Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday nght for Thursday - Garbage Day!

That's what we're all wondering!

It's 21 degrees at 6:30 p.m.

and it's been a 100% wintery day!

"Four Cars Involved in back to back crashes..." Observer-Dispatch 9:05 p.m.

"Paris Hill Road back open after accident involving up to seven vehicles." from WKTV.

"Weather, accidents close route 12, route 28." from the O-D; 3:42 p.m. Wednesday.

One more accident was reported to have occurred on Route 315 in mid-afternoon.

Heading south on Osborn ......

............. and then northward on Route 12.

At least there was a clear spot where snomobilers crossed at the car wash.

In the middle of the village, where Fire Police diverted traffic from Route 12, you'd never have known that there was a storm anywhere!

Just huge snowbanks left near parking lots, waiting for youngsters to come along and play "King of the Mountain!"

(Or perhaps they don't do that, anymore!)

By late afternoon the wind seemed to be dying down and the sun even broke though the clouds over the Eisenhut Farm at Hanover.


Signs of Spring.

Madison Street.

The Falk residence on Putnam.

Looking ahead


WKTV's evening forecast: "Snows and wind will diminish by later this evening as a ridge of high pressure settles in. It will be a a cold night, with temperatures dropping below zero.

Cold, sunny weather is expected for Thursday. High temperatures will struggle to reach 20 degrees.

Our weather turns warmer and unsettled as we head into the weekend. Heavy rain is possible by Sunday."



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Time to freeze this, too!


If you have events that you'd like me to post on Monday,
please let me know over the weekend.

I'll be having a cataract operation mid-week, and that may result in several days of blurry vision and no blog!

In the meantime,

Have a Great Weekend, everyone!

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