Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday evening for Tuesday


At the High School

"Healthy Desserts"

Mrs. Alcott's health class will sponsor a

Farmer's Market

from 10:40-12:00 on Tuesday June 14th


From Sandy Harding:

A Thank You to all 336 people who signed the " Collaboration of Care" petition. The results were dispatched to the New York State Department of Health around noon, today!



from Chad Barth:

"The Waterville AYSO (Youth Soccer Program) program is in need of volunteers in order for the program to continue to improve and exist for the children of our community. As you can see the organization has scheduled a meeting for this Thursday the 16th. All are welcome regardless if you have a child currently in the program."

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Continued Coverage of the Funeral of Deputy Kurt Wyman
on WKTV and in the Observer-Dispatch.


"Admiral Has Roots in Brookfield"

(That's Rear Admiral Michael Parks, whose mom, Charlotte, lives in Waterville!)

from the Madison County Courier.



Multiflora Rose

Looking graceful and delicate, with all of its pretty little flowers, this shrub is anything but.
It's been used for a century or more as a "living fence," functioning every bit as efficiently as barbed wire and being much more difficult to get rid of!

Rugosa - or Beach - Roses.

Clumps of Blue Flag in watery ditches .........

.... often in the company of Watercress!

I'm not suggesting that you go out and gather 'cress from a ditch next to a major highway, where all sorts of contaminants are probably present in the water and on the leaves, but - if you find some in a remote, unpolluted location - here's something you can do with it:

Using the most tender, top-most leaves -- NOT the blossoms -- chop or process a cup or so of leaves very fine and add to a well-blended mixture of one-half softened salt-free butter and one-half softened cream cheese. (The addition of freshly-ground black pepper is suggested, but only in the most judicious amounts.)

Spread on thin white sandwich bread, cut into squares or triangles and - of course! - remove the crusts. Chill; enjoy!

Also try --- Watercress Soup.

More and more "wild" poppies can be seen in the field of rye next to Edie Eastman's home in "Dicksville" .........

..... while these pink "peony" poppies bloom in a garden at the home of blog-readers John and Ann Cockell in England!

Thank You!



The wedding in the Bandstand, last Saturday, was that of Ashley Belfield and Patrick Caraher.
I've been told that "it was lovely!"

Perhaps a photo will surface.


The WCS musicians brought "Stinky" home from Dolgeville with them!


Five years ago!


More when it happens.

Have a great evening / day!

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