story on Page 1B Saturday inadvertently listed this year’s state aid figures for area school districts instead of the proposed aid figures for 2011-12 that were included in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget last week. Here are the correct numbers.

* Waterville Central School District

Total 2010-2011 funding: $8,984,884

Proposed 2011-2012 funding: $8,253,649

Difference: $731,235

Percent drop: 8.14



Girls' Basetball

Waterville 53, Sauquoit Valley 28
Sauquoit Valley 1 7 11 9 — 28
Waterville 14 14 16 9 — 53
Sauquoit Valley (2-9, 3-12): Whitney Geglia 7, Meghan Gaffney 5, Kylie Sisson 5, Jessica Jecko 5, Kelsey Walton 5, Alex Benn 3. Totals: 9-8-28.
Waterville: Jenna Fallon 8, Katie Buell 2, Dylanne Hodge 10, Siobhan Fitzgerald 4, Shelby Spencer 3, Jessica Zogby 11, Lauren Homer 11, Kayla Batson 4. Totals: 22-4-53.
3-point goals: Sauquoit Valley 1 (Benn); Waterville 4 (Fallon 2, Hodge 2).



Waterville Central School
@ Westmoreland High School


Westmoreland High School
@ Waterville Central School
Memorial Park Elem. School



6:00 P.M.

Computer Basics

Learn basic tips on typing, Microsoft, the Internet, and more.

Questions welcome

Call, email, or stop in to SIGN UP

Jill Getman 315-841-4651


7:00 - 8:30 P.M.

Knit 2gether

For all the want to be knitters, beginners, advanced or
anywhere in between. This is a weekly meeting where you
can come relax, chat and knit with fellow knitters.

Please bring your own supplies. Knitting books will be
available for you to checkout or just to look through while you're here.

This is a drop in program, you do not need to come every week.


Today is Metals Collection;

Tomorrow is Recyclables.


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday for Monday


Wesley A. Lucas, Waterville

1943 - 2011


Alma M. Buell, Oriskany Falls

1916 - 2011



"State Aid Proposed for Area School Districts" - The Observer Dispatch, Sunday

Excerpt from article: "On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his budget address to the Legislature and said that schools should expect to see a 2.9 percent cut in state aid, on average, next year. In fact, some local districts are bracing for more than that if the Legislature doesn’t replace the funding in its final budget, which is due April 1. ........ Total 2009-2010 funding: $9,249,631

Proposed 2011-2012 funding for WATERVILLE: $8,639,251. Difference (from last year) $610,380. Percent drop: 6.6"


The WKTV forecast: "Quieter weather has moved into Central NY this morning with a few lake effect snow showers across Northern Oneida, Lewis and Northern Herkimer Counties. Snow showers will be very light this morning and afternoon, so we are not expecting much in the way of accumulation.

A few snow showers on and off throughout today with mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures will once again warm into the low to mid 30s.

More snow showers on Monday and Tuesday followed by a return to colder weather for the middle of next week."

Yesterday, "the weatherman" served us a Smörgåsbord of conditions: first it snowed so hard that even on Route 20 traffic was reduced to a single lane of vehicles moving around 30 miles per hour. But then the temperature rose just enough to turn the huge flakes to enormous drops of rain! That kept up for quite a while, then - after dark - snow fell, again, this time accompanied by bright flashes of lightning and rolling, house-rattling rumbles of thunder!

It seems to have snowed a great deal, but the snowbank on Route 12 south of the village has barely topped the mailbox and has quite a ways to go before reaching the warning flag!

Out in the country, on Fuess-Cleary Road, the fresh snow gave a newly-frosted look to the parchment-like leaves on Beech trees.



