Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's 12 degrees and overcast.

WKTV predicts: "A cold start to the day, with many areas dropping into the single digits. Some peaks of sunshine this morning will be followed by clouds this afternoon as the next storm system approaches. Highs today in the 20s.

Two storms will combine forces and produce a large snowstorm along the Atlantic Coast. The heaviest snow is expected to fall east of our viewing area. Light snow breaks out near midnight tonight. 1"-3" of accumulation is possible by daybreak. Additional snowfall is expected on Wednesday.

Lake effect snow showers on Thursday, followed by a return to drier weather on Friday. More light snow showers as we head into the weekend."

Giovanna Crowe, who was standing outside the Memorial Park School yesterday afternoon, on "Bus Duty," was all bundled up and smilingly warm!



Mary Fanning wrote to confirm:

"Sanger lodge is sponsoring another of their fantastic breakfasts this Saturday, January 15th.

Just to keep the building busy: Bell Tower chapter #188, O.E.S. will hold their January meeting at 2:00 P.M. on 1/15/11.
This is for members so if you are a member, remember that our Januarry, February and March meetings are at 2:00 P.M/ on the third Saturday of each of these months."


From Elaine Mushtare, who "found" the big dog dubbed "Spot."

"Kathy Murphy, the dog warden, picked up 'Spot' this evening. She plans to keep him at her home for a couple of days while she looks for the owner. If that fails, she will take him to the Stevens Swan Humane Society. He really is a sweet dog. Even knows how to sit and shake on command. Perhaps the original owner doesn't want him back? Or maybe he is not a local dog? We wish the best for him. Elaine"

Margaret Stricker wrote from Virginia Beach suggesting that "Spot" resembled "Rock, who had appeared in the Rome Humane Society's ad last week. That was Close, but the spot was not quite the same!




Boys' Basketball

from the Oneida Dispatch:

Waterville 15 15 8 11 - 49

Canastota 13 13 17 12 - 55

Waterville: D. Schmitt 5, J. Murray 2, Ja. Henderson 5, Jo. Henderson 13, P. Zenon 4, M. Scarlett 9, G. Elliott 4, N. Zielinski 7.

Canastota (2-3, 2-7): Brad Olden 11, Jeff Merrell 22, Richard Mitchell 2, Ron Vaccaro 14, James Mason 5, Elijah Motley 1.

from thr O-D:

Boys' Bowling
Waterville 5, Sauquoit Valley 0
Waterville (2-0, 3-5): Logan Belfield 203-521.
Sauquoit Valley (0-6, 0-10): Keith Marble 188-522.
JV: Waterville 5-0.

Girls' Bowling
Waterville 5, Sauquoit Valley 0
Waterville (7-0): Shawna VonMatt 189-565.
Sauquoit Valley (0-5, 1-8): Krista Murphy 154-428.
JV: Sauquoit Valley 4-1.

Girls' Volleyball
Sherburne-Earlville 3, Waterville 2
Sherburne-Earlville (2-5): Dana Stapleton 2 aces, 11 digs, 10 kills, 3 assists; Brooke Wright 11 digs, 3 kills, 5 assists; Ashley Rundell 1 ace, 3 digs, 1 kill, 7 assists; Haley Paul 6 aces.
Waterville (0-10): Phebe Lamont 1 ace, 6 digs, 6 kills, 3 blocks; Alexis Stetson 2 aces, 5 digs, 6 kills; Brooke Staelens 3 aces, 3 digs, 4 assists; Brianna Paddock 4 aces, 1 dig, 2 kills.
JV: Waterville 2-1.



Waterville Central School
@ Westmoreland High School


Waterville Central School
@ Westmoreland High School




Emergency Preparedness Tuesday, January 11th

Get information on what you should do in an emergency.
Learn how to make a kit and a plan for your family.

7:00 p.m.

Knit 2gether

ome eFor all the want to be knitters, beginners, advanced or
anywhere in between. This is a weekly meeting where you
can come relax, chat and knit with fellow knitters.

Please bring your own supplies. Knitting books will be
available for you to checkout or just to look through while you're here.

This is a drop in program,you do not need to come every week.


Yesterday's "Ride-around!"

Stopping at the "Caves" in Forge Hollow.

(I'd like to see what Jody Hildreth would do with these icicles!)


On Sally Road, a man and his dog, just enjoying a walk in the field.


I seem to spend a lot of time taking and posting pictures of various styles of residential architecture and the "Victorian" trimmings so prevalent in the village. Out in the countryside, however, other "styles" of architecture prevail --- not residential, but definitely not mercantile and solely "agricultural" in function.

Barns with silos ..........

............. one, two, three, four or more -------- there's no limit!


Another unusual agritectural shape that I find fascinating: the FEED MILL.

Louis J. Gale & Son, founded in 1950 in the old "Haxton canning factory" just to the northeast of the Village of Waterville.

The former "Richer" but now "Blue Seal" mill and ............

.......... the Agway mill built in 1969 and now owned by Sangerfield Grain, are both located next to the railway tracks on opposite sides of Route 20 in Sangerfield.

The one things about all of these silos and feed mills that makes me shiver ---- there are always ladders reaching to the highest point!
(How nice that there are protective "cages" around any ladder climbers!)


It was just a split-second glimpse, but I had to go back for a second look: Yes! there were three ducks enjoying an afternoon swim in Big Creek right near the bridge in Forge Hollow.

But that white "duck" ----------------- is that Val's "Lucy-Goosey?"


Have a good day, everyone!

(Tomorrow is recyclables day!)

(And isn't it time to start thinking about the annual "Clothing Give-Away" that takes place at St. Bernard's in late January?)

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