Saturday, January 8, 2011

Found: LARGE DOG! Is it yours?

The Mushtares found the dog, today, on Osborne Avenue. He's wearing a collar, but there are no tags and he's apparently broken his tether.

If you know who the owners are or you can take care of the dog 'til the owners can be located, please phone 841-4648.

House Dating Card List is up!

The purpose of this Historical Society Project was to record the ages of the houses in Waterville: the years when they were constructed.

It's a long list! Too long for one blog post, so I've given you a permanent link to the PDF file.

The list is arranged by STREET, alphabetically.
The lot / house number is given, followed by the date of construction and in a few cases, notes made by either the owners or Hilda Barton, who was a wonderful historian.

Too many times there's just an "x" - no date was found.

If YOU can add historical information about YOUR home / property, please let me know and I'll add it to the list!


Saturday Special

Just a short post, to make up for the lack of pictures yesterday AND to report on the storm that we were expecting!

It's just 13 degrees and we have about three inches of new snow under blue sky with pale sunshine.

The WKTV forecast: "For (Saturday) the wind flow will generally be southwesterly with a surface storm system parked in Southern Ontario. With a southwesterly wind, much of the lake effect snow will stay northwest of our area. As the large scale storm tracks eastward for Saturday Night and Sunday winds will become more favorable for lake effect snow. We'll keep you posted through the weekend on where lake snows will set up for Saturday Night and Sunday, and how much snow you can expect."


Pretty Winter sight at The Artist's Inn on Babbott Avenue.

I was out and around the village for a while, and - around noontime - it was snowing so hard and driving was becoming so "dicey," that I cancelled plans to take Patty Harding Ford on a "history ride" and, after a short "tour," got myself home and off the road!

When snow falls the price of gasoline climbs.

"Willows in winter"

Roads all around the village were in fine shape, having been plowed AND sanded, and plenty of shovels were being put to use. When I see someone shoveling their lawn, I think ...... "hmmm: there must be a pet involved!"

Heading north out of the village, into Marshall Township, I found that Hanover Road had been plowed. At first, I didn't appreciate that, but when I turned off onto Fuess-Cleary Road the all-wheel-drive blog car had to "break trail."

If you didn't know where the road was ..........

I really was a little bit relieved to finally reach the Sally Road / Hanover Road intersection and see plow tracks and gravel again!


I've been trying to finish up a history project that my husband started quite a few years ago --- typing all of the hand-written information about houses in the Village collected either in 1971, at the time of the Village's Centennial, or the national bicentennial in 1976 . Most of it is just tedious, but now and then I come across something interesting:
---- here's a bit of history for whomever lives at 118 Stafford Avenue.
A note in Hilda Barton's handwriting: "Moved from N. side of Madison Street 1925-26. Was located between 116 and 122 Madison St. Built by Maurice O'Connell in 1873 as a millinery shop and home for Miss C. M. 'Aunty' Caine. Told to me by Miss Annie O'Connell and verified by Kathleen Welch."

When I'm finished, I'll add the complete list of house dates to "Heaps of History," where you'll also find new postings of "Walking Tours" of Putnam Street and Main Street - also organized by Mrs. Barton in the 1970s.


Don't forget to wish Linda and Roger Nichols


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday morning

It's Garbage Day. 19 degrees.

Just another inch or two of very light snow.

From WKTV: "*A winter storm watch is in effect for Oneida and Otsego County for Friday-Saturday*

Lake effect snow has dried up just in time for the morning commute. While some areas will still see snow covered roadways, the steady accumulation we've seen over the past few days is done for now. Partly to mostly cloudy today with highs in the upper 20s.

Clodus thicken up again tonight ahead of the next storm system. Some light snow will begin to fall after 3AM tonight.

A clipper system will combine forces with an Atlantic storm and produce a steady band of snow across Central New York Friday into Saturday. Accumulations at this point look to be in the order of a general 4-8".

Snow showers on Sunday before the weather turns rather quiet heading into the second week of January."


(Click the image to enlarge or go directly to "Digital Sports.")


"Waterville Library a Haven During Cold, Dark Months." from today's O-D.


Announcement of a Special Event


Mark R. Slavin D.D.S

Brian J. Jackson D.D.S

Charles E. Burns D.D.S


Oral Health Prevention Night

6-8 pm - Wednesday January 12, 2011

Speaker: Erin Weigand NYS Registered Dental Hygienist

FREE oral cancer screening using Vizilite technology to all attendees

Please call ahead as seating is limited.

121 W. Main Street

Waterville, NY 13480

(315) 202-4072


Early morning smiles from "The Fingernail Princess," Sharon Stiles, left, and Diane Cornish

at Sharon's table in "Totally-U" on East Main Street!

