Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Light at 6:30!

It's Recyclables Day

31.6 degrees and overcast.

From WKTV, "An arctic front will drop in from the north today, bringing with it wind, snow, and cold weather. Snow arrives between 8-10AM this morning, accompanied by increasing wind. Snowfall totals look to be a trace-2" from the Mohawk Valley south, with 2"-4" possible across Northern Oneida County and into the Adirondacks.

Winds pick up out of the west today, sustained between 15-25mph with gusts over 40mph this afternoon. Any areas that see more than 2" of snow will likely see blowing and drifting snow.

A cold night tonight, with temperatures dropping below zero. Cold, sunny weather on Thursday. Our weather turns warmer and unsettled as we head into the weekend. Heavy rain is possible on Sunday.



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More, HERE, from this morning's O-D.

I know that the girls must be terribly disappointed, but last night's loss doesn't diminish their wonderful season. They're Top Scorers in our books! Thank You!


Photographer Jody Hildreth: a Winner! Congratulations, Jody!


"Speed Bumps"

The Village Speed Limit is 30 MPH. However, trying to go that FAST on some of our streets could prove dangerous or damaging - at least to our vehicles. Osborn Avenue used to take the prize for the most hazards, but I think that right now Berrill Avenue is winning with both East and West Bacon Streets and White Streets in competition.But remember - it's a sign of Spring - the annual siege of frost heaves and potholes, and it won't last long.

Yesterday was quite a nice day, and walkers and runners were out enjoying late-afternoon sunshine.

Here are Cheryl Lincoln-Lovely and 'Poppy" - the famous little dog who, a year ago, had the entire community out looking for her in sub-zero weather. I gather that she no longer expresses any desire to travel farther than "the Hollow!"

Out in the Countryside:
John Ogden's corn field ............

............. and Gil Condon's favorite view on Fuess Cleary.

In the Village - GREEN is appearing!

At the Pizzeria and at Jim and Nancy Morgan's on Stafford Avenue..............

.............. and Joan Albert's on E. Bacon Street.


If you're sick and tired of Winter, you'll enjoy Pat Louise's editorial in this week's issue of The Waterville Times


these photogrphs, submitted by blog readers who have been on vacation!

From Leslie Olivera-Van Wormer:

"Jim and I went to Los Angeles for 4 days and then on a week long cruise to the Mexican Riviera - this is a view of El Arco in Cabo San Lucas."

"We saw this sea lion bathing on a rock in Cabo. We were also able to see several mother gray whales and their offspring - fairly close to our ship - and a school of dolphins followed our ship several times. We had a wonderful time!"

"We had a wonderful visit with Lucy Savage at the Japanese restaurant in Santa Monica where she works."

(Thanks loads, Leslie!)


- And these magnificent shots from another traveler who is still enjoying this view of the Molokai Channel "from Nancy's back yard."

(I sure wish I knew Nancy!)

Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!



This is making the rounds of the internet:
I couldn't resist posting it here for your amusement!


Get ready for another splash of COLD.

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