Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is Here!

It's 41 degrees at 9 o'clock.

(Yes! I slept late!)

The WKTV weather forecast: After a high temperature of 48 degrees for New Years Eve the weather will continue to stay mild for the first day of 2011. For those of you heading out and about locally this evening, watch out for patchy fog and a few scattered rain showers. Temperatures will stay above freezing tonight, so any melting snow this afternoon should not refreeze on the roadways.

A quiet and dry start to 2011 but a cold front will bring some light rain showers Saturday night. These rain showers may briefly turn over to snow showers late Saturday night.

A generally quiet stretch of weather takes place Sunday through Wednesday. Lake effect snow showers look to set up across the Tug Hill Sunday night into Monday. Another chance for lake effect snow showers later in the week. Temperatures return to seasonably chilly levels for the first week of 2011."


Gilbert O. "Skeet or Skeeter" Welch

1949 - 2010



Yesterday was a day to be outdoors! There were bikes everywhere .........

........... and runners were stripped down to shorts and T-shirts and still dripping with sweat!

Looking very overdressed for the weather, these snowmobilers were taking a break at Nice 'n Easy in Sangerfield.

If all the trails were like the Marshall Trail, they may have been pondering a trip to the North Country!


That's a tradition that we look forward to!


Traditions of 40 or more years ago:

New Year's Day parties - gala events - at the George Reilly home ("Parkwood") on Sanger Hill Road and at Dr. Battles' house on Stafford Avenue where drinks were served in Mrs. Battles' collection of antique shaving mugs that had originally been owned by the customers of ?????'s barber shop in the Candee Block (I think!)

Perhaps someone can remember more?


Have a really good day, everyone.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous

New Year!

Welcome to "At Home in the Huddle 2011"

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