Afternoon smiles from Mary Beth and Michelle, enjoying the last of the afternoon sunshine before Winter returned.

The sun was shining on "West Hill" when I drove south from Paris on Daytonville Road.

Something about the clouds and the shadows on the snow-covered roofs of this barn made the scene resemble an Eric Sloane painting.........

......... but the bank of "snow clouds" was moving in from the West.


When I was in the Post Office parking lot, earlier in the day, I happened to glance up at the "observatory" on the house built by Julius Candee in the 1850s and I wondered, "Of all the towers or cupolas or observatories that there are on private homes in the village, how many people ever really went up there to look at the sky and clouds - or did they just like to look down on the rest of the world?"

E. Main Street - Goodwin, c. 1840

On Putnam Street. Conger, 1896

Berrill Avenue


.... built for Col. William Osborne but owned, later, by the Eastern Star and then actress Anna Cleveland James.

East Main Street

Putnam Street.


Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special Add-on

A resident of Shanley Road sends a big

to whoever plowed that part of Marshall Township this morning!


It's 28.6 degrees with about two inches of new "puff."

From WKTV: "Several inches of snow has fallen across portions of Oneida and Herkimer County overnight. Be careful and plan on giving yourself more time for your morning commute. Heavy lake effect snow continues early this morning south of the Thruway. This snow will be heading west and south of the viewing area later this morning through this afternoon. Mostly cloudy with scattered flurries for the majority of the day with highs near 30.

Lake effect snow moves back into the area for the evening commute, bringing snow showers to much of the area. Snow bands will reorganize across the north country tonight, dropping additional accumulations. See the map on the right for details.

Another clipper system will arrive with the chance for snow on Thursday. This feature will drive lake effect Friday through Sunday. Temperatures stay below freezing throughout the week."

Brookfield Central Schools 2 Hour Delay; No AM Pre-K & No AM BOCES

Holland Patent Central Schools 1 Hour Delay Rome Public & Parochial Schools 2 Hour Delay; No AM Pre-K




I have a "taker" for the paper!

Thank you, Missy!




Cheered on by his wife, Kelly, and daughters, Tessa and Aubrey, Jody Hildreth started the New Year by running a half marathon at his alma mater, the University of Albany.



From Tom McNamara - " The Legion is having our yearly January fish frys
starting this Friday.

The time is 4:30 to 7:30.
$9:50 for for the fish dinner and
$5 for the mac and cheese dinner.


From Alycia Schick: "Aerobics has started up again.

(What good timing!)

Classes are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays starting at 6:30 in the basement* of the high school. Everyone is welcome to try the classes for free this week if they mention they saw it on the huddle. "
"The price is $40 for 4 months. It is better if you sign up at the gym because if your a member the classes are included in the gym membership. This way you can use the gym and take the classes too."

"* The entrance to the basement is located near the nurse’s office. If you go through the double doors near the auditorium and keep going straight past the music wing towards the middle school wing you will pass the library and the computer lab. The basement door is on the right


It was very quiet around the village, yesterday, or so I thought until I went to the Library looking for SMILES!

As soon as I went in the side door I could hear what sounded like a group of teenage girls at a slumber party: lots of laughing and giggling --- and I knew there would be smiles, there, so I followed the sounds ........

................... and found a bonanza of eight smiling faces belonging to members of a weekly card group - all having a wonderful time!

Unfortunately, I didn't give my camera time to unfog, so they look a little blurry, but the girls certainly were anything but!

In the office, another smiling face:

Library Director Jeff Reynolds, with his own favorite smile-maker card.

I can't ever leave the Library without looking to see what's new in the Nook ---- a "bargain basement" of used books and CDs and videos .......... and the price is always right! It's sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Be sure to check it out!

Tomorrow afternoon at the Library

Kids' Club

Join us every Wednesday at 3pm for crafts, snacks, games, adventures, friends and more! Kindergarten - 6th grade Kids in 2nd - 6th grade can be dropped off



Cooperstown 10 12 9 11 -42
Waterville 8 14 12 16 -50
Cooperstown (2-1, 5-1): Sumer Murdock 3, Emma Ryanmiller 11, Nicole Cring 6, Holli Erkson 10, Molly Pearlman 12. Totals: 19-1-42.
Waterville (3-0, 5-2): Jenna Fallon 10, Kastie Buell 6, Siobhan Fitzgerald 5, Kristen Kochanowski 4, Jessica Zogby 14, Lauren Homer 11. Totals: 20-8-50.
3-point goals: Cooperstown, Erkson 2, Ryanmiller 1. Waterville, Fallon 2.
JV: Waterville, 49-31.


