Monday, April 25, 2011

46 degrees and drippy at 6:30 a.m.



WKTV predicts that: "Monday will start off dry with partly sunny skies but once again we run the risk of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening as a warm front moves into Central NY. Not only will this front bring unsettled weather, it will also bring warm temperatures by Tuesday. Highs on Monday will be in the low to mid 60s but into the mid 70s for Tuesday or Wednesday with the chance of thunderstorms."

However ............... The WeatherChannel differs:


My favorite Spring flowers are blooming about ten days later than usual.

Wild Bloodroot has to wait patiently for bursts of sushine so that it can show itself in the
Fuess-Cleary Road woods.

It's been a long-held tradition of mine to visit the Root Glen, at Hamilton College, on Easter morning. There, the grass in the "Hemlock Enclosure" is bright green, but the Star Magnolias are not yet in bloom.

Clumps of Hellebore, which bloom even in snow, make bright spots here and there.


I saw a large herd of deer enjoying fresh greens in a field next to Route 20 in Sangerfield.


In 1876, Amos O. Osborn wrote a piece for The Waterville Times about local places of interest and beauty. He began with a description of a summertime walk up "Blair Brook" on the side of Tassel Hill. Not long ago, photographer Jody Hildreth explored that area and showed us his photographs of Blair Brook in Winter, including "Frost-bite Falls."

Osborn's essay went on to describe another local waterfall:

"This waterfall is on a scale of greater magnitude, being about eighty feet high and flanked with corresponding precipices ..."

I'd never seen it. It's on private land and the location was not very clearly written, but on Saturday, having gained permission from property owners, Jody Hildreth went exploring and found it!

Three photographs of the upper falls "stitched" together.

And then there's a second fall.

This picture shows the precipitously steep sides.

Thanks for sharing your adventure, Jody!

His Saturday photo tour continued with visits to two other waterfalls, which he'd visited before, and then a stop at the Moshetti residence and a long and patient three-hour wait for a red fox to appear.

This must have been the "scout."

Three more kits crept cautiously out of their den to give Jody a critical look.

Curiosity overcame shyness. After all, they'd never seen a Jody Hildreth before, and that must have been pretty exciting!


On his travels, Jody took this picture of Blue Cohosh, just starting to open.

In a few days, small yellow flowers will appear, then dark blue berries will form.


Tomorrow is GREEN WASTE DAY Remember that clippings and twigs must be in cumpable containers and all brush should be bundled in lengths no longer than four feet.



Monday, April 25 2011 4:30PM

Mount Markham CSD @ Waterville Central School

4:30PM Girls

Mount Markham CSD
@ Waterville Central School
Waterville H S Softball


Mount Markham CSD
@ Waterville Central School
Waterville H S Tennis Courts


The monthly Taizé Service at Grace Church

will take place this evening at 7:00 p.m.



(Click to enlarge.)

Phone 841 - 4651 for information.


More events were listed in an earlier post.

Please scroll down to read Colleen Emerson's notice

and to review information for the

Methodist Church Spring Rummage Sale.


Have a great day, everyone!

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