Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aftermath with Add-on pix

I erred when I wrote, yesterday, that CVS was closed: actually, CVS' front store was open at 8 am and the manager was there to run register. The pharmacy did open at 9:15, but the parking lot didn't get plowed until late morning and employees had to park across the street!

Down in Sangerfield, for the first time EVER, Sangerfield Auto and Tire
stayed closed all day!


My driveway

I was lucky. Between Rich Burdick, the Hildreths and Tom Stiles, I've got all sorts of open driveway and sidewalks. This lady, however, on Sanger Avenue, was looking at a full day's work.

The intrepid "Bobcat" - or one of them* - was boring its way up the West side of Sanger Avenue, some of the opposite side's sidewalks already having been cleared ....

as well as those on East Main Street and all around the fire house.

Hydrants, too, get top priority when it comes to digging out and, once again,

........... the village DOT was going through it's scoop-and-dump maneuvers ------ something it's been practicing quite a good deal, this Winter!

Here's another "Don't Forget!"


Johnston School of Irish Dance * Friday, March 11th @ 6pm

Bring the whole family to see a wonderful Irish dance performance from the girls of the Johnston School of Irish Dance.
Come early to get good seats!

Kids will also be able to make an Irish craft before the performance.


*I looked to see if there was another name for a "group of cats:" Clowder, Clutter, Pounce, Dout, Nuisance, Glorying, Glare.

I think I'll just keep calling them "Bobcats!"



It's 11.7 degrees at 6:30

WKTV's forecast: "After yesterday's heavy snowfall, it's only fitting that we start out this morning bitterly cold. Temperatures in the single digits will quickly rise into the teens and 20s by late morning. Some high cloudiness will stream in from the west and mix with sunshine today. Dry weather will prevail and temperatures will be a tad warmer in the afternoon. Highs are expected to be in the mid 30's.

Clear skies tonight but not as chilly with lows in the teens and single digits.

Sunshine gives way to clouds on Wednesday, with highs climbing to near 40. Snow showers are possible late in the day, with a breeze picking up throughout the afternoon.

The next in a series of weather waves will arrive later Wednesday and Thursday with the potential for a mix of precipitation."

From this morning's Observer-Dispatch

"Proposed School Aid for 2011 - 2012"

Waterville Central School District

Total 2010-2011 funding: $8,984,884
Proposed 2011-2012 funding: $8,253,649
Difference: $731,235
Percent drop: 8.14

The preliminary 2011-2012 School budget will be a topic at tonight's School Board Meeting.
The public is encouraged to attend.

The meeting begins at 6:30 in the Jr/Sr cafeteria.



I'm pretty sure that the sun was NOT shining when this Sangerfield plow took the turn from Madison Street to S. Bogan road and ..........


Meanwhile, on top of Sanger Hill on S. Brothertown Road at the Pavlot residence: "Look! There's a truck with a plow!"

But it's not going anywhere!


I didn't go anywhere either, yesterday, because:

#1. I didn't need to, and
#2. although my driveway was plowed,
my long sidewalk
from house to garage was NOT.

(I had told Tom Stiles not to bother 'til today.)

BUT, around 4:30, something very special and thoroughly
unexpected happened:

Aubrey Hildreth delivered my

(Thin Mints!)

I took me a few seconds to realize that she and her dad, Jody,
had actually shoveled their way to my back door!

(and not just to deliver the cookies!)

What a fine thing to do!

You can see that the snow at my back steps was deep .......

After they left, with my hugely enthusiastic Thanks,
I stuck a four-foot "yard stick" into the snow right next to the path:
the new snow was

almost 27" deep.


Earlier in the day, Jody had spent time taking these outstanding photographs of birds either in a field right next to Osborn Avenue or at a bird feeder in his yard.

Horned lark

(See the horns?)

Snow bunting



a Cooper's Hawk who thought that Jody's bird feeder was there just to provide his lunch!

As always - Thank You, Jody, for sharing your pictures with us!


I'm not sure whether or not to thank the vacationing blog reader who sent this:

He meant well, I'm sure!


Have a good day, everyone!

Don't Forget ....

Shrove Tuesday
(Babbott Avenue Entrance)
5 - 7 pm

Tuesday, March 8
$5 per person, $10 per family

Menu includes:

pancakes with maple syrup,
sausage links,
scrambled eggs,
gingerbread with whipped cream,
coffee, tea, Hawaiian punch
and milk.

For the Benefit of the


I'll be back later in the week.

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