Oriskany Falls
Waterville (5-0): Shawna VonMatt 187-541.
Mohawk (4-4): Brittany Macrina 201-514.



Hamilton Central School
@ Waterville Central School
Memorial Park Elem. School


Hamilton Central School
@ Waterville Central School
Memorial Park Elem. School



I know that some people made decorative use of the greenery on the old tree that fell in St. Bernard's Cemetery, shortly before Christmas, and now it appears that the remainder of the wood will also be put to good use providing heat in someone's wood stove!

You wouldn't know it was Winter.

Fields are bare ..........

............ and 'tho there is little open water in the pond above the Gridley - Paige Road waterfall......

............ the pond at the foot of Grant hill was far from frozen over.


Sometimes I forget to look at little things, during the Winter, but
the bright berries on Wild Rose and High Bush Cranberry could make a nice arrangement!

The eight- and ten-foot tall Phragmites always reminds me of calligraphy class (a hundred years ago!") That was the reed that Pheonecians used to make the first
"pens," sometime around the 8th century, CE.

I used to make my own reed pens, cutting phragmites in the Utica Marsh, and Ed Carter (who had a jewelry and watch repair store where the Village Diner is now) saved broken watch springs for me. When curved just the right way and wedged inside the reed, the springs helped hold ink inside the nib!



This, from Troy Bishopp, the "Grass Whisperer," of Deansboro, was in my morning mail.
I enjoyed reading it, and I hope you will, too.

Published In Lancaster Farming 1/1/2011

"Several years ago I had the very good fortune of being a grazing mentor for the Regional Farm and Food Project. In that capacity, I worked with an incredibly passionate grass farmer from East Meredith, N.Y. named Catharina Kessler. This descendant of Swedish royalty carefully nurtured her Black Angus cattle, multi-colored sheep and pastured poultry as we discussed grazing strategies, water systems, marketing and her life-long dream to become a farmer. By the time the mentorship ended we had become good friends. Upon graduation, I framed a poem I wrote especially for her farm and in return she presented me with handmade mittens.

These were no ordinary mitts, they were handcrafted from her own wool and made in the traditional Lovikka style of northern Sweden’s indigenous people. On the radius of the cuff, in order, were the colors yellow, blue and green. She said, “In the spirit of my homeland these represent the sun, the water and the grass.” Being that these were the first mittens she created since being on the farm, I was truly honored by this warm gift with so much history.

Today, for some strange reason I looked at those mittens closer, a little tattered and torn, with my hands still warm, wrapped around the steering wheel of my tractor and thought about Catharina’s yarn. It’s a tale of quality and love that is timeless. You just don’t find that with a pair of gloves from Walmart. Because they are so special, I keep’em no matter what, even with holes created by farming’s wear and tear. Luckily I have a secret weapon to make them last---mom’s mittens.

I am a mitten throwback. When all the kids in the neighborhood were donning the latest in linings coupled with psychedelic color tones, I was wearing custom-made hand-ware with an extra long cuff from my Mommy. She would ask what color you wanted (in general) and then match it up with shades of whatever spoke to her that day at the local sewing shop. No two pair were ever alike. Sometimes you would get black striped, rainbow tipped and the occasional zigzag pattern. Every once in while, my brother and I would fight over a pair when she really hit the color sweet spot. Dallas Cowboy’s motif comes to mind.

I don’t remember anyone brave enough to mess with two rugged farm boys wearing mom’s mittens. You just didn’t go there. Winter football in the front yard reminds me how valuable they were. Hiking the cold pigskin into a teenage boy’s hardened gloves was a recipe for fumbles and the ever famous, “dogpile”, while the mitts clung to the ball like summertime. Us mitten-wielding teenagers never complained because our fingers were together and warm, except for the lonely thumb, but we could have him join the digit family to stay warm between downs. If we were really serious we would double up a pair and watch the competition whine.

Believe it or not, I tried to “knit one pearl two” but ended my career just making a funny looking headband. I’m not treading on my mom’s mojo. Her prowess as a “ninja with needles” has clothed my daughter’s tootsies, made dish cloths and hot-pads for my wife and like my friend from Houghtaling Hollow is creating warmth with a story.

The tenderness of handmade items doesn’t end at the farm. My mom is part of a local volunteer group of twenty ladies ranging in age from 50 to 90 that meets once a month to make hats for cancer patients. The Caps for Cancer gals have produced and donated thousands of caps, shawls and lap blankets from donated yarn, free of charge to the Regional Cancer Center at Faxton Hospital in Utica, N.Y. for patients needing the same comfort as a farmer’s hands.