Friday Results

Oriskany 64, Waterville 57
Jake O’Neil scored a career-high 14 points, Steve McCorduck also had 14, and Andre Jordan added 13 as Oriskany won a CSC Division III game and Redskins head coach Bob Reid (200-96) recorded his 200th career victory. Austin Smith had 11 points and seven assists, Steve Rossi added eight points, eight rebounds and seven blocks, and Nate Keating grabbed eight rebounds for Oriskany. Jared Henderson led Waterville with six 3s and 24 points.
Oriskany 16 13 19 16 — 64
Waterville 10 6 18 23 — 57
Oriskany (6-2, 11-3): Austin Smith 11, Steve Rossi 8, Nate Keating 2, Andre Jordan 13, Steve McCorduck 14, Jake O’Neil 14, Cody Murphy 2. Totals: 24-9-64.
Waterville (5-3, 9-5): D. Schmidt 6, Jared Henderson 24, Jordan Henderson 14, Kemp 2, Zenon 5, Scarlett 6. Totals: 21-9-57,
3-point goals: Oriskany 7 (Smith 3, Jordan, McCorduck 3); Waterville 6 (Jared Henderson 6).

Girls bowling

Waterville 5, West Canada Valley 0
Waterville (10-0): Shawna VonMatt 218-573.
West Canada Valley (0-12): Kassi March 137-366.
JV: Waterville, 5-0.

Girls Volleyball Waterville 3, Westmoreland 2
Game scores: 13-25, 25-12, 18-25, 25-22, 25-23.
Waterville: Phebe Lamont 18 kills, 5 aces, 1 assist, 6 digs; Anna Ferrucci 5 kills, 7 aces, 5 blocks; Sierra Crowe 2 kills, 8 aces, 5 digs; Brooke Staelens 14 digs.
Westmoreland: Alison Brockway 7 kills, 3 aces, 3 blocks; Gabriella Cannarelli 11 assists; Alexa McGregor 7 kills, 4 blocks; Jennier Munn 4 kills, 8 aces, 2 blocks.


Girls Volleyball Brookfield 3, Waterville 0

Game scores: 25-23, 25-19, 25-11.Brookfield (6-2, 8-2): Andrea Rogers 7 aces, 4 kills; Stephanie Scheck 4 aces, 2 assists, 3 kills; Maranda Owens 5 aces, 1 assist, 2 kills, 2 blocks, 4 digs; Ashley Snyder 2 aces, 4 assist, 1 kills, 2 dig.
Waterville: Phebe Lamont 9 kill, 1 dig, 2 blocks; Sierra Crowe 4 aces, 2 assists; Brooke Stallens 5 assists; Brianna Paddock 1 kill, 1 ace, 1 dig.


Herkimer High School
@ Waterville Central School
Waterville Bowling Center

Waterville Central School
@ Frankfort-Schuyler High School
Thurston Lanes

Waterville Central School
@ Frankfort-Schuyler High School
Thurston Lanes


Waterville Central School
@ Sauquoit Valley Central School
SV High School


Waterville Central School @ Sauquoit Valley Central School
SV High School

for more WCS Sports: Digital Sports.





Check out the entire schedule of events by clicking HERE.

Special: this Tuesday at 6:00 P.M.


Learn basic tips on typing, Microsoft, the Internet, and more.
Questions welcome
Call, email, or stop in to SIGN UP
Contact: Jill Getman 315-841-4651


In the Park - Gwenn Werner finishes up posting
on the Bulletin Board.

Next Sunday - Millers Mills Ice Harvest 11:00 - 4:00

Photos by Jeff Reynolds.

Map to Millers Mills.

Start by driving East on Route 20, through Bridgewater and West Winfield,
and then turn North (left) onto Route 51.


Think Valentines Day!



(Click to enlarge!)


Waterville Library BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP News
from Doris Stephan:

" 'Remarkable Creatures' by Tracy Chevalier is the book of the month for the Waterville Book Discussion Group.

"It is a stunning novel of how one woman's gift transcends class and social prejudice to lead to some of the most important discoveries of the 19 century. The group will meet on Wednesday, February 23 at 12 noon in the meeting room at the Waterville Public Library. Bring lunch, beverages and dessert will be served. Call the library at 841 4651 to reserve a copy of the book."

("Remarkable Creatures" may also be read online at Google Books)


* NOT just for your kids or grandkids!

Show them that "old people" can learn to be computer-savvy, too!

(Besides -- it's FUN!)


Have a dandy weekend, everyone.

Back on Tuesday!