Monday, March 7, 2011


There will be NO GARBAGE COLLECTION today!

All collections will be postponed one day, just like a Monday-holiday week.





From Sheri Brennan -

"On a day like today - I am so thankful that I only had to drive 2 miles to work today (and that took me over 20 minutes) and that Mr. Bob had a path shoveled for Karen and I to get into school. Let's all remember all the people out there who didn't have the option of staying home today - and pray their travels are safe and if you see one of our "outside workers" (farmers, mailman, NYSEG boys, and many more) - make sure to tell them THANK YOU for everything they do for us!"


Many of us have heard the postal carriers' motto in one form or another. One popular version is "Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds". See below.*

As of 10:45

Dollar General and CVS have not opened


Postal Carriers ARE OUT on their "appointed rounds!"


Patty Harding Ford shares this picture of Mike's "Bobcat" working to clear out their Shanley Road driveway. (Thanks, Patty!)


- and here are Missy and Wayne Brouillette's cars!


From Denise Jaquays-Tarbox: "This AFTER cleaning out our own driveway! Tim had his work cut out for him this morning...the plow couldn't touch it!

For local snowfall amounts, click HERE
and then click on "snowed in."


Just in, from Mark Masca:

"Hey Flip!

GREAT blog today! I really felt for a moment that I was back home and with a little bit of a chill in the air here in Key West (72) I really felt it....OK OK, I know I Know it's 72 here shut up Mark! :))

Anyway I wanted to reach out when I saw the pictures and remind folks to look after your neighbors who may not be able to get out and who may not have enough to eat or maybe they're just plain cold...if it's cold for me at 40 years old and 72 degrees think what it may be for an elderly neighbor. Also, please please don't forget your dogs and cats.

OK, with all that said...I wanted to share a link with you. It's

Teens4Oceans (beautiful pix!)

and what you'll see is under the sea. here in the Florida keys. gosh that all rhymes!

Enjoy the link and all the snow...please keep it up there.


Mark Masca


Yay! Rich Burdick's here!

But .................. there's no more room!

I shouted "Thank You! and he said,

"Be careful if you go out - the roads are all ice!"

Good advice for all!


*The original saying was actually "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" and was said about 2500 years ago by the Greek historian, Herodotus. He said this adage during the war between the Greeks and Persians about 500 B.C. in reference to the Persian mounted postal couriers whom he observed and held in high esteem.

The reason it has become identified with the U.S.P.S. is because back in 1896-97 when the New York City General Post Office was being designed, Mitchell Kendal, an employee for the architectural firm, McKim, Mead and White, came up with the idea of engraving Herodotus' saying all around the outside of the building. From that time on the saying has been associated with U.S. postal carriers.


At 12 noon. The sun is shining!

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