Monday, April 11, 2011

55 degrees at 6:30!



WKTV's Weather Forecast: "Warm air continues to arrive on Monday, with temperatures flying into the mid 70s by the early afternoon. There may be a few early morning rain showers but most of the morning and early afternoon looks dry. We may even see some sunshine. The more sunshine we see, the better chance for thunderstorms during the afternoon. A cold front will bring a round of thunderstorms late Monday. Any thunderstorms that do develop have the potential to be on the strong side with gusty winds and small hail.

Behind the cold front, cooler and seasonable temperatures return on Tuesday with a few leftover showers."


Friday and Saturday were both so warm and sunny that all doorways seemed to burst open and winter-weary residents exploded onto streets and sidewalks in celebration.....

.............. and the first of the Fuess-Cleary roadside hepaticas bloomed.

Friday was a big day along the Oriskany and Big Creek.

I saw the DEC's "trout truck" and entourage of fishermen at the dugway a little before noon...........

............. and an hour or so later, after stopping in Deansboro, they were at the usual spot on Route 315.

Helen was there, ready to do the "honors."

The next three photographs, taken a couple of years ago, show what happens next.

First, a big "net" is dipped into one of the trucks fish tanks ...........

........... then it's carefully passed down the rip-rap banking to Helen ...........

.......... who quickly frees the trout into the water.

News that the streams had been "stocked" traveled fast: by Saturday anglers were everywhere!



from the Daily Star, Cooperstown.

Note: The Observer-Dispatch's new policy makes it impossible for me to give you a direct link to individual articles. Therefore, I'll have to either give you just the headline or just a recap of the press.

From the Observer-Dispatch, March 29, 2011 'UTICA – Two men are facing drug charges after their vehicle was stopped Saturday night along the 1600 block of West Street.

Joseph Pare, 23, of Elmwood Avenue, Waterville, and Matthew Cowburn, 23, of Mohawk Street, Clayville, allegedly possessed crack cocaine while in the vehicle.
Pare was charged with two counts of misdemeanor seventh degree possession of a controlled substance, police said.

Cowburn was charged with seventh- degree possession of a controlled substance and passing through a red light, police said.



April 11 2011


Canastota Central Schools
@ Waterville Central School


Canastota Central Schools
@ Waterville Central School

Hamilton Central School
@ Waterville Central School


Waterville Central School
@ Canastota Central Schools
High School Track


Waterville Central School
@ Canastota Central Schools
High School Track




Knit 2gether * Every Tuesday @ 7pm

For all of the want to be knitters, beginners, advanced or anywhere in between. This is a weekly meeting where you can come relax, chat and knit with fellow knitters.

Evening Story Hour *
Thursday, April 14th
6:30pm | Ages 2-6 | Sign Up

Spring is in the Air. Celebrate the beginning of Spring with springy books, Sunshine Handprints and eat "dirt" cups!

Peepapalooza! Peep Diorama Contest *
April 1st - 30th
All Ages. Registration Required.

Get yourself a whole heap of Peeps and create a depiction of a favorite scene or character from a book.
The one rule is that all the characters in the diorama must be played by Peeps.

Dioramas will be accepted and displayed at the library throughout the month of April. Winners will be announced April 30th.



Once Upon a Time there lived in Waterville a man named Amos Osias Osborn. He was a lawyer, but also a writer and a naturalist. Throughout his lifetime he roamed the countryside around the Village making notes about rocks and fossils, trees and plants and writing extensively about the most scenic spots he'd found. He especially liked waterfalls. And now, 115 years after his death, photographer Jody Hildreth is searching out those places. Blair's Brook (or "Blair Brook") on the side of Tassel Hill, was high on Osborn's list, but he also remarked about the place that my husband and I always called "Rainbow Falls," and the falls at the outlet of Bailey Lake, and another particular waterfall. The last one has been harder for Jody to find: determining the location was hard enough, and getting property-owners' permission to trespass on posted land was just as challenging. But on Friday afternoon, after a strenuous hike, he got there, and took these pictures! (Click to enlarge!)


Jody's next trek was to another spot mentioned by Osborn, but this time the approach was much easier. Although the falls IS on private property, it can actually be seen quite easily from Route 12: it's on a meandering creek that flows through pastureland on the east side of the highway just a bit north of the Daytonville Road cut-off. Jody calls it "Flat Rock Falls."

(Thank you, Jody!)

Tomorrow - another visit to "Rainbow Falls."


"Google Images" photo of a Black Squirrel.

Several times in the past couple of months I've seen a black squirrel around or on maple trees just beyond the St. Bernard's Cemetery on Sangerhill Road. I wonder if anyone else has seen any?


Personal Note:

I had a super-fine day, yesterday!

My 12-year-old grandson, Iain, came from Ballston Lake to help me celebrate my 74th birthday. He brought his folks with him, of course, plus a bouquet of forsythia and pussywillows, lots of fun cards, other goodies and a made-from-scratch Banana Cake with thick Cream Cheese frosting.

I don't think Iain ever stops smiling!

His dad, Rick, and mom, Allison, are smiley people, too, as well as helpful!
They even set up my hop poles!

Special "Thanks!" to them and to all the blog-reading and FB friends who sent greetings!
I appreciate ALL of them!

(And - to make the day perfect - the Redsox won last night's game, 4 - 0!)


Have a great day, everyone!

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