Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday afternoon for Thursday


According to NYSEG, about 110 customers - including many on Buell Avenue - suffered "an interruption in service" during the night that lasted about two hours. I think that was from about 10:00 p.m. to midnight and of course, now, several clocks, the microwave, oven, and the most essential coffee pot are just blinking at me!

Seussical Pix: please see note below!


At 7:00 a.m. on Thursday morning it's 25 degrees.

The snow appears to have stopped at the 4" mark.

WKTV's morning weather forecast: "Cloudy and chilly start to Thursday with scattered snow showers across the Southern Valleys. Snow showers will be spotty throughout the day with mostly cloudy skies. It will turn breezy and remain cold with high temperatures only in the low 30s.

Breezy and cold weather will last through Friday with a few snow showers and flurries. Below average temperatures are expected to last into the weekend with partly sunny skies.


This is NOT what we wanted to see!

Snow on West Main Street ............

.......... and Putnam Street, and on all other streets in the village.

That makes the sight of bright Spring decorations at Joan Albert's home on E. Bacon Street and ......

.............. at this residence on Conger Avenue even more welcome!


Out at the southern end of Osborn Avenue there's still a lake where there shouldn't be one.

Next to Madison Street, there's ice where there should be nothing but water!

Early yesterday afternoon I saw a Great Blue Heron rise from Big Creek. Here's another, slouched in the pond behind Scott Moon's, looking totally discouraged.
Who can blame him!

In a pasture next to Osborn Avenue there was a large gathering of starlings. There's nothing very exciting about seeing starlings, but - trivia for the day - I learned recently that the name of such a flock of starlings is, actually, a "murmuration." That makes them almost exotic!



Gasoline is still $3.69/9


No, I'm not going to the Musical this evening. I've learned that no matter how many pictures I take, NONE of them will be any good! Plus, I have a head cold of the variety that requires constant mopping. No need to share that, unnecessarily!

But --- if anyone has any photos that they're willing to share, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday morning note: YES! Jody Hildreth has been taking photographs - and sent me a sneak peek - but Ms. Daniluk, the director, asks that they not be published until after the Saturday performance!


Drive carefully, and

have a nice evening, everyone!

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