Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starting out Warm

It's really Wednesday morning and

It's Recyclables Day!

36.3 degrees at 6:30

The WKTV Weather Forecast as of Tuesday afternoon:

"*Winter Weather Advisory for Herkimer, Hamilton, Fulton and Montgomery Counties*

Rain develops after midnight tonight, mixing with freezing rain or sleet north and east of Utica. Some icy spots are possible for a time early Wednesday , but any mixed precipitation is expected to change to plain rain by midmorning.

Occasional showers are expected during the day Wednesday as temperatures climb above 40.

Dry weather returns Thursday. A surge of warmer weather will bring high temperatures close to 50 on Thursday, and well into the 50s on Friday. Significant amounts of melting snow will continue all across the area throughout the week."


I've searched YNN, The O-D, WKTV

but can only find results for


Two village trustee seats:

Collin Idzi, R: 59 votes.
(incumbent) Brian Bell, R: 46 votes.
(incumbent) Sheila Johnson, i: 44 votes.


I think voters in the Village of Waterville will be able to guess the results, since none of the incumbents were being contested!

Mayor: Jim Younes

Trustees elected: Thomas McNamara and Bruce Treen.

I stopped at Municipal Hall yesterday afternoon around 3:30 and, happening to arrive during a "lull" in voter activity, had a nice long chat with Betty Tanner, Dave O'Brien, Vicky Sabol and Lurena McNamara. We discussed where I got my unusual name, what colleges we and/or our children had attended, the price of gasoline, and covered a fair amount of local history.
(and Yes: I voted. I was voter #12.)

At a little after 4:00 Barb McNamara showed up - voter #13!

You can see what a busy day it was at the polls!


There was much more actvity, outdoors!

There were lots of walker and runners. I saw several groups of cyclists

............ and got big waves from Sheri and Jenn.



A nice note and these pictures from Terry Tanner, who had attended Sunday’s program at the Historical Society. She wrote,

'There was a hearty ‘Abe Lincoln’ dinner, an adorable skit ‘1861 at Bissell’s Store’, and the most wonderful barbershop quartet imaginable! There’s also a new 1861 Exhibit for folks to check out if they get a chance."

Visiting Barbershop Quartet

"It was very nice that three of the barbershop quartet had had Mr. Langone as a teacher at Mt. Markham and were so pleased to see him again."

A friendly card game in Bissell's Store

from left: Joe Falk, Lou Langone and Kirk Hudson.

Thank you, Terry!


(There are 1861 Exhibits and activities all over the country in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War.)


Photo from yesterday's blog post.

Coincidentally, W. J. Bissell Sons, a popular gathering place for "locals" - including members of the Loomis Gang - was located on W. Main Street, just about here.

Bissell's Store c. 1880



C.J. Fulmer Post #92 American Legion, Waterville.
4:30 - 7:30 P.M.

Suzette Stephenson Baumgarten's Madison Street doorway.

Her parents' home on E. Bacon Street.

The Strohmeyer residence on Putnam Street.



An Annual Treat:

Maple Weekend!




As all of you know, there has been an horrendous disaster in Japan.
Many Watervillians are making contributions to various funds or asking WHERE to send their donations.

Are there any LOCAL fundraisers in process or planned?




Have a good day, everyone!

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