Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Special

Just a short post, to make up for the lack of pictures yesterday AND to report on the storm that we were expecting!

It's just 13 degrees and we have about three inches of new snow under blue sky with pale sunshine.

The WKTV forecast: "For (Saturday) the wind flow will generally be southwesterly with a surface storm system parked in Southern Ontario. With a southwesterly wind, much of the lake effect snow will stay northwest of our area. As the large scale storm tracks eastward for Saturday Night and Sunday winds will become more favorable for lake effect snow. We'll keep you posted through the weekend on where lake snows will set up for Saturday Night and Sunday, and how much snow you can expect."


Pretty Winter sight at The Artist's Inn on Babbott Avenue.

I was out and around the village for a while, and - around noontime - it was snowing so hard and driving was becoming so "dicey," that I cancelled plans to take Patty Harding Ford on a "history ride" and, after a short "tour," got myself home and off the road!

When snow falls the price of gasoline climbs.

"Willows in winter"

Roads all around the village were in fine shape, having been plowed AND sanded, and plenty of shovels were being put to use. When I see someone shoveling their lawn, I think ...... "hmmm: there must be a pet involved!"

Heading north out of the village, into Marshall Township, I found that Hanover Road had been plowed. At first, I didn't appreciate that, but when I turned off onto Fuess-Cleary Road the all-wheel-drive blog car had to "break trail."

If you didn't know where the road was ..........

I really was a little bit relieved to finally reach the Sally Road / Hanover Road intersection and see plow tracks and gravel again!


I've been trying to finish up a history project that my husband started quite a few years ago --- typing all of the hand-written information about houses in the Village collected either in 1971, at the time of the Village's Centennial, or the national bicentennial in 1976 . Most of it is just tedious, but now and then I come across something interesting:
---- here's a bit of history for whomever lives at 118 Stafford Avenue.
A note in Hilda Barton's handwriting: "Moved from N. side of Madison Street 1925-26. Was located between 116 and 122 Madison St. Built by Maurice O'Connell in 1873 as a millinery shop and home for Miss C. M. 'Aunty' Caine. Told to me by Miss Annie O'Connell and verified by Kathleen Welch."

When I'm finished, I'll add the complete list of house dates to "Heaps of History," where you'll also find new postings of "Walking Tours" of Putnam Street and Main Street - also organized by Mrs. Barton in the 1970s.


Don't forget to wish Linda and Roger Nichols


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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