Tuesday, April 5, 2011


40 degrees and very wet.

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From WKTV: "A flood warning is in effect for the Mohawk River. Minor flooding is expected.

Rain showers linger as a cold front crosses the area this morning. As colder air arrives today, the tail end of the precipitation will switch to snow over the higher elevations later this morning. No accumulation is expected. Breezy and chilly this afternoon with temperatures near 40.

Partly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling below freezing. A mix of sunshine and clouds for Wednesday with a rain or snow shower possible. Drier on Thursday and Friday and warmer, with high temperatures in the lower 50s.

Warmer still for the weekend, with temperatures climbing well into the 50s on Saturday and especially Sunday." (Yay!)



I started to see TV commercials promoting Robert Redford's new film, "The Conspirator," which opens on April 15th and is sure to be a winner!

Watch the trailer, and then click on "Cast & Crew" where, in the list of producers, you'll find a familiar name: Brain Falk!

Scene from 'The Conspirator"

Fireworks celebration honoring the Union victory in the Civil War.


There seems to be a paucity (or dearth) of news around the village. (Check The Waterville Times, later today: there's sure to be news, there!) There are varying rumors about the land just to the South of "Michael's," in Sangerfield, being put to use as a site for some sort of retail business / businesses - but they are just rumors of the sort that serve to occupy us while we wait for real Springtime to arrive.


A few days ago, Steve Keating told me about a NYSEG training project South of Hamilton: the Wintertime erection of a new osprey nesting platform in a large marshy area.

I went looking for it on Sunday and found it quite easily ---- a 60' tall pole with a flat platform at the top is hard to miss --- but couldn't see any sign of osprey construction.

Osprey nesting platform on Cape Cod.


While a lot f us spend our spare time doing not-much-of-anything,
two men that I know don't waste a minute!

Every chance that he gets, Jody Hildreth continues his explorations. Using topo maps, histories and hearsay, he's discovered two or three "new" waterfalls and made at least three return trips to Blair's Brook and "Frostbite Falls" on the side of Tassel Hill.

"Frostbite Falls" 3/27

"Frostbite Falls" 4/3

"Kelly Falls" with "Scarlet Cup" fungus.

On one of his earlier treks, he discovered this beautiful little waterfall just above "Frostbite" and named it "Kelly Falls," for his beautiful wife.

Yesterday, with snow and ice melted and a heavy morning rain, "Frostbite" was roaring!


At another waterfall.......

this one, near the Skaneateles Turnpike.

Skunk's Cabbage!

........... and this may be a small, seasonal fall on Cole Hill.

He has more waterfalls on his list, and we can look forward to more photographs!!

(Thanks, Jody!)


One of the most popular blogs, locally, is that being maintained by Alex Meszler, an S.U. sophomore who is spending this semester at the Strasburg Conservatory in France studying organ performance. (Yes - he's become very conversant in the language.)

Nearly every weekend, he boards a train or a bus - or, even, a bicycle - and visits historic places that many of us have only read about or seen on television.

Two weeks ago, he went to Normandy to see "the beaches."

This view is of the beach from the American Cemetery.

One of the very many stone dedicated to Unknown heroes.

In nearby Bayeaux ..........

............. where the famous cathedral, home of the Bayeaux Tapestry, dwarfs the rest of the town.

Alex and the cathedral organ.


This past weekend: hiking in the Alps!

A hang-glider - surely it couldn't be anyone we know!

(Thanks loads for sharing, Alex!)


Have a great day, everyone!

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