Friday, January 21, 2011

Afternoon wrap-up, just for fun!

-and just because I KNOW that all the "snowbirds" wonder what they're missing!


- after a nice, sunny morning - as seen in these pictures that Jeff Reynolds took in Chepachet -

.......... and a few that I took on my morning "rounds" - "winter" arrived and it's been snowing!

Heading into the village on Sanger Avenue ......

........... and creeping along Main Street.

Sally Road, in front of Joan King's house.

(Just checking to see how the blog car and her new snow tires managed the hill: just dandy, thank you!)


I wasn't the only one out on the storm.

Surprised with the gift of a "snow day," Jody Hildreth decided to try to get into the larger of the two Forge Hollow Caves --- just to see what it was like.

Here's a picture that I took yesterday.

And here's something I didn't expect: there's a LOT more ice than I realized. Seeing Jody standing in front of the cave made all the difference!

The Hammer that he had in hand didn't look as if it would do the trick, but he knew that whatever icicles he damaged would grow back in a day or two, so he put plenty of muscle into his work, and .....

............ in abut five minutes he'd opened a hole large enough to gain entrance.

Pausing only long enough to put his jacket on OVER his backpack ......

...... he simply pitched headfirst into the dark!

This is what he saw when he turned around to look back outside!

Those ice formations, "up close ..........

............. and personal!

It was wet in the cave, and it didn't take Jody long to discover
a tiny "faucet" that one of the cave trolls had left dripping (so that it wouldn't freeze tonight, I'm sure!)

Jody did not realize until he had gotten home and was looking at the pictures he'd taken that he was not alone, in the cave.............

(that would finish me, right away!)


He did send me some more photo files, so I'll add a couple later on, but not before I say "Thank you, as always, Jody, for sharing your talent, skill and your adventures with us!"


Fish Fry at the Legion tonight!

(That sure would taste good!)

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