In an ironic family twist, my mother-in-law is one of these patients who has benefited recently from a very sturdy and pretty yellow hat. The caring group have even compiled a pattern booklet and have a sister organization starting in California, all at the hands of some passionate women.

Upon examining Catharina’s “holy” mittens from the tractor seat, I stopped and thought of mom’s work with the caps. Covering the tears in the sacred mittens was an easy and spiritual fix ----just put my mom’s mittens underneath as a sheath and move on. Never did two pairs of anything go together so well and with so much heart. Might seem odd but I actually took a picture of the two new old friends. My fingers really enjoyed the marriage between the cultures and styles of Sweden and New York.

I saw a pair of Catharina’s famous wool mittens at a raffle auction and put several bids in amounting to eighty dollars, but alas I was denied at the end by someone who needed the love a little bit more. I can hear your question, “Eighty dollars for a pair of real wool mittens?” Are you crazy?

I did the math and no, not in the least. For me, it was only 8 bucks a year for heirloom quality hand-wear, made from local ingredients, stimulating business on a farm and creating a lasting memory with a fellow farmer. Heck, I should have paid a hundred dollars for them. It’s hard to depreciate a good story."



Have a great day, everyone!

Free Paper

Does anyone want some FREE paper?

Cleaning out:

reams of copy paper both 8.5 x 11 and legal size, various colors;
lots of note pads of several sizes
report folders

Email the blogger!

That's nice, but .................

I'm thoroughly mystified!

My only guess is that SOME one of my blog-reading friends is also a super "geek" and is arranging to have some computer, somewhere, do nothing but "hit" "At home in the Huddle!"

That counter simply can NOT be accurate!

Can it?

Tuesday morning

25 degrees with just a frosting of new snow.

The WKTV forecast: "A clipper system will bring more light snow to the area by early Tuesday. This storm will transfer its energy to the coast. As it does, northwesterly winds will align over the Great Lakes and bring another chance of lake effect snow for Tuesday Night and Wednesday.

Another clipper system will arrive with the chance for snow on Thursday. This feature will drive lake effect Friday through Sunday. Temperatures stay below freezing throughout the week."






Oriskany 53, Waterville 47
Oriskany 16 12 14 11 — 53
Waterville 8 12 13 14 — 47
Oriskany (3-0, 5-1): Austin Smith 2, Steve Rossi 12, Nate Keating 4, Andre Jordan 9, Steve McCorduck 9, Jake O’Neil 15, Cody Murphy 2. Totals: 22-5-53.
Waterville (4-2): D. Schmidt 2, Ja. Henderson 11, Jo. Henderson 11, R. Bengough 2, P. Zenon 13. M. Scarlett 8. Totals: 18-3-47.
3-point goals: Oriskany 4 (McCorduck 3, Jordan); Waterville 8 (Ja. Henderson 3, Zenon 3, Jo. Henderson 2).


Morrisville-Eaton 3, Waterville 0
Game scores: 25-22, 25-13, 25-20.
Morrisville-Eaton: Stephanie Davis 5 kills, 2 aces, 2 blocks; Rachel Morris 4 assists, 2 aces, 5 digs; Shelby Brown 2 kills, 4 assists, 5 digs; Danille LeBlanc 3 aces, 3 digs.
Waterville: Phebe Lamont 6 kills, 3 aces, 6 digs, 3 blocks; Sierra Crowe 6 kills, 5 assists; Alexis Stetson 2 kills, 2 aces, 1 block; Anna Ferrucci 3 aces, 2 digs.



Girls JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Cooperstown Middle-High School Schedule @ Waterville Central School Schedule

7:30PM Girls VARSITY BASKETBALL Cooperstown Middle-High School Schedule @ Waterville Central School

4:00PM Girls VARSITY BOWLING Mohawk Central High School Oriskany Falls Bowling Center

4:00PM Boys VARSITY BOWLING Mohawk Central High School @ Waterville Central School Waterville Bowling Center



The Marshall Town Barn.

The Waterville DPW was at work, early, and by noon the
Christmas decorations on Main Street were also gone.

A gentleman on E. Bacon Street shook his head, laughing, and said that it was taking him and his son longer to dismantle their Christmas lights than it had to put them up!

The weekend 'thaw' had reduced the icicles in the Forge Hollow Caves to weak stalagmites!

Although it wasn't terribly WARM, yesterday, Karen and Lou Langone were enjoying their afternoon walk.


The afternoon sun seemed to be shining a spotlight on some bits of architectural artistry that go unnoticed or unappreciated so much of the time.


(Sometimes I can't resist tinkering!)






Have a great day, everyone!

Tomorrow is Recyclables Day!