Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday night or Wednesday morning

The temperature is 33.4 degrees at 6:45 -- very drippy, outdoors.

I'm not sure that the "Snow Day" was really necessary, but I'm sure that it was enjoyed!

I stayed here, just about ALL DAY because I'd learned how to do something new on the computer, and when that happens it's just as if I had a new toy: I could NOT stop playing with it!

What did I accomplish?

History buffs will enjoy this, I think .............

Lots of New Uploads!

and more to come!


These pictures of old cedar fence posts were left over from a few days ago,
but there was better stuff...........


from Lou Langone, Fire Department Historian,

who sent these three photographs taken during the fire that destroyed
the Titan Homes plant on January 19, 1999.

(Thank you, Lou!)

Titan Homes Fire as reported n the W'ville Times Jan 20, 1999

"Six fire departments were summoned to Titan Homes, manufactured home plant inJ Sangerfield, to fight a pre- dawn fire.Tuesday morning. About 4:45 smoke was re- ported issuing from the northeastern section of the plant.Waterville Fire Depart- ment was the first to respond to the fire.
Firemen were hampered in finding the fire's location in the factory which employs about 180 workers.
At press time, firemen using Clinton's aerial ladder were attacking the fire from the roof of the northeast section of the plant. Waterville Fire Department was assisted, by Cassville, Deansboro, Oriskany Falls, North Brookfield, and Deansboro Fire Departments. Waterville Fire Police at the gates turned away workers coming to start the day's work.
At 6:30 a.m. additional aid was requested through Mutual Aid for an additional tanker from Bridgewater Fire Department as well as a tanker from West Winfield.No assessment of damage was available at presstime. Titan Homes, a division of Champion Home Builders of Auburn Hill, Mich., is a leading manufacturer and seller Of both single and doublewide manufacturedhomes.
The Sangerfield plant is located on a 15.5 acre site near the intersection of Routes 12 and 20, about a mile from Waterville."

The plant, which had opened in 1973 had about 170 workers and although destroyed in the fire, it was rebuilt and reopened in September of 1999cwith 200 employees and remains in full operation in 2010.

During the nine months that it took to rebuild Titan Home, the firm continued to pay its employees and the company received much praise for that action.


And from Librarian, Photographer and Explorer Jody Hildreth:

...........first, these photographs from his recent adventures at Tinker Falls,
near the Labrador Ski Center.

No longer content to photograph waterfalls from the OUTSIDE, Jody's taken
to climbing INSIDE ................

................. where the colors are more intense!



.......... he went back to Forge Hollow to see if he could get a glimpse of what really was behind the icy curtains on the Caves!

Now we have photographic evidence that

.......... the Loomis Gang is not hiding out, there .........

.............. but other things are! Rock formations I've never seen, before .......

.............. a sleepy millipede ...........

................ and, just above the cold and watery floor, a rock garden of flat-leaved
liverwort and what appears to be a variety of delicate spleenwort.

We're so used to driving past them, over and over again, that it's easy to forget that
"the caves" really are a rare treasure - and they're well-worth trying to protect!

( And Thank you, too, Jody!)



The weather forecast fromWKTV:

"Our storm system will pull away this evening, taking the steady freezing rain and sleet with it. Still, some pockets of freezing drizzle will remain. Road conditions for this evening will be improved over earlier today but there will still be a few slick spots.

As colder air builds into the region in all levels late tonight we'll see some light snow showers and flurries return. Some light snow showers and flurries will be scattered across the area tomorrow, leaving a fresh coating to an inch of accumulation.

Another fast moving storm system looks to pass east again Friday giving us another snowfall. Even colder weather arrives by the weekend, with temperatures only in the teens during the day and sub zero at night."



Today's games were postponed, of course. Here's what's on the schedule for tomorrow:

Mount Markham CSD
@ Waterville Central School
Memorial Park Elem. School

Mount Markham CSD
@ Waterville Central School
Memorial Park Elem. School


Recyclable Collection will be on Thursday.

Have a good evening, everyone!

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