Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Day - Dec. 7, 1941

Gil Condon remembers: "I remember my brother, Harry and I were "probably fighting" in front of the BIG radio and mom and dad were going over his accounts (he worked for an insurance company) when the news came on. My dad YELLED at us to be quiet and he and mother got very upset with what was being said........we children didn't realize until the blackouts started what was going on.........We lived on Auburn Ave in Utica at the time and it w as scary to have it so dark at night time and to see dad going out with a big nightstick to patrol.........."

The blogger remembers: It must have been cold and snowy, in Western Massachusetts, because I distinctly remember the smell of my child-sized woolen mittens drying on a radiator as my family sat in unusual silence listening first to Lowell Thomas on the Stromberg-Carlson radio console - a BIG floor-model, just as Gil said - and then leaning forward, "shushing" me to be quiet and listening even more intently to "the president." I remember being scared because, when the news program ended my grandmother began crying, listing off the names of cousins who she was sure would no doubt be "going to war." It was some time before I was allowed to speak out and ask what "infamy" meant. Soon after, the "black-outs" began. I had Kayro Syrup on my oatmeal, and life seemed to be governed by the six o'clock news and Ration Stamps. My mother went to work as a secretary in a huge factory where just about all of the hundreds of factory workers were women. Several cousins did, in fact, "go to war" and my grandmother cried even more. Some were wounded but none were "lost."


It's Recyclables Day

37 degrees and foggy at 5:00 a.m.

The forecast from YNN: "Outside of a spotty sprinkle or flurry, (Wednesday) will be a fairly quiet and seasonably chilly day. Morning clouds will give way to some sun with highs around 40.

Colder air will begin to drain in on Thursday with lake snow showers developing east of Lake Ontario. Highs will be in the upper 30s. An upper level system will pass overhead Friday with everyone picking up scattered flurries and snow showers. Highs will be in the upper 30s to near 40."

In yesterday's Email there was an interesting note from Louie Langone, who wrote: "It seems like the weather has been unusually mild this year. But looking back on my records, last year (2010) as of Dec. 5th we had only 3" of accumulated snow and no snow plowings. Dec.6,7,8, & 9 last yr. we got 21" of snow. And in 2009 we had 0.6" of snow total and no snowplowing as of Dec.5. This year we have had 3" of snow and 1 snowplowing. So if things go as it has in the past few years winter will be beginning soon." (Thanks, Louie!)

A year ago - school was closed, but the sidewalk showroom at Morgan's was open!



Click HERE for HEADLINES in this week's issue of The Waterville Times.



Ornament Making

3:30 PM

Ages 5 & up. Sign Up


Amanda Briggs 841-4651

Make some ornaments for yourself and some to sell for the library over the holidays!



"Pea Soup" Fog that hung over the area nearly all day - and lasting well into the night - nearly obliterated the view of the "Tyler Barn" from Bogan Road South.

In the center of the village, however, lights and the new window painting at the Post Office were bright and a "Thank You" note to the artists hung on the inside door.


The afternoon gloom made lighted decorations seem even brighter

........... at the Morgans' on Stafford Avenue ..........

................. the Gerhardts' home on White Street ............

.............. and here, on East Bacon Street.

Unfazed by the chilly drizzle, these folks on Stafford Avenue were getting huge bows over every window "just right."

This is the home of "Bonnie" Bechy and her daughter, Joanna, on Babbott Avenue.
When I phoned Bonnie to check on the spelling of Joanna's name, she said - regarding the decorations - "Oh! Wait! I'm not done yet! The ribbons for the door are still on my couch!"

I'll check back later!


This is Guy Mintel the owner of "Guy's Bicycle Shop" on Route 20 in Madison.

Not surprisingly, Guy likes to ride. But to shop for a Christmas Tree? That's different!
But he knew exactly where he was headed - to the Keiths', 'way up on the hill outside of North Brookfield, and that's quite a ride!

Just ask his friend Dale Meszler, who went with him, and who sent me this picture!

Thanks, Dale!


Speaking of Christmas Trees .......................

When the Masons unloaded their Christmas Trees in the Park, last weekend, they immediately placed one inside the bandstand - a "thank you" for the use of the park.
The tree was set in place by the Village DPW and just a few strings of lights hung.

I don't think it's "done," yet, so I'll wait to see if more are added before I take a picture!




Have a good day, everyone!

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