Saturday, April 30, 2011

The water has receded, but oh................

What a mess there is to clean up!

(We really shouldn't complain: things are far worse up north.)

"Residents rescued by boat as West Canada Creek continues to rise." from WKTV.


Jody Hildreth sent me some pictures that he took on Thursday:

here, water running across Hanover Road, near Myles and Diane Cornish's home.
No one had ever seen THAT before!

Nor this sight, on Fuess-Cleary road.



Near John and Elaine Peterson's, on Route 315, no more water was running over the road, but the creek was still out of its banks.

On Friday afternoon, "Road Closed" signs were still in place at Park Place
and in Sangerfield ......

............. but many drivers made it through the underpass safely.

The "lake" around the Village garage is gone, but debris caught in the fence marks its Thursday depth.


One very pretty oddity:

a lovely waterfall at The Caves in Forge Hollow!


I had a phone call from Sandy Bishopp, yesterday. She had gone to the Deansboro Depot with the intention of taking down the Christmas wreath, but had to change plans.

Hidden behind the bow, a tiny nest with little blue eggs.

(I know it's out of focus, but it was so high up I couldn't tell what my camera was seeing AND "mama" Purple Finch was close by, telling me as loudly as she could to "Go Away!")


Most digital cameras (at least the ones that I'm familiar with) have "point and shoot" capabilities, but they don't always work. I was surprised and delighted that this close-up of a Wild Ginger blossom came out as clearly as it did, considering the scale of the dime-sized blossom. I've told Jody where to look - he'll do an even better job, I'm sure.



Gasoline is now $4.05/9


It's 42 degrees and sunny at 7:15.

WKTV predicts: "Beautiful sunshine on Saturday and early Sunday before showers arrive Sunday Night. Highs in the 60s on Saturday and close to 70 on Sunday."


May Day!

Make an old fashioned May Basket


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