Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogger's Summer Break Continues!

(and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!*)

But this morning I have a very special message for a very important person:


It's Garbage Day

69 degrees. Dark and drippy.

The WKTV weather forecast: "Cloudy start to the work week with a few spotty showers. The chance for shower and a few rumbles of thunder continue this morning and afternoon. The best chance of wet weather will be to our east. Highs today will only be in the low 70s.

Scattered showers continue throughout the overnight into Tuesday morning. Drier weather starts to move back into Central NY late Tuesday into Wednesday.

Dry weather returns for the middle of the week with seasonable temperatures."


1925 - 2011


Waterville Methodist Church


August 31st, September 1st and September 2nd.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the sale may do so by taking them to the church
early mornings, Monday through Friday,
beginning August 15th.
If this is not convenient, please call 841-8544 to make other arrangements.

This is a good opportunity to share those clothes that your children have outgrown;
perhaps you will find some that will fit them at the sale.



"The Tweedlers"

From their website: "For the past 7 years, The Tweedlers have been developing a reputation as one of the most fun groups in New York State.
They have regular engagements at dozens of venues in Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, Rome, Albany, Philadelphia and Boston. Their youthful energy matches well with their enthusiasm for the music of past eras. Audiences are quickly seen clapping and singing along with their favorite old waltzes, love songs, bluegrass, classic country, and old time rock 'n' roll. This includes retirement communities, family reunions, coffee houses, private parties and festivals. The past 5 summers, they've appeared at county fairs and festivals across New York and Pennsylvania. Their large and varied repertoire lets them form each set list with the particular audience in mind.
With just a guitar, a mandolin, a bass, and their joyful voices, The Tweedlers take you on a bright, rollicking trip down the old road to home."


It's begun!

Although the huge tents in the main field were empty, there was great activity along the sides of Route 20.

Something for everyone!

If you don't want any antiques, there are roadside food tents.



The Rotary Club Food Tent will be open
right in the middle of the big field.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on
Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

(Breakfast starts at 6:00 - and you know what THAT means, don't you?)


After cruising through Bouckville, I headed back toward Solsville.

At the bridge across the canal on Indian Crossing Road (I think) there was a group of about fifty students from Hamilton College, each wearing work gloves, armed with all manner of clippers, shovels, etc., clearing the canal pathway!

At Lyons Mills - Goldenrod and Geese

Great Blue Lobelia, along with Purple Knapweed and Queen Anne's Lace, fill ditches along Valley Road between Solsville and Oriskany Falls.




(Thanks for the tip, Lynne!)

For more about Yurts: click HERE.




First Football Game:
Waterville @ Westmoreland September 3.

*When I made it known to the Village Board that I wanted to "retire" as "Village Historian" - referred to by the County and State as a "public historian" - because I simply could not do the job as well as other historians in the area, Mr. Joseph Falk, President of the Waterville Historical Society, told the Board that the Society itself wanted to be the new "historian." The Board accepted his proposal and made the appointment.

"At Home in the Huddle" has been a perfect means of both recording and dispersing local history and although I intend to keep "blogging," as well as writing and drawing, I probably won't be listing or following community activities and events as closely as I have for the past five-plus years: that's the Historical Society's job, now. I don't know how they intend to make the information available to the municipality or the public - you'll have to ask them!


Back in a day or two.

Have a great day!

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