Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New add-ons. Temp now up to 6.4!

............... but WKTV predicts "warming," later today.

"Another sunny day is expected for (Wednesday.) As the high pressure ridge edges to the east, winds will turn southwesterly. This will allow for high temperatures to climb about 10 degrees above what we saw (Tuesday.)

Clouds increase by Thursday with the chance of some wet snow or rain showers late. A larger storm system may impact our weather by Friday."

Last Saturday's storm - into which I did NOT venture - took down another tree in the St. Bernard's Cemetery.

My thanks to Jim Cieslak for this photo.


from Frances Ditch: the North Brookfield Fire Department is having a



dinner $8.00 and half $5.00


These two letters, from Gil Condon and John Peterson, about "Mayer's Woods:"

"The woods were quite a playground in the 40's and 50's....kid engineers built a dam across the creek and had a rope swing from a tree over the pool. The woods were also used for " Capture the Flag" ,,, No adult supervision , Waterville's Jungle Rules prevailed ( big kids look-out for little kids) ...,,

I think it was the Baptist Minister that had a Ski Plane ,, he used that snow covered bean field in winter,, would take us kids for a plane ride...

Respectfully : gil condon


(and from John.) "It might interest some old timers, we had a beautiful little swimming

hole in the creek behind the car wash years ago, I had many good cooling off

swims in the summer during my school years back there, living on White St it

was an easy walk or bike ride and kids from all over the area would gather

and swim and even camp out there in those days. I remember Charlie or Bob

Daley blowing a can of beans up putting them in a fire and not venting the

can first. Lots of other stories to remember of the place.

(he added:)

I wonder if our initials are still on the big beech tree, it was when my kids were there, but that is now nearly 30 yrs ago."


When I typed in "13480" I found that no funds came to that zip code but a DOT project near Deansboro had received $555,672. Was that the archaelogical "dig" that took place near the bridge, last summer?


Jody Hildreth found water AND ice on his latest trek to "Turkey Falls."
I asked him if he had seen any turkeys -- I was once told that the falls got its name because that is where the Brothertown Indians used to go to hunt them -- and he replied:

"Funny you should ask! I did not SEE a turkey today, but they saw me! On my way out there were fresh turkey tracks on the ridge - their tracks went over my tracks as I went down to the falls."

Elaine Mushtare spotted a a bird of a different feather - a barred owl - dozing in the bright sunshine, yesterday afternoon, in her Osborn /Avenue yard!

(Thanks for those great photos, Elaine!)


One of the events that was canceled because of last Saturday's storm was the "Snowfest." I had a note from Jill Getman, however, in which she wrote:

"If only there hadn't been such 'blow your hat off' winds! Sadly not a soul showed up. If the weather agrees with us this coming Saturday I will still put out spray bottles to color the snow, some snow sculpture supplies, and will gladly make hot cocoa since we hate to see a good party get missed."


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Q. A blog reader wonders who she should contact re: AYSO sign-ups.

(Within half an hour, I had this reply:)

AYSO sign ups:

Even though we did a Registration, individuals can contact Joan Stedman @ 404-1732.

Forms are available online at

(Thank you, Joan!)



Babbott Avenue

Fuess-Cleary Road

Masses of Mallards

Shadows at Shanley & Peck.

Ford Road shed.


Tomorrow is Recyclables Day

and Garbage Collection is on Friday.

Next week: back to normal!

I am thoroughly enjoying my "vacation" and am getting lots of things done. I've even done a heap of ironing and have given some shelves and cupboards a good cleaning. Most especially, I've been going through "tons" of papers ---- forty-plus years worth --- sorting and scanning, scanning, scanning and tossing, tossing, tossing as well as setting aside heaps of hard-copy material to take to the Historical Society for them to either save or toss.

I am opting to resign from the appointed position of "village historian." I'll keep playing with history, for sure, but even though there are perks, and it's a paying position, don't want the "official" responsibilities expected of a New York State Public Historian. If you're interested, check with the Village for details!



an Assistant or Apprentice or Substitute Blogger

so that I can take more real vacation time this Summer!

(It doesn't pay $$$, but gets you lots of nice new friends and is a hugely-appreciated public service! Blogging is really very easy and it would be a great project for a family or a group of pals. )


Enjoy the sunshine!

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