Tuesday, April 26, 2011

55 degrees and Sunshine!



Yesterday afternoon, Colleen Gale Emerson took her discontent with some members of the WCS Adminitration to the sidewalk, and spent several hours at the corner of Putnam Street and Stafford Avenue talking with dozens of residents of the school district and collecting signatures on a petition asking for the ousters of Superintendant Gary Lonczak and High School Principal Jon Thumler.

The O-D Article to which I've linked is very thorough, but I'll not copy it because of copyright issues. Here, however, is the formal complaint that Colleen has filed with the State regarding meetings with the School District Committee on Special Education:


1) Required staff members were not in attendance.
2) The district failed to inform parents of people who would be in attendance.
3) The district denied parents the opportunity to participate meaningfully in the meetings.
4) The district failed to hold a meeting in a reasonable amount of time following a parental request.
5) The district conducted an evaluation of the student without prior written consent.

The state’s findings:
The state agreed with complaints 1, 2 and 5 and provided a corrective action plan, in which the district must comply with the regulations and provide evidence to the state that it has done so. With issues 3 and 4, the state said the district did what it was supposed to do."

The Board of Education will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. for its regular meeting. Colleen can’t attend, but plans on being back on the corner on Wednesday to collect signatures, which she said she will submit to the board next month.

A copy of the petition can be seen/signed at the Gale Feed Mill office on Canning Factory Road.



Monday on Main Street

It may look like an ordinary view, but to many of us there's something special about the sight:

No More Snow!

and - have you noticed?

There are NO empty Store fronts on Main Street!

It was gray - yes - but at 4:30 it almost felt warm!

Down near Sangerfield, Dick Martin was mowing his lawn.

Perhaps he's the first?



Frances Ditch wants everyone to know that the

North Brookfield Firemen's


will take place on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.


We've received an invitation from

Jill Getman at the Waterville Public Library

to continue the two- or three-year-old series of

"Once Upon a Time in Waterville,"

the popular old-timers' summertime story swap,

in June, July and August..

Should I accept?




The WKTV Forecast: "Warm, unsettled weather is on its way to Central New York. A warm front will bring warm air from south to north this afternoon. It will take most of the day for the warm air to arrive in the Mohawk Valley. Areas north of the valley will not see that warm air. High temperatures will range from the 50s across the Adirondacks, to the 70s across the Southern Valleys. Hit or miss showers and thunderstorms are expected as the front moves into Central New York.

With the frontal boundary nearby, the threat for thunderstorms will continue tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Some of these storms may produce gusty winds and small hail.

Cooler weather by Friday, with sunshine returning for the first part of the weekend."



April 26 2011


Westmoreland High School
@ Waterville Central School
Barker Brook Golf Course Directions


Poland Central High School
@ Waterville Central School


Have a good day, everyone!

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