Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday morning brief

It's Garbage Day.

17 degrees and (it looks like) several inches of new snow.

So far - at 5:30 - there are NO SCHOOL CLOSINGS.



from the O-D: "Broedel Fundraiser Benefits American Cancer Society"

from WIBX "Snowmobile Trail Guide now Available...."


- from the Midyork Weekly : Local Soccer All-stars.

WKTV's forecast as of Wednesday evening: "A localized band of lake enhanced snow has overspread portions of CNY this evening. The most persistent snows have materialized over the hillier terrain just south of the Valley. A quick accumulation of snow may occur in this area this evening before the precipitation tapers back to lighter snow showers and flurries. Colder weather will arrive overnight with some local blowing snow, particularly in the high terrain and open areas.

Lake effect light snow showers and flurries on Thursday, followed by a return to drier weather on Friday. More light snow showers as we head into the weekend."

Today at the Library Blankets & Books Story Hour *

6:30pm | Ages 3-6 | Drop In

Wear your pajamas, bring a special blanket or stuffed animal
and get ready to snuggle in and listen to some great books before bedtime.



The Legion is having January fish frys
every Friday.
The time is 4:30 to 7:30.
$9:50 for for the fish dinner
$5 for the mac and cheese dinner.


7:30 - 10:30


January 15 = 29 years since
the Candee Block Burned!

I just remember how terribly cold it was, that night and early morning, but how many people there were, crowding the sidewalk across the street. Icicles hung from Clinton's ladder truck; Morgan's opened up so that firefighters could come in and get warm, and Jim was just giving away dry gloves to the firemen, too. Rick Gaiser came in, shaking with the cold, but only stayed a minute or two, saying that he needed to get back with "the crew.'" (He told me later that that was the first night that his very young son had slept the whole night through.)

Outdoors, Attorney Don Whelley stood in the crowd with a cigar in the corner of his mouth, and watched his office go up in flames, wondering if he'd really closed and locked his safe before he left for the day, or would the contents - half the village's wills and other important papers - be burned. (It took a day or two to find the safe, but --- it was as he'd hoped: closed and locked and everything in it was safe!)

Two who weren't there were the Pumilias. Frankie and Rosa had just opened their brand new pizzaria a few weeks before and no one knew or could find their Utica telephone number to call and tell them what was happening.

No School on Monday, January 17

Martin Luther King Day

(Banks and the Post Office will be closed, too!)

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Take your time and please drive carefully!!


Time to think "Flower Shows?